Chiang Mai Airport Departures CNX

Chiang Mai International Airport

IATA airport code: CNX
Address: 60 Mahidol Rd, Su Thep, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand
Callcenter: (66)2132 – 1888
Focus city: Bangkok Airways, Nok Air, Thai AirAsia, and Thai Smile
Facilities: 1 runway and 2 terminals

CNX departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
08:25 June-23 08:25 Changsha (CSX) AirAsia FD480 estimated
08:30 June-23 Bangkok (DMK) AirAsia FD3438 scheduled
09:25 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) Thai Smile WE103 scheduled
09:45 June-23 Bangkok (DMK) AirAsia FD3446 scheduled
09:55 June-23 09:55 Guangzhou (CAN) Spring Airlines 9C8934 estimated
10:10 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) Bangkok Airways PG216 scheduled
10:15 June-23 Phuket (HKT) Thai VietJet Air VZ414 scheduled
11:00 June-23 11:00 Bangkok (DMK) Nok Air DD125 estimated
11:20 June-23 11:20 Taipei (TPE) China Airlines CI852 estimated
11:20 June-23 Singapore (SIN) Scoot TR677 scheduled
11:25 June-23 Bangkok (DMK) AirAsia FD3436 scheduled
11:30 June-23 Taipei (TPE) EVA Air BR258 scheduled
12:00 June-23 Bangkok (DMK) AirAsia FD3428 scheduled
12:00 June-23 Krabi (KBV) Bangkok Airways PG246 scheduled
12:10 June-23 Bangkok (DMK) Nok Air DD127 scheduled
12:20 June-23 12:20 Hangzhou (HGH) AirAsia FD496 estimated
12:20 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) Thai Smile WE105 scheduled
12:30 June-23 Koh Samui (USM) Bangkok Airways PG242 scheduled
12:45 June-23 12:45 Shanghai (PVG) Spring Airlines 9C8512 estimated
13:10 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) AirAsia FD4105 scheduled
13:20 June-23 Taipei (TPE) AirAsia FD242 scheduled
13:20 June-23 Hanoi (HAN) AirAsia (Sustainable ASEAN tourism Livery) FD870 scheduled
13:40 June-23 Bangkok (DMK) Nok Air DD129 scheduled
13:50 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) Thai Smile WE109 scheduled
13:55 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) Thai VietJet Air VZ105 scheduled
14:15 June-23 Hua Hin (HHQ) AirAsia FD3900 scheduled
14:30 June-23 Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) VietJet Air VJ892 scheduled
14:35 June-23 Bangkok (DMK) AirAsia (A321neo Sticker) FD3434 scheduled
14:35 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) Bangkok Airways PG218 scheduled
14:40 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) Thai VietJet Air VZ111 scheduled
14:50 June-23 Phuket (HKT) AirAsia FD3162 scheduled
14:55 June-23 14:55 Shanghai (PVG) China Eastern Airlines MU206 estimated
15:05 June-23 Bangkok (DMK) AirAsia FD3426 scheduled
15:15 June-23 15:25 Luang Prabang (LPQ) Lao Airlines QV636 estimated
15:30 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) Thai Smile WE111 scheduled
15:40 June-23 Bangkok (DMK) Thai Lion Air SL511 scheduled
16:00 June-23 Khon Kaen (KKC) AirAsia FD5502 scheduled
16:25 June-23 Bangkok (DMK) AirAsia FD3440 scheduled
16:30 June-23 16:30 Kunming (KMG) China Eastern (Yunnan Peacock Livery) MU2564 estimated
17:00 June-23 Bangkok (DMK) Nok Air DD135 scheduled
17:05 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) Thai Smile WE165 scheduled
17:10 June-23 Kuala Lumpur (KUL) AirAsia (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Livery) AK857 scheduled
17:20 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) Thai VietJet Air VZ109 scheduled
17:25 June-23 Hat Yai (HDY) AirAsia (Sustainable ASEAN tourism Livery) FD157 scheduled
17:40 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) AirAsia FD4107 scheduled
18:15 June-23 Krabi (KBV) AirAsia FD3074 scheduled
18:45 June-23 Phuket (HKT) AirAsia (Amazing new chapters livery) FD3168 scheduled
19:05 June-23 Surat Thani (URT) AirAsia FD5420 scheduled
19:15 June-23 Hong Kong (HKG) HK express UO755 scheduled
19:45 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) Thai VietJet Air VZ123 scheduled
20:00 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) Bangkok Airways PG220 scheduled
20:10 June-23 Yangon (RGN) Myanmar National Airlines UB10 scheduled
20:20 June-23 Bangkok (DMK) Nok Air DD145 scheduled
20:35 June-23 21:00 Bangkok (DMK) AirAsia (Dutch Mill Yogurt Sticker) FD3430 estimated
21:10 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) Thai Smile WE121 scheduled
21:30 June-23 Bangkok (DMK) Nok Air DD143 scheduled
22:25 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) Thai VietJet Air VZ119 scheduled
22:35 June-23 Seoul (ICN) Jeju Air 7C4206 scheduled
23:15 June-23 Beijing (PKX) Thai AirAsia FD600 scheduled
23:15 June-23 Seoul (ICN) Korean Air KE668 scheduled
23:30 June-23 Bangkok (DMK) AirAsia FD3420 scheduled
23:40 June-23 Bangkok (DMK) Thai Lion Air SL519 scheduled
02:10 June-24 Chengdu (CTU) Sichuan Airlines 3U3764 scheduled
06:00 June-24 Khon Kaen (KKC) Thai AirAsia FD5500 scheduled
06:05 June-24 Hong Kong (HKG) Thai AirAsia FD515 scheduled
06:30 June-24 Ubon Ratchathani (UBP) Nok Air DD710 scheduled
06:35 June-24 Bangkok (BKK) Thai VietJet Air VZ2105 scheduled
06:50 June-24 Bangkok (DMK) Thai AirAsia FD3417 scheduled
07:40 June-24 Bangkok (DMK) Nok Air DD121 scheduled
07:50 June-24 Bangkok (DMK) Thai Lion Air SL507 scheduled
08:00 June-24 Bangkok (BKK) Thai VietJet Air VZ101 scheduled
08:05 June-24 Da Nang (DAD) Thai AirAsia FD906 scheduled
08:20 June-24 Singapore (SIN) Thai AirAsia FD368 scheduled
08:30 June-24 Bangkok (DMK) Thai AirAsia FD3438 scheduled
08:30 June-24 Bangkok (BKK) Thai AirAsia FD4101 scheduled
09:10 June-24 Kuala Lumpur (KUL) AirAsia AK855 scheduled
09:25 June-24 Bangkok (BKK) Thai Smile WE103 scheduled
09:45 June-24 Bangkok (DMK) Thai AirAsia FD3446 scheduled
10:10 June-24 Udon Thani (UTH) Nok Air DD702 scheduled
10:10 June-24 Bangkok (BKK) Bangkok Airways PG216 scheduled
10:15 June-24 Phuket (HKT) Thai VietJet Air VZ414 scheduled
10:50 June-24 Jinghong (JHG) Ruili Airlines DR5022 scheduled
10:55 June-24 Phuket (HKT) Thai AirAsia FD3160 scheduled
11:00 June-24 Bangkok (DMK) Nok Air DD125 scheduled
11:20 June-24 11:20 Taipei (TPE) China Airlines CI852 estimated
11:20 June-24 Singapore (SIN) Scoot TR677 scheduled
11:30 June-24 Taipei (TPE) EVA Air BR258 scheduled
11:45 June-24 Bangkok (DMK) Thai AirAsia FD3436 scheduled
12:00 June-24 Bangkok (DMK) Thai AirAsia FD3428 scheduled
12:00 June-24 Bangkok (BKK) Bangkok Airways PG224 scheduled
12:20 June-24 Hangzhou (HGH) Thai AirAsia FD496 scheduled
12:20 June-24 Bangkok (BKK) Thai Smile WE105 scheduled
12:30 June-24 Koh Samui (USM) Bangkok Airways PG242 scheduled
12:45 June-24 Shanghai (PVG) Spring Airlines 9C8512 scheduled
13:00 June-24 Taipei (TPE) Thai AirAsia FD242 scheduled
13:10 June-24 Bangkok (DMK) Nok Air DD131 scheduled
13:10 June-24 Bangkok (BKK) Thai AirAsia FD4105 scheduled
13:20 June-24 Hanoi (HAN) Thai AirAsia FD870 scheduled
13:40 June-24 Bangkok (DMK) Nok Air DD129 scheduled
13:40 June-24 Bangkok (DMK) Thai Lion Air SL511 scheduled

Find out Chiang Mai International Airport departures

Chiang Mai International Airport is an important airport for the north of the country of Thailand. There are many tourists who fly this route for the sights but also the locals for all kinds of reasons.

Top routes from CNX

The airport is just a few miles from Chiang Mai city. Most chosen option with Chiang Mai departures is by taxi which is a 15 minute ride. You can go for an Uber as well. The price for the taxi is approximately 150-200 THB. Traveling to the center by bus is also possible and much cheaper.

Chiang Mai terminals

When you arrive at the airport you will see that it is not very big. Yet there are many million passengers a year who come here. Most Chiang Mai departures go to Bangkok. The airport has a terminal that consists of two parts. One is for the international routes and the other for the domestic routes. The layout is otherwise the same in both parts. On the ground floor, the baggage reclaim areas are next to the check-in counters to start your journey. The CNX departures therefore start on the ground floor but then at level 1 where you come through security. At level 1, the gates are for boarding and starting your flight to probably Bangkok or one of the beach destinations.

chiang mai airport departures cnx domestic terminal area

Flight routes Chiang Mai

The Chiang Mai airport departures to Bangkok are by far the most popular. Bangkok is often also used as a hub for onward travel to Chiang Mai from international destinations. The airlines you fly with is depending on the flight route: Bangkok – Don Mueang or Bangkok – Suvarnabhumi.

  • Bangkok Don Mueang largely offers flights via low cost airlines such as Air Asia, NOK Air, Thai Lion Air.
  • Chiang Mai departures with Thai Vietjet Air, Thai Smile and Thai Airways often go to Bangkok – Suvarnabhumi.

Other frequently flown domestic routes are to Krabi, Pattaya and Phuket.

There are also international Chiang Mai airport departures but not much as much as from Bangkok. The most frequent flights are to:

The total number of passengers flying through Chiang Mai Airport was over 11 million in 2019. All these flights are processed through the single runway of 11 thousand feet long.