Zürich Airport Departures ZRH

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Address: 8058 Kloten, Switzerland
Height: 432 m
Location: Kloten, Rümlang and Oberglatt
Owner: Flughafen Zurich AG
Phone: +41 43 816 22 11
Serves: Zurich
ICAO airport code: LSZH
Alias: Zürich Kloten Airport

About Zürich International Airport Departures

Zürich international airport is the biggest and most well-populated airport in Switzerland. The airport is the hub of Swiss Airlines to process most Zürich flughafen departures from many European countries and cities. The airport is well connected by rail, road, and train to all the major cities and areas in Zurich. Flughafen Swiss AG is the owner of Zurich international airport.

Transportation to airport

It is quite easy to travel from the airport to any part of the city. There are ZRH airport departures with the bus, tram, light rail or road.

  • By road: One can take the A51 motorway to reach the the city center easily. There are dedicated cab services with ZRH airport departures in front of the terminal that are able to drop of you off at any place. Also, one can take their own car which is parked the at the parking lot with a capacity of 14000. There is a shuttle service  with Zürich kloten departures from the airport, which will drop off at the city’s major points.
  • By rail: Stadbahn glottal is the point where one can reach with the light rail’s help. One can also take tram lines from major bus stations to reach the airport. There is route 10 and 12 that helps in reaching the airport easily.
  • By train: There are also Zürich departures from railway station that is located below the airport. One can take the S-Bahn from any part of Zurich to reach the airport directly. There are also intertrigo, euro city, and intercity services that run to the airport.
Departure flights

Several Zürich flight departures are going regularly while others on a seasonal basis. The airport is the hub airport for Swiss international airlines and Edelweiss air who offer most routes. It is also the focus city for three different airlines Helvetic airlines, Condor and chair airlines.

There are several other airlines who offer Kloten flight departures like; Aer Lingus, Air Canada, Air Cairo, Air France, Air Serbia, American Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, EasyJet, Etihad, Emirates, United Airlines, Twinjet, Singapore Airlines, etc.

One can take Zürich airport departures to reach various European and intercontinental locations like Toronto, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Athens, Dublin, Vancouver, Paris, Belgrade, Malta, Vienna, Miami, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, New York, Sofia, Havana, Chicago, Athens, Moscow-Sheremetyevo, Vancouver, Madrid, Paris, Rome-Fiumicino, Philadelphia, Vienna, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Barcelona, Birmingham, Alicante, Malaga etc.

Facilities and infrastructure

There are several facilities and infrastructure that the airport provides like:

  • Terminals: There are three terminals for ZRH departures. The terminal A and B are from Schengen and non-Schengen flights. Terminal E is a standalone satellite terminal.Zurich-Airport-Departures-ZRH-check-in-area
  • Runaways: There are in total 3 runways that are used interchangeably for the Zürich kloten departures.
  • The circle: The circle is the area where there are restaurants, cafes, hotels, lounges, conference rooms, shopping areas, etc. the entire circle was inaugurated in 2020 to improve the Zurich flight departures.
  • Corporate headquarters: Several companies have their corporate headquarters in and around the Zurich international airport.

The highest number of passengers departing from Zurich international airport is for London, Vienna, and Berlin. 2019 saw the most Zürich departures, as 31 million passengers traveled from the airport. Due corona there have been a significantly drop in Zürich airport departures and only 8 million passengers went through the airport.