Stockholm Arlanda Airport Arrivals ARN

Stockholm Arlanda International Airport

Address: 190 45 Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden
IATA airport code: ARN
ICAO airport code: ESSA
Alias: Stockholm-Arlanda flygplats
Runways: 3
Passengers: 8 million

ARN arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Terminal Status
16:45 September-13 16:44 September-13 London (LGW) Norwegian (Karen Blixen Livery) D84456 5 estimated
16:45 September-13 16:34 September-13 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK1424 5 landed
16:45 September-13 16:30 September-13 Mariehamn (MHQ) Amapola Flyg HP282 5 landed
16:50 September-13 16:42 September-13 Copenhagen (CPH) Norwegian (Theodor Kittelsen Livery) D83206 5 estimated
16:50 September-13 17:06 September-13 Gdansk (GDN) Ryanair FR4679 5 delayed
16:50 September-13 Visby (VBY) SAS SK82 5 scheduled
16:50 September-13 Edinburgh (EDI) SAS SK2542 5 scheduled
16:50 September-13 16:49 September-13 Kramfors (KRF) Amapola Flyg HP693 5 estimated
16:55 September-13 18:06 September-13 London (LHR) British Airways BA780 2 delayed
16:55 September-13 17:19 September-13 Ornskoldsvik (OER) Amapola Flyg HP305 5 delayed
17:00 September-13 16:54 September-13 Umea (UME) SAS SK35 5 estimated
17:00 September-13 17:08 September-13 Skelleftea (SFT) SAS SK1017 5 estimated
17:05 September-13 17:15 September-13 Umea (UME) Norwegian D84012 5 estimated
17:05 September-13 17:10 September-13 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK882 5 estimated
17:05 September-13 17:06 September-13 Ronneby (RNB) SAS SK1132 5 estimated
17:05 September-13 Ostersund (OSD) SmartLynx SK2065 5 scheduled
17:05 September-13 17:07 September-13 Malmo (MMX) SmartLynx SK2112 5 estimated
17:10 September-13 17:06 September-13 Helsinki (HEL) Finnair AY815 2 estimated
17:10 September-13 17:01 September-13 Beirut (BEY) Eurowings EW4661 5 estimated
17:10 September-13 17:23 September-13 Lulea (LLA) SAS SK11 5 estimated
17:10 September-13 17:10 September-13 Sundsvall (SDL) SAS SK51 5 estimated
17:10 September-13 Gothenburg (GOT) SAS SK162 5 scheduled
17:15 September-13 17:10 September-13 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK408 5 estimated
17:15 September-13 Torsby (TYF) AIS Airlines PNX683 scheduled
17:25 September-13 17:25 September-13 Angelholm (AGH) Nordica SK186 5 estimated
17:25 September-13 18:02 September-13 London (LHR) SAS SK532 5 delayed
17:30 September-13 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian (N.F.S. Gruntvig Livery) D84116 5 scheduled
17:40 September-13 Billund (BLL) Cityjet SK1498 5 scheduled
17:40 September-13 Hagfors (HFS) AIS Airlines PNX683 scheduled
17:50 September-13 Helsinki (HEL) SmartLynx SK721 5 scheduled
18:00 September-13 19:01 September-13 Athens (ATH) Norwegian D84384 5 delayed
18:00 September-13 Umea (UME) SAS SK37 5 scheduled
18:00 September-13 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK884 5 scheduled
18:03 September-13 Sveg (EVG) Jonair scheduled
18:05 September-13 Lulea (LLA) SAS SK13 5 scheduled
18:09 September-13 Angelholm (AGH) SAS EE9001 scheduled
18:10 September-13 18:22 September-13 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa (Star Alliance Livery) LH804 5 estimated
18:15 September-13 Arvidsjaur (AJR) Marathon Airlines ND815 5 scheduled
18:15 September-13 Lycksele (LYC) Amapola Flyg HP671 5 scheduled
18:20 September-13 Copenhagen (CPH) Norwegian D83208 5 scheduled
18:20 September-13 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK1408 5 scheduled
18:25 September-13 Vilnius (VNO) SAS SK739 5 scheduled
18:35 September-13 18:19 September-13 Malaga (AGP) Ryanair FR4687 5 estimated
18:40 September-13 Warsaw (WAW) LOT LO457 5 scheduled
18:45 September-13 Paris (CDG) Air France AF1062 2 scheduled
18:50 September-13 18:44 September-13 Alicante (ALC) Ryanair FR4689 5 estimated
18:50 September-13 Gothenburg (GOT) Xfly SK164 5 scheduled
18:50 September-13 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK488 5 scheduled
18:55 September-13 Malmo (MMX) Flightline FTL321 scheduled
19:00 September-13 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY822 5 scheduled
19:00 September-13 Nice (NCE) SAS SK1828 5 scheduled
19:05 September-13 Lulea (LLA) Norwegian (Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson Livery) D84044 5 scheduled
19:05 September-13 Dusseldorf (DUS) Eurowings EW9212 5 scheduled
19:05 September-13 Tallinn (TLL) Ryanair FR4623 5 scheduled
19:05 September-13 London (LHR) DHL QY6789 scheduled
19:18 September-13 19:31 September-13 Athens (ATH) Air Mediterranean MV520 estimated
19:25 September-13 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK410 5 scheduled
19:30 September-13 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1117 2 scheduled
19:30 September-13 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK1484 5 scheduled
19:33 September-13 Visby (VBY) Zimex Aviation JUP162 scheduled
19:35 September-13 Riga (RIX) Air Baltic BT109 2 scheduled
19:40 September-13 19:40 September-13 Malta (MLA) Ryanair FR8923 5 estimated
19:40 September-13 Visby (VBY) Populair HP5909 scheduled
19:45 September-13 Belgrade (BEG) KlasJet JU414 5 scheduled
19:52 September-13 Aalborg (AAL) BRA TT9121 scheduled
19:54 September-13 Kristianstad (KID) canceled
19:55 September-13 Lulea (LLA) SAS SK2003 5 scheduled
20:10 September-13 Copenhagen (CPH) Norwegian (Theodor Kittelsen Livery) D83210 5 scheduled
20:10 September-13 Hamburg (HAM) Eurowings EW7218 5 scheduled
20:25 September-13 London (LHR) Finnair (Bringing us together since 1923 Sticker) BA782 2 scheduled
20:25 September-13 Ostersund (OSD) SmartLynx SK71 5 scheduled
20:25 September-13 Umea (UME) SAS SK2031 5 scheduled
20:25 September-13 Bergen (BGO) SAS SK4898 5 scheduled
20:30 September-13 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian (N.F.S. Gruntvig Livery) D84122 5 scheduled
20:30 September-13 Sundsvall (SDL) SAS SK53 5 scheduled
20:30 September-13 Gothenburg (GOT) SAS SK166 5 scheduled
20:30 September-13 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK1430 5 scheduled
20:35 September-13 Helsinki (HEL) Finnair AY819 2 scheduled
20:35 September-13 London (LGW) Norwegian (Aksel Sandemose Livery) D84458 5 scheduled
20:35 September-13 Turku (TKU) SAS SK4237 5 scheduled
20:40 September-13 Pisa (PSA) Ryanair FR7990 5 scheduled
20:40 September-13 Malmo (MMX) SmartLynx SK126 5 scheduled
20:40 September-13 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK886 5 scheduled
20:40 September-13 Skelleftea (SFT) SmartLynx SK1021 5 scheduled
20:45 September-13 Helsinki (HEL) SAS SK725 5 scheduled
20:45 September-13 Angelholm (AGH) SAS SK2184 5 scheduled
20:50 September-13 Oslo (OSL) Ethiopian Airlines ET715 5 scheduled
20:55 September-13 Lulea (LLA) SAS SK19 5 scheduled
20:55 September-13 Tallinn (TLL) Cityjet SK1749 5 scheduled
21:00 September-13 Amsterdam (AMS) Smartwings SK1556 5 scheduled
21:10 September-13 Brussels (BRU) SmartLynx SK1590 5 scheduled
21:10 September-13 Malmo (MMX) Svenskt Ambulansflyg scheduled
21:15 September-13 Ronneby (RNB) SAS SK1128 5 scheduled
21:30 September-13 Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR3655 5 scheduled
21:30 September-13 Gdansk (GDN) Ryanair FR4617 5 scheduled
21:30 September-13 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH844 5 scheduled
21:35 September-13 London (LHR) SAS SK528 5 scheduled
21:45 September-13 Dusseldorf (DUS) SAS SK2626 5 scheduled
21:45 September-13 Gran Canaria (LPA) Sunclass Airlines DK1785 5 scheduled
21:50 September-13 Zurich (ZRH) SAS SK1606 5 scheduled

Enjoy Stockholm Arlanda international airport arrivals

If you plan to visit Sweden from the largest airport in Europe, you should make sure you are familiar with its facilities. This airbase has a modern infrastructure of great attraction for tourists looking to take pictures when having Stockholm arrivals or a comfortable stay. It is equipped with multiple services designed according to passenger capacity and to optimize your experience to enjoy Stockholm flight arrivals.

Top flight routes

Stockholm Arlanda Airport was opened in 1962 with the first ARN airport arrivals and is considered a large one in Europe. From the date, it operates national and international flights in the main European cities. Among the historical records of this airbase is the number of 348 couples married within the facilities in 2004 without even having Stockholm Arlanda arrivals.

The airport facilities are designed to carry 25 million passengers a year. This airbase was baptized with the name of Arland, derived from Ärlinghundrala or better known as the parish where it is located.

Location for Arlanda airport arrivals

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is located in the municipality of Sigtuna, just north of Stockholm. To get to this airbase, you must travel approximately 42 km from the city.

Transportation Stockholm Airport
  • Stockholm Arlanda flight arrivals en travel further by Train:The train station is right at the fourth terminal, and you can transfer to the other terminals. This is one of the fastest ways to get around the city, and for your peace of mind, the transfer is free.
  • Stockholm airport arrivals by bus: To take the bus route that can take you to the city center for free, take terminals 4 or 2. These routes can take you back to the car rental center and even have a stop in Driftvägen.
  • ARN arrivals by rental car: If you want to rent this type of transport, you must go to the fourth terminal to move immediately. In this area, you can find a wide variety of lockers or rental counters.

The airport has three running runways for Stockholm arrivals that you can identify through the following characteristics:

  • Runway 01L / 19R: measures 3301 meters / 10830 feet high / concrete surface.
  • Runway 01R / 19L: measures 2500 meters / 8200 feet high / asphalt surface.
  • Runway 08/26: measures 2500 meters / 8200 feet high / concrete Surface.
Stockholm Arlanda Airport Terminal

This airport currently has the following four terminals in operation for Stockholm flight arrivals:


  • Terminal 2: Its facilities work perfectly to increase the efficiency of short aircraft rotations. This terminal is used exclusively for international flights’ entrances to process ARN airport arrivals and even has eight parking spaces with walkways.
  • Terminal 3: If you plan to travel within Stockholm, you must use this terminal to start your journey. These facilities work exclusively for the entrances and exits of regional Stockholm Arlanda arrivals. To get to this area, you can walk from the boarding gates.
  • Terminal 4: If you want to get to the central express train station, you should go to this terminal. It currently works for the entrances and exits of domestic Arlanda airport arrivals and even has a connection with the fifth terminal. As a curious fact, it is the only terminal that has its internal train station.
  • Terminal 5: It is the most important airport terminal and is used exclusively for international Stockholm Arlanda flight arrivals. It also includes a series of intercontinental flights where those that operate from the second terminal are excluded. These facilities have a walkway and three piers where the parking spaces are located near the shops.
Airlines with Stockholm airport arrivals

Among the most famous airlines to travel in Norway are the following options:

  • Norwegian Air Shuttle
  • British Airways
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • Finnair
  • Eurowings
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
  • Air France
  • Ryanair
Flight routes Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Among the destinations with the also traffic with ARN arrivals you can take with following options:

Check out the intercontinental routes:


The most sought-after destinations and airlines from this airport are Aegean Airlines – / Athens -Seasonal: Kalamata and the seasonal Stockholm arrivals from Marseille. The latter comes from the French Air / Paris, Charles de Gaulle. It currently has several national and international Stockholm flight arrivals that will allow you to move around Asia and Europe.

The facilities of this airbase are strategically located with a wide repertoire of services in its fifth terminal. In this area, you can find luggage counters or exchange houses along with several shops. On the outskirts, you will find the means of land transportation that can take you to the closest hotels or destinations