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Saint Thomas Island

Saint Thomas Cyril E King Airport
PO Box 1707, Virgin Islands Port Authority,
St Thomas 00803-1707, Virgin Islands of USA

Tel: +1 (0) 340 7741629
Fax: +1 (0) 340 7745594

Airport Codes
IATA code: STT

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About the arrivals and departures of STT airport

Cyril E. King International Airport (CEKA) is located in the southwest of the island of St. Thomas near the city of Charlotte Amalie. It is one of the most popular airports in the Eastern Caribbean region. The airport is located on a 280 acres piece of land. Cyril E. King Airport also serves people who want STT arrivals for the island of St. John or else the British Virgin Islands. Since they are the US Virgin Islands, passport control is not required for US citizens.

The airline Cape Air offers the most flight routes and flights in the region such as to Beef Island, St. Croix, and San Juan. Most flights from the US come from the east. These are largely operated by American Airlines, Delta and United Airlines. There is 1 runway made of asphalt which is 7,000 feet long. There is a terminal only 2 floors and 11 boarding gates. About 2 million passengers use the airport every year.

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St Thomas flight arrivals location


Cyril E. King Airport is the busiest airport in the US Virgin Islands. It is located a few miles west of Charlotte Amalie which is located on the island of Saint Thomas. This is also the port of STT airport arrivals for some of the other surrounding islands. The airport will be renewed and expanded in four different phases to increase their STT airport departures.

If you have a transfer to Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (HERA) you will of course fly through but otherwise you will end up in the ST Thomas airport arrivals hall. After the baggage claim you can choose to go to your final destinations by taxi, but there are also many Cyril E. King Airport departures with rental cars.

St. Thomas airport terminal

The current terminal consists of two floors. The St. Thomas airport departures level consists of one part that provides flights to the US and Puerto Rico and the other part to St. Croix and other international destinations. There are also two sections for the Cyril E. King Airport arrivals. The flights below are operated regularly, if not daily. Due to corona, more flights will be canceled or temporarily stopped anyway.



The busiest St Thomas flight departures are going to the US, especially the destinations Miami and Atlanta in Georgia. The closer San Juan in Puerto Rico is mostly flown by Air Sunshine, Cape Air, JetBlue, Seaborne and Cape Air. With a few million passengers a year, it is an airport largely served by US holidaymakers. Due to corona, the figures have fallen sharply in 2020 and in 2021 it will not be back to the old level. For the islanders to hope that tourism will resume and there will be many STT arrivals and STT departures again.

History of Cyril E. King Airport

Old military officer Charles Augustus Lindbergh had an arrivals in the year 1927 on the island. The runway was just a grassy swamp by that time. Not much has changed in the area over the years. It was used by the US Army force during WW2. After the war it was given the name of an elected governor of the island, Cyril Emmanuel King. Over the years, the runway was improved and extended. Despite being only 4,600 feet long, jumbo jet arrivals from the airlines Caribair, Trans Varibbean and Pan Am arrived in the late 60’s. The carrier American Airlines also started with departures to the Virgin Islands in 1970. Most of the flights came from the US such as JFK, Boston, and Chicago with a stopover service in San Juan Puerto Rice. Slowly there were more and more direct flights from Cleveland, Dallas and Providence etc.

There are plans to expand the airport. There should be a second St Thomas airport departures lounge on the second floor. Jet bridges will also be built to easily connect large aircraft to the terminal. The modernization plan was presented in 2018. First of all, the plant form has to be redesigned and lighting installed on the runway. A new parking garage was started in 2021.