Palma de Mallorca Airport Departures

Aeropuerto de Palma de Mallorca or Son Sant Joan Airport or Aeroport de Son Sant Joan

Address: Aeropuerto Palma de Mallorca 07071, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Phone: +34 913 21 10 00
Airport IATA Code : PMI
Elevation: 8.23 m

PMI departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
16:00 May-22 16:15 May-22 Stuttgart (STR) Eurowings EW2597 estimated
16:00 May-22 16:05 May-22 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH1159 estimated
16:05 May-22 16:27 May-22 Stockholm (ARN) Ryanair FR7619 estimated
16:05 May-22 16:05 May-22 Jerez (XRY) Vueling VY3153 estimated
16:10 May-22 16:24 May-22 Nuremberg (NUE) Ryanair FR5403 estimated
16:10 May-22 16:10 May-22 Bratislava (BTS) Lauda Europe FR9511 estimated
16:10 May-22 18:06 May-22 Alicante (ALC) Vueling VY3939 estimated
16:15 May-22 16:15 May-22 Madrid (MAD) Ryanair FR2062 estimated
16:25 May-22 16:27 May-22 Leeds (LBA) Ryanair FR2327 estimated
16:25 May-22 17:02 May-22 Dresden (DRS) Fly Air41 SR2633 estimated
16:30 May-22 18:00 May-22 Billund (BLL) Lauda Europe FR8498 estimated
16:30 May-22 16:30 May-22 Ibiza (IBZ) Iberia Regional IB8518 estimated
16:30 May-22 17:04 May-22 Valencia (VLC) Vueling VY3956 estimated
16:30 May-22 16:30 May-22 Zaragoza (ZAZ) Vueling VY3978 estimated
16:30 May-22 16:45 May-22 Gloucester (GLO) The Little Jet Company LJC3 estimated
16:35 May-22 16:35 May-22 Liverpool (LPL) Ryanair FR9591 estimated
16:40 May-22 17:20 May-22 Nottingham (EMA) Ryanair FR9490 estimated
16:45 May-22 16:53 May-22 Madrid (MAD) Air Europa UX6066 estimated
16:50 May-22 16:50 May-22 Frankfurt (FRA) Condor DE1499 estimated
16:55 May-22 16:55 May-22 Nuremberg (NUE) Eurowings EW6824 estimated
16:55 May-22 16:55 May-22 Krakow (KRK) Ryanair FR4511 estimated
17:00 May-22 17:17 May-22 Speyer (QCS) Silver Cloud Air estimated
17:00 May-22 17:20 May-22 Amsterdam (AMS) estimated
17:05 May-22 17:05 May-22 Hannover (HAJ) TUI fly X32619 estimated
17:05 May-22 17:22 May-22 Barcelona (BCN) Air Europa UX6072 estimated
17:05 May-22 17:22 May-22 Hannover (HAJ) TUI X3619 estimated
17:15 May-22 17:41 May-22 Dusseldorf (DUS) Eurowings EW9587 estimated
17:15 May-22 17:31 May-22 Mahon (MAH) Iberia Regional IB8484 estimated
17:15 May-22 17:15 May-22 Manchester (MAN) Ryanair RK3442 estimated
17:20 May-22 17:20 May-22 Birmingham (BHX) Ryanair FR2163 estimated
17:20 May-22 17:20 May-22 Barcelona (BCN) Vueling VY3913 estimated
17:30 May-22 18:05 May-22 Dusseldorf (DUS) Eurowings EW9593 estimated
17:40 May-22 17:55 May-22 Milan (MXP) Ryanair FR1581 estimated
17:45 May-22 18:06 May-22 Dusseldorf (DUS) TUI X32323 estimated
17:50 May-22 18:40 May-22 Hamburg (HAM) Ryanair FR9168 estimated
17:50 May-22 18:06 May-22 Southend (SEN) easyJet U27261 estimated
17:50 May-22 17:50 May-22 Madrid (MAD) Iberia Express IB3925 estimated
17:55 May-22 19:30 May-22 Cologne (CGN) Ryanair FR8663 estimated
18:00 May-22 18:01 May-22 Lisbon (LIS) easyJet U26738 estimated
18:00 May-22 18:20 May-22 Cologne (CGN) estimated
18:00 May-22 18:15 May-22 Ibiza (IBZ) estimated
18:05 May-22 18:37 May-22 Cork (ORK) Ryanair FR7888 estimated
18:05 May-22 18:22 May-22 Warsaw (WAW) Enter Air estimated
18:10 May-22 19:58 May-22 Munich (MUC) Discover Airlines 4Y453 estimated
18:10 May-22 18:35 May-22 Paris (BVA) Lauda Europe FR716 estimated
18:15 May-22 18:29 May-22 Dusseldorf (DUS) Eurowings EW9589 estimated
18:15 May-22 18:31 May-22 Mahon (MAH) Iberia Regional IB8492 estimated
18:15 May-22 18:31 May-22 Ibiza (IBZ) Iberia Regional IB8536 estimated
18:20 May-22 18:35 May-22 Bournemouth (BOH) Lauda Europe FR828 estimated
18:20 May-22 18:20 May-22 Dublin (DUB) Ryanair FR6186 estimated
18:20 May-22 18:35 May-22 Zurich (ZRH) Swiss LX2151 estimated
18:20 May-22 Ibiza (IBZ) Swiftair WT7775 scheduled
18:25 May-22 18:28 May-22 Belfast (BFS) easyJet U27257 estimated
18:25 May-22 20:36 May-22 Berlin (BER) easyJet U27337 estimated
18:30 May-22 18:30 May-22 Valencia (VLC) Iberia Regional (Islas Cies Livery) IB8400 estimated
18:30 May-22 19:22 May-22 Basel (BSL) easyJet U27275 estimated
18:35 May-22 18:56 May-22 Berlin (BER) Ryanair FR263 estimated
18:35 May-22 18:52 May-22 Memmingen (FMM) Ryanair FR9830 estimated
18:40 May-22 18:56 May-22 Frankfurt (FRA) Condor DE1503 estimated
18:40 May-22 18:55 May-22 Vienna (VIE) Austrian Airlines OS436 estimated
18:40 May-22 18:40 May-22 Barcelona (BCN) Vueling VY3915 estimated
18:50 May-22 18:50 May-22 Hamburg (HAM) Condor DE1697 estimated
18:50 May-22 18:50 May-22 Valencia (VLC) Air Europa UX4011 estimated
18:55 May-22 19:10 May-22 Munster (FMO) SmartLynx 6Y394 estimated
19:00 May-22 19:00 May-22 Alicante (ALC) Air Europa UX4026 estimated
19:05 May-22 19:20 May-22 Cologne (CGN) Condor DE1531 estimated
19:05 May-22 19:20 May-22 Dusseldorf (DUS) Condor (Wir Lieben Fliegen Livery) DE1779 estimated
19:10 May-22 19:25 May-22 Frankfurt (FRA) Discover Airlines 4Y515 estimated
19:10 May-22 19:25 May-22 Frankfurt (FRA) Condor DE1511 estimated
19:15 May-22 19:22 May-22 Madrid (MAD) Air Europa UX6078 estimated
19:20 May-22 19:35 May-22 Ibiza (IBZ) Iberia Regional IB8522 estimated
19:25 May-22 19:40 May-22 Weeze (NRN) Ryanair FR9496 estimated
19:35 May-22 19:35 May-22 Hamburg (HAM) Eurowings EW7593 estimated
19:35 May-22 19:50 May-22 Wroclaw (WRO) Ryanair FR8032 estimated
19:40 May-22 20:25 May-22 Vitoria (VIT) Ryanair FR4614 estimated
19:40 May-22 19:40 May-22 Barcelona (BCN) Vueling VY3917 estimated
19:45 May-22 20:00 May-22 Leipzig (LEJ) Condor DE1777 estimated
19:45 May-22 19:45 May-22 Lisbon (LIS) Vueling VY3436 estimated
19:45 May-22 20:00 May-22 Mahon (MAH) Swiftair WT7887 estimated
19:45 May-22 Barcelona (BCN) Swiftair WT8169 scheduled
19:50 May-22 20:05 May-22 Frankfurt (HHN) Ryanair FR9833 estimated
19:50 May-22 20:29 May-22 London (LGW) easyJet U28092 estimated
19:50 May-22 21:06 May-22 Malaga (AGP) Air Europa UX5010 estimated
19:55 May-22 19:55 May-22 London (LCY) British Airways BA8486 estimated
19:55 May-22 20:10 May-22 Strasbourg (SXB) Volotea V73962 estimated
19:55 May-22 20:10 May-22 Seville (SVQ) Vueling VY3942 estimated
20:00 May-22 20:15 May-22 Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (FKB) Ryanair FR5185 estimated
20:00 May-22 20:15 May-22 Seville (SVQ) Lauda Europe FR5273 estimated
20:00 May-22 20:15 May-22 Brussels (CRL) Ryanair FR7830 estimated
20:00 May-22 Ibiza (IBZ) Iberia IB8526 canceled
20:15 May-22 20:15 May-22 London (LHR) British Airways BA451 estimated
20:15 May-22 20:30 May-22 Munster (FMO) Eurowings EW6822 estimated
20:20 May-22 20:20 May-22 Dusseldorf (DUS) Condor DE1517 estimated
20:20 May-22 20:50 May-22 Cologne (CGN) Ryanair FR8665 estimated
20:20 May-22 20:20 May-22 Barcelona (BCN) Air Europa UX6102 estimated
20:25 May-22 20:43 May-22 Milan (MXP) easyJet U27307 estimated
20:30 May-22 20:45 May-22 Cologne (CGN) Eurowings EW593 estimated
20:30 May-22 20:45 May-22 Paderborn (PAD) Eurowings EW6808 estimated
20:30 May-22 20:45 May-22 Mahon (MAH) Iberia Regional IB8508 estimated
20:35 May-22 20:50 May-22 Berlin (BER) Eurowings EW8593 estimated

Discover Palma Airport Departures

Palma de Mallorca Airport (IATA abbreviation: PMI), also known as Son Sant Juan Airport, is the busiest holiday airport in Europe. In 2019, almost 30 million passengers used the airport with over 100 thousand Mallorca airport departures. It is the third largest airport in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona. It is also known as Son Sant Joan Airport. The airport is located 5 miles east of the city of Palma.


The first Palma airport departures took place in 1921 for post flights. Flights for tourists only took place in 1935 to Madrid via Valencia. Pretty soon the airlines Lufthansa and Iberia started to carry out Palma departures. It was first located in Son Bonet and later in 1958 a new base was started which is now Palma de Mallorca Airport. International traffic only started from 1960. Due to its popularity, the airport has been continuously expanded and improved. Passenger traffic growth was the last two decades slow but steady to an 28.7 million in 2019. Because it’s a popular holiday destination and corona hit Europa there have been a big drop in Palma flight departures to European destinations. Only 6.1 million passengers for the year 2020. The domestic flights were still going although less frequent. The cancellation of many flights from Europe will hopefully start again in summer 2021.

Transport to/from Palma de Mallorca
  • The buses of EMT line 1 run have Mallorca departures between 6:30 am and 2:30 pm every 15 minutes from the airport to the center of Palma de Mallorca (Paseo Mallorca), and on to the port. A ticket costs 2 Euro, and the journey takes half an hour. The buses leave in front of the terminal, at exit D.
  • Taxis run all day and are of course more expensive but also more convenient. 
Mallorca airport Terminal

The terminal is designed by Pere Nicolau Bover and opened in 1997. The terminal is subdivided into 4 Palma de Mallorca departures halls, called Module A, B, C and D:

  • Module A is the former Terminal A and is located to the north. There are 28 gates here to process all the Mallorca airport departures. It is primarily intended for flights that are Non-Schengen as well as destinations in Ireland and the UK. For these routes there are largely seasonal flights, which means that this part is often not open in the winter.
  • Module B is the former Terminal B. This is smaller than A and has only 8 gates available. Palma airport departures will be flown with Air Nostrum to regional destinations such as Ibiza, Menorca, Valencia and Asturias.
  • Module C is to the east and the largest with 33 gates to depart from. Here are Palma de Mallorca airport departures to Schengen countries by the airlines Easyjet, Condor and Norwegian Air.
  • Module D has 19 gates and is located to the south. There are gates here where you have to take a bus transfer to the plane. Here are mainly Palma departures to Europe.


Destinations at Palma de Mallorca Airport

It is an airport where there are many seasonal flights due to the climate and location. The busiest routes with most Majorca departures are going to Germany. These destinations are the following:

The flights are largely operated by the carriers Lufthansa, Ryanair, Condor, Easyjet, Sundair and TUI. Other top destinations are Manchester and London-Gatwick in the UK flown by Jet2, British Airways, TUI, Easyjet and Ryanair.

Less Palma flight departures but still important are: