Menorca Airport (IATA abbreviation: MAH) is located about 4.5 kilometers southwest of Mahon, the island’s capital. The airport fulfills the needs of tourists who visit the island as the islanders themselves, who are thus better connected to the outside world. Yet the emphasis of the airport is on tourism. There are a large number of charter flights, especially during the summer.

Spaniards, British and Italians are the largest group of visitors to the island, but domestic destinations such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Mallorca are the most important destinations. In 2014, 2,632,615 passengers visited the airport to be precise. This means that 24,716 flights came in and out, while around 1,422 tons of freight traffic passed.

Menorca is the westernmost island of the Balearic Islands, and has around 80,000 inhabitants. The island’s nickname is “isla verde y azul” (the green and blue island), and that is not for nothing. The sea that surrounds the island is deep blue, and the island itself is beautifully green. The slightly hilly north has slate and reddish soils, while in the south you will find impressive karst plateaus in which beautiful gorges have been worn through the water. In 1993 the island was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, which means that more than 40 percent of the island is protected by nature.

The coasts of Menorca are rocky and sometimes even reminiscent of the Norwegian fjords, but these rocks are occasionally interrupted by beautiful bays. In these bays or “calas” you will find wide sandy beaches. Menorca has more beautiful beaches than all the other Balearic islands added together, and is therefore perfect for a wonderful beach holiday. Recommended are the Playa de Son Bou, the Cala’n Bosch, the Son Saura and the Cala Santa Galdana. Curious? Book a vacation to Spain now!