Address: Ctra. San Clemente s / n, 07712 Mahón, Islas Baleares, Spain
IATA airport code: MAH
ICAO airport code: LEMH
Alias: Mahón Airport

Where is Menorca Airport?
The only airport in Menorca is in the southeast of the island, southwest of the capital, Maó-Mahón. The Me-1 is located near Menorca Airport, this road connects the west (Ciutadella de Menorca) and the east (Maó-Mahón) of Menorca. The island’s name is regularly written differently, namely as Minorca. Since 2012, the official name of the capital is Maó-Mahón, sometimes only the name Maó (Catalan) or Mahón (Spanish) is used.

What is the distance from Menorca Airport to the center of Maó-Mahón?
The distance to the city center is only 5 kilometers, a drive takes no longer than 10 minutes.

How much is the taxi fare to and from Maó-Mahón?
Taxis are widely used on the island, so you will have no trouble finding one. For a taxi ride from the airport to Maó-Mahón you pay € 13.

Public transportation – Bus (Maó-Mahón)
Bus line 10 takes you to and from the bus station (Estació d’Autobuses, Maó) in the center of the city. You can travel further to other places on Menorca via the bus station. You can also change here to bus line 15 which runs through the center of Maó-Mahón. Tickets for the airport bus cost € 2.65 per person and are available on board the bus. The Autocares Torres bus runs every half hour to and from Menorca Airport, both in summer and in winter. The travel time is 15 minutes, while a few stops along the way. In the summer the first bus departs from the capital of Menorca at 5.45 am, the last bus from the airport at 00.25 am.