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Madrid Barajas Airport (IATA abbreviation: MAD) is a vast airport and consists practically of two airports that are totally different from each other. The old airport consists of the connected terminals T1, T2 and T3. Madrid airport departures to European destinations are here. T4 was built a few kilometers away. This terminal is connected to the old part by the metro and shuttle buses. Close to T4 is the T4S satellite terminal for Barajas flight departures, connected to an underground shuttle train from T4. T4 is used for intercontinental flights and by airlines affiliated with Oneworld such as Iberia, British Airways, Vueling and American Airlines.

Madrid Departures Terminal 2 floor 1


Madrid Airport Departures Terminal 1 Floor 1


Passenger Statistics

Since the huge expansion in 2006, the airport can also count itself among the largest in Europe and the world. Almost 62 million Madrid flight departures (passengers) are there each year. Although a large proportion are  domestic flights, Madrid Airport departures are going to many intercontinental destinations with a large network in Latin America.

Destinations and Airlines

Other airlines with many Madrid flight departures are Air Europa, Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling, Lufthansa TAP Portugal, British Airways, Alitalia, Norwegian Air. Not only destinations in Europe are important, you also see a lot of intercontinental routes on the radar. There are many Madrid Barajas departures to JFK-New York, Bogota in Colombia, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Lima in Peru, Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, Havana in Cuba, Santiago in Chile and other US destinations such as Miami, Newark, Washington -Dulles, Atlanta.

Transport to/from the airport

There are Madrid Barajas departures by train, subway or bus. If you go by train, you can do so at terminal 4, which travels to the north or south of the city. With the subway you can travel to the business district which is outside the center. Here you change to another metro to the center of Madrid. You are probably the cheapest out of it by bus. The Express Aeropuerto travels to Plaza Cibeles or Atocha train / metro station. Of course you can also take a taxi to the center, this costs about 25 euros. If you want cheaper Madrid departures you can choose Rideshares like Uber.

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