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La Gomera is the smallest of the seven Canary Islands. The island can be described as a rugged mountain island with a fantastic coastline.

The airport is located 35 km south of the center of the city of San Sebastian de la Gomera. The airport only opened in 1999 for La Gomera departures. There are mainly flights to Tenerife North and Gran Canaria with the airlines Iberia and Binter Canarias. It fluctuated in La Gomera flight departures for a long time between 20 and 40 thousand annual passengers from 2002 to 2016. Since then, La Gomera Airport departures have increased. In 2019 there were almost 80 thousand. Due to the pandemic, this has fallen to 55 thousand passengers in 2020 and there are only flights to Tenerife North in 2021 spring. To take off or land these aircraft, there is a 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) runway for all La Gomera departures.