Seoul Incheon Airport Arrivals ICN

Seoul–Incheon International Airport

2850 Unseo-dong, Jung-gu,
Incheon 400-700, Republic of Korea

Tel: +82 (0) 15772600
Fax: +82 (0) 32 7412270

Owner: Korean Ministry of Transportation

Airport Codes
IATA code: ICN

ICN arrivals today

Seoul Incheon International Airport arrivals

Incheon International Airport (IIA), also known as Seoul–Incheon International Airport, is South Korea’s largest airport. It is the main airport serving the Seoul Capital Area, as well as one of the region’s largest and busiest.  It serves Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, and Polar Air Cargo. In East Asia, the airport serves as a hub for international civilian air travel and cargo traffic. In 2016, Incheon International Airport ranked fifth in the world in Incheon arrivals and third in Asia in terms of cargo traffic, as well as 19th in the world and eighth in Asia in terms of passenger traffic. Along with Singapore Changi Airport and Tokyo Haneda Airport, it has been rated as the world’s fourth-best and one of the cleanest airports by Skytrax as of 2020. The Seoul Incheon arrivals have grown considerably in the last ten years from 28 to 71 million passengers in 2019. Due to the pandemic, there have been a lot fewer ICN airport arrivals in 2020 and 2021. In 2020 there were 12 million passengers.

Flight routes Seoul Airport

Many of the available flights stay in the region. Important Seoul Incheon flight arrivals are flying in from:

Other popular destinations:

Available airlines

The most common carriers are:

  • Korean Air
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Jeju Air
  • Jin Air
  • T’Way Air
  • Eastar Jet
  • China Easter
  • China Southern
  • CietJet Air
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Air China
Seoul airport terminals

There are a total of 111 boarding gates for all Incheon airport arrivals, with 44 in Terminal 1, 30 in Concourse A (which is connected to Terminal 1), and 37 in Terminal 2.

  • Seoul flight arrivals hall terminal 1 level 1F


  • Seoul airport arrivals hall terminal 2 level 1F


Location of Seoul Airport

Incheon International Airport is located 48 kilometers west of Seoul, South Korea’s capital and largest city.

Getting to/from Seoul Airport

Taxi, train, and bus are the three modes of transportation available to have Seoul Incheon arrivals from the city Seoul which is 49 km travel.

  • The most convenient choice is to take a Seoul airport taxi, which is accessible 24 hours a day and takes only 60 minutes to reach Seoul. Taxis are the most expensive choice, costing roughly 33€ (44,000 won) by a taximeter.
  • Another accessible option is to take the City Limousine Bus, which runs every 25 minutes from Seoul Airport to the city center. The bus ride takes 70 minutes in total to have Seoul airport arrivals, and a one-way ticket cost 6.80€. (9,000 won).
  • Taking an Airport Railroad Express (AREX) train is your final and cheapest choice. Two Incheon International Airport trains are operated by the AREX: The Express and All-Stop Railways, costing €7.2 and €3.12 respectively. The train ride from Incheon airport to Seoul takes between 40 and 60 minutes.
Seoul Incheon flight arrivals

If you are simply carrying hand luggage, check out will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes. However, if you are traveling with checked luggage, check out will take approximately 25 to 45 minutes.

Baggage claim

This area is so large may be difficult to navigate at first. After exiting immigration and before continuing to the baggage claim area, check the LED board for your flight number and luggage carousel letter (or number) after Seoul Incheon airport arrivals. Then proceed downstairs and look for your luggage on the carousel that corresponds to your airline. If you have problems with your luggage, there are information kiosks in the center back where you may seek help. If you have a lot of items, it’s also a good idea to acquire a cart. Make sure you have everything you need.

Sleeping in Incheon Airport

You will find travelers as a major international hub who sleep at all times at every corner. There’s plenty of comfortable seats, but take a chair or massage if you open! Travelers recommend that you check out the 3rd and 4th floors of the rest lounges that tend to stay quiet, sparse at night.

Hotels to stay
  • Incheon Airport Transit Hotel (Terminal 1)
  • Incheon Airport Transit Hotel (Terminal 2)
  • Darakhyu Capsule Hotel Incheon Airport
  • Hotel Hu Incheon Airport
  • Grand Hyatt Incheon
  • Best Western Premier is Incheon Airport.