Jeju Airport Departures CJU

Jeju International Airport

Address: 2 Gonghang-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
Landline: 1661-2626
Airport code: CJU
Elevation: 36 m
Province: Jeju-do
Opened: 1968
Owner/Operator: Korea Airports Corporation

CJU Departures today

Discover Jeju international airport departures

If you want to tour South Korea, you may need to land at the local Jeju airport. Although the airport is not the only one located on the island. There is also a small airport called Jungseok Airfield. You can get to know the airport facilities for Jeju flight departures thoroughly and have your perspective on how it works.

Discover how the airport terminal is divided and find out which national destinations you can take from the air terminal among the different airlines that offer CJU departures.


Jeju Airport was opened in 1968, and since then, it has provided its facilities for domestic and international CJU airport departures. Jeju’s airport offers featured flights to China, Malaysia, or Hong Kong for you to prioritize as soon as possible. You can use the airport as one of the most important points to travel with Jeju airport departures. Another option is to travel by boat to multiple domestic coastal cities like Busan and Seoul.

The air facility provides its operations on Jeju Island for you to get to know it thoroughly. The base airline in the airport area is Jeju Air, and it stands out to give most of the Jeju departures through Asia and South Korea.

Location of Jeju flight departures

You can locate Jeju Airport on Jeju Island, which is on the borders of South Korea. This would be the second-largest airbase in the country, followed by Incheon airport that you can visit as well. Both airports are associated with giving international flights by stopover.

Jeju airport ground transportatin

If you land at Jeju airport, you can travel around the island using the following means of transportation:

  • Depart at the airport by renting a vehicle or van to move around Jeju Island with your family. The island is not very big so you can get around it completely in less than a day without problems.
  • CJU departures by taxi services are a profitable option after if you want to save money on your visit to Jeju Island.



The airport divides its operations into two runways where all the Jeju airport departures take place that you can differentiate by their directions:

  • Runway 07/25 measures 10,433 feet long.
  • Runway 13/31 is 6,266 feet long.
Terminal at Jeju airport

This airport is made up of a single terminal to process all Jeju departures. You can see that the terminal has a great capacity to accommodate passengers with approximately 33 million people per year. The terminal has several floors, many green areas, incredible reception and distribution between national and international Jeju flight departures.

If you thought that the current design of the terminal at Jeju airport is sufficient, you should know that it is intended to be expanded to answer the high demand of CJU departures. The airport on Jeju Island wants to outperform its predecessor on the mainland under the limits of South Korea.

Airlines with Jeju airport departures

If you want to travel with Jeju airport you will have to choose one of the following available airlines:

  • Korean Air
  • T´way Air
  • Eastar Jet
  • Jin Air
  • Air Busan
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Loong Air
  • Hi Air
  • Air Seoul
  • Air China
  • Tianjin Airlines
  • Spring Airlines
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Fly Gangwon
  • Shenzhen Airlines
  • Donghai Airlines
  • AirAsia, among other category airlines.
Jeju airport flight routes

As a tourist, you can go to the following Jeju departures with destinations from Jeju International Airport in South Korea:

You must make a reservation in advance for your Jeju flight departures to ensure that your vacation is exclusive from the airport. You have to contact one of the airlines that provide services for Jeju airport.