Gimhae Airport Departures PUS

Gimhae International Airport

Address: 108 Gonghangjinim-ro, Daejeo 2 (i) -dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan, South Korea
Elevation: 2 m
Phone: +82 1661-2626
International Passengers: 9,866,879

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Discover Gimhae international airport departures

All those who want to know the west of Busan – South Korea, should use the friendliest airport in the area. Gimhae International Airport is an infrastructure that will impact all tourists and will leave them wanting to revisit the town.

Top routes from Gimhae

There were quite a few international routes to the airport of Gimhae, South Korea. Due to the pandemic, almost all international flights have been discontinued. Most of these departures went to Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan.

About Gimhae Airport

Gimhae Airport is located in South Korea, specifically in the west of the beautiful metropolitan city of Busan. This airport was opened in 1976 for Gimhae departures. On October 31, 2007, it had a new international terminal that continues to operate to increase the Gimhae flight departures.


It is located in Daejeon 2-dong, Gangseo-gu – Busan; This international airport was first built as a Busan city airport. This construction was carried out in 1958 and had an update in September 1963 to “International Airport” with PUS airport departures.

Ground transportation

There are various transportation options at this airport that passengers can choose to get to or from the town:

  • Gimhae airport departures by cab: These taxi lines go directly to the airport. These have fare estimates for popular routes that anyone can take their flight in less than 80 minutes.
  • PUS departures by bus: There are different types of buses that go to the terminal of national and international flights. Limousine buses can be hired with operating intervals of approximately 40 minutes.
  • Gimhae departures underground: People have a route map of the Busan subway and the stations near the airport. Lines 2 and 3 are perfect for light transfers to Daejeon.
Gimhae Airport Terminals

The best service team will receive each of the visitors who are in the national and international terminal. In the national terminal, all passengers have a wide variety of retail food stores and exchange banks when they experience Gimhae flight departures

The national terminal is very wide, where thousands of users annually enjoy all its services. Since 2007, the new terminal that contains this airport has been a very cool place for all passengers that enjoy PUS airport departures. They have basic services: cafeterias, infirmaries, tourist guides, and more.

In the international terminal, there are thousands of people who visit these facilities every day. Anyone in the world can reach this terminal and must meet all the requirements that are requested. This international terminal has basic care services for all tourists and visitors with Gimhae airport departures.