Johannesburg Airport Arrivals (JNB)

O. R. Tambo International Airport

Address: 1 Jones Rd, Kempton Park, Johannesburg, 1632, South Africa
IATA airport code: JNB
Contact number: +27 11 921 6262
Altitude: 1,694 m

JNB arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
13:55 February-21 13:38 February-21 Richards Bay (RCB) Airlink 4Z884 landed
14:00 February-21 Hoedspruit (HDS) CemAir 5Z981 scheduled
14:05 February-21 13:43 February-21 Bulawayo (BUQ) Airlink 4Z111 landed
14:05 February-21 13:54 February-21 Harare (HRE) South African Airways SA23 estimated
14:05 February-21 13:45 February-21 Cape Town (CPT) FlySafair FA601 landed
14:10 February-21 13:58 February-21 East London (ELS) Airlink 4Z916 estimated
14:20 February-21 14:15 February-21 Durban (DUR) FlySafair FA273 estimated
14:20 February-21 14:05 February-21 Port Elizabeth (PLZ) Airlink 4Z798 estimated
14:25 February-21 14:03 February-21 Durban (DUR) FlySafair (Springboks Livery) FA415 estimated
14:25 February-21 Upington (UTN) Airlink 4Z764 scheduled
14:30 February-21 Bloemfontein (BFN) CemAir 5Z107 scheduled
14:35 February-21 15:39 February-21 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF63 delayed
14:40 February-21 14:28 February-21 Skukuza (SZK) Airlink 4Z862 estimated
14:40 February-21 14:28 February-21 Luanda (LAD) TAAG Angola Airlines DT577 estimated
14:45 February-21 14:37 February-21 Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR1367 estimated
15:00 February-21 Durban (DUR) Lift GE210 scheduled
15:00 February-21 Lusaka (LUN) RwandAir WB106 scheduled
15:00 February-21 Durban (DUR) FlySafair FA265 scheduled
15:00 February-21 14:52 February-21 Cape Town (CPT) Lift GE132 estimated
15:05 February-21 14:48 February-21 Port Elizabeth (PLZ) South African Airways SA410 estimated
15:05 February-21 Bloemfontein (BFN) Airlink 4Z712 scheduled
15:10 February-21 Pietermaritzburg (PZB) Airlink 4Z736 scheduled
15:15 February-21 Victoria Falls (VFA) Fastjet Zimbabwe FN8503 scheduled
15:20 February-21 14:58 February-21 Livingstone (LVI) Airlink 4Z483 estimated
15:20 February-21 15:13 February-21 Cape Town (CPT) FlySafair FA295 estimated
15:20 February-21 East London (ELS) FlySafair (Springboks Livery) FA241 scheduled
15:20 February-21 14:56 February-21 Harare (HRE) Airlink 4Z105 estimated
15:20 February-21 Mthatha (UTT) Airlink 4Z758 scheduled
15:25 February-21 Hoedspruit (HDS) Airlink 4Z874 scheduled
15:30 February-21 Victoria Falls (VFA) CemAir 5Z765 scheduled
15:30 February-21 15:02 February-21 Lusaka (LUN) South African Airways SA63 estimated
15:30 February-21 Manzini (SHO) Airlink 4Z85 scheduled
15:30 February-21 Vilankulo (VNX) Airlink 4Z261 scheduled
15:30 February-21 Cape Town (CPT) CemAir 5Z839 scheduled
15:35 February-21 15:15 February-21 Windhoek (WDH) Airlink 4Z125 estimated
15:40 February-21 15:32 February-21 Walvis Bay (WVB) Airlink 4Z142 estimated
15:40 February-21 Victoria Falls (VFA) Airlink 4Z495 scheduled
15:40 February-21 Skukuza (SZK) Airlink 4Z866 scheduled
15:40 February-21 Tete (TET) Airlink 4Z221 scheduled
15:45 February-21 15:30 February-21 Ndola (NLA) Airlink 4Z151 estimated
15:45 February-21 Port Elizabeth (PLZ) FlySafair (Springboks Livery) FA361 scheduled
15:45 February-21 Victoria Falls (VFA) South African Airways SA41 scheduled
15:45 February-21 George (GRJ) FlySafair (Springboks Livery) FA221 scheduled
15:45 February-21 Durban (DUR) FlySafair FA345 scheduled
15:50 February-21 Port Elizabeth (PLZ) CemAir 5Z259 scheduled
16:00 February-21 Durban (DUR) CemAir 5Z329 scheduled
16:00 February-21 Maun (MUB) Air Botswana BP211 scheduled
16:05 February-21 15:52 February-21 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL24 estimated
16:05 February-21 Cape Town (CPT) Airlink 4Z928 scheduled
16:05 February-21 Maun (MUB) CemAir 5Z761 scheduled
16:05 February-21 George (GRJ) Airlink 4Z694 scheduled
16:10 February-21 Cape Town (CPT) South African Airways SA334 scheduled
16:10 February-21 Maun (MUB) Airlink 4Z301 scheduled
16:15 February-21 Durban (DUR) South African Airways SA562 scheduled
16:20 February-21 Gaborone (GBE) Air Botswana BP205 scheduled
16:20 February-21 Vilankulo (VNX) LAM TM333 scheduled
16:20 February-21 16:04 February-21 Nairobi (NBO) Kenya Airways (Come Live The Magic Livery) KQ762 estimated
16:30 February-21 Lusaka (LUN) Airlink 4Z163 scheduled
16:35 February-21 Lubumbashi (FBM) Airlink 4Z22 scheduled
16:35 February-21 16:13 February-21 Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK763 estimated
16:35 February-21 Lilongwe (LLW) Airlink 4Z461 scheduled
16:50 February-21 Cape Town (CPT) Africa Charter Airline SA336 scheduled
16:50 February-21 Cape Town (CPT) FlySafair (Springboks Livery) FA203 scheduled
16:50 February-21 Maputo (MPM) Airlink 4Z273 scheduled
17:00 February-21 Lusaka (LUN) Proflight Zambia P026 scheduled
17:10 February-21 Nelspruit (MQP) Airlink 4Z822 scheduled
17:15 February-21 Kasane (BBK) CemAir 5Z767 scheduled
17:20 February-21 Cape Town (CPT) Airlink 4Z924 scheduled
17:20 February-21 Durban (DUR) FlySafair FA263 scheduled
17:20 February-21 Port Elizabeth (PLZ) FlySafair (Springboks Livery) FA374 scheduled
17:20 February-21 Manzini (SHO) Eswatini Air RN103 scheduled
17:25 February-21 Port Elizabeth (PLZ) Airlink (Skybucks Livery) 4Z790 scheduled
17:30 February-21 Maseru (MSU) Airlink 4Z63 scheduled
17:35 February-21 Kimberley (KIM) CemAir 5Z519 scheduled
17:40 February-21 Antananarivo (TNR) Airlink 4Z253 scheduled
17:40 February-21 17:04 February-21 Luxembourg (LUX) Cargolux CV2603 estimated
17:40 February-21 Cape Town (CPT) FlySafair FA207 scheduled
17:45 February-21 Gaborone (GBE) Airlink 4Z181 scheduled
17:45 February-21 Bulawayo (BUQ) Airlink 4Z115 scheduled
17:50 February-21 Maputo (MPM) Turkish Airlines TK39 scheduled
17:50 February-21 Cape Town (CPT) South African Airways SA352 scheduled
18:00 February-21 Bloemfontein (BFN) CemAir 5Z109 scheduled
18:00 February-21 Cape Town (CPT) Lift GE124 scheduled
18:10 February-21 Pemba (POL) Airlink 4Z205 scheduled
18:20 February-21 George (GRJ) Cemair 5Z451 scheduled
18:20 February-21 Cape Town (CPT) FlySafair FA690 scheduled
18:25 February-21 Nelspruit (MQP) Airlink 4Z846 scheduled
18:25 February-21 Harare (HRE) Airlink 4Z107 scheduled
18:30 February-21 Cape Town (CPT) CemAir 5Z843 scheduled
18:30 February-21 Sishen (SIS) Airlink 4Z780 scheduled
18:30 February-21 Cape Town (CPT) CemAir 5Z851 scheduled
18:35 February-21 18:04 February-21 New York (EWR) United Airlines UA188 estimated
18:40 February-21 Polokwane (PTG) Airlink 4Z816 scheduled
18:45 February-21 Cape Town (CPT) FlySafair FA120 scheduled
18:45 February-21 Maputo (MPM) LAM TM305 scheduled
18:45 February-21 Manzini (SHO) Airlink 4Z87 scheduled
18:45 February-21 Richards Bay (RCB) Airlink 4Z886 scheduled
18:55 February-21 Kimberley (KIM) Airlink 4Z728 scheduled
19:00 February-21 Port Louis (MRU) South African Airways SA191 scheduled
19:00 February-21 Sishen (SIS) Airlink 4Z778 scheduled

Discover OR Tambo international airport arrivals

O. R. Tambo International Airport is the official name for the international airport located near Johannesburg. The airport is located east of the city center at 23 km in Kempton Park. It’s 40 minutes driving by car from the city center to the airport. The airport can also be reached by taxi, bus or train. It is one of the busiest airports in Africa.

Under normal circumstances, more than 20 million passengers use Johannesburg Airport. Due to the pandemic, this was halved, but it is slowly rising back to the old numbers. Many flights are operated by Airlink to domestic airports or destinations in the region. In addition to many small airlines from the region, larger carriers from all over the world also fly to the airport. This is partly possible due to the extra long runway of more than 4.4 km. In addition, there is a second runway of 3.4 km. There are several terminals to keep everything running smoothly. That is why there is a division of transit, domestic and international flights.


The very first JNB airport arrivals took place in 1945 when it started as Palmietfontein International Airport. The airport was prosecuted about seven years later. In the 60’s and 70’s the airport grew steadily in facilities. The first flight to London was in 1971. During Apartheid in the 1980’s, all flights were canceled for some time. In 1996 it became the busiest airport in Africa to put Cairo Airport in second place. Over the past 10 years, the airport has slowly grown from 19 to 22 million passengers per year. In 2020 the OR Tambo flight arrivals were considerably less with 7 million passengers. JNB arrivals are mainly for the city of Johannesburg and people who want to do a safari.

Runways and terminals Johannesburg Airport

O. R. Tambo Airport Arrivals take place on 2 runways, the longest of which is even 4,400 feet. No problem to land the largest aircraft from Airbus and Boeing, among others. There are 3 terminals available. Terminal 1 (A) is for international Johannesburg Tambo Airport Arrivals and terminal 2 (B) is for domestic Johannesburg arrivals.


There are considerably more international OR Tambo flight arrivals compared to the other airports in South Africa. In 2019 there were 21,665,403 passengers. That was accompanied by 218,208 Johannesburg Airport arrivals. In 2020 there haven been a big decrease of passengers.


Lounges domestic terminal: Bidvest, Menzies and the airlines British Airways and South African Airways Lounge.

Lounges at the international terminal: Bidvest, SAA, Emirates, Air France, Aspire, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic lounge.

Airlines and destinations

Most domestic flights are operated by the following airlines:

  • CemAir
  • LIFT Airlines
  • Mango
  • FlySafair

The international O. R. Tambo arrivals fly from all over the world. A few important ones are:

Most domestic flights go to:

OR Tambo Johannesburg Airport FlightRadar24

Johannesburg Airport ground transportation

The taxis are waiting in front of terminal A of the airport. This is the international arrival terminal. It is recommended to only take an official taxi with a meter. These taxis can be recognized by the sign with ‘taxi’ on it in yellow letters. A taxi ride from the airport to the center of Johannesburg with an official taxi costs about 20 euros. The journey takes more than half an hour.

The Gautrain runs every 12 minutes between 05:15 AM and 10:00 PM from the airport to Sandton Station. Here you can transfer to the train to Park Station, close to the center of Johannesburg. The total journey time is about 30 minutes, the price for a one-way ticket is 178 ZAR. You need a Gautrain Card to travel by train, which can be bought at the airport and in the city for 17 ZAR each.

You can easily rent a car at the airport. There are well known car rental comapnies like Avis, Europcar, Hertz etc. Also, local ones are available like First Car Rental, Tempest, Bivest, Woodford and some others.


There are many hotels near the airport. If you do have a stopover, early flight or a late arrival, then there are 2 obvious options to use as a transit hotel and 1 on a short distance. They all score good reviews online.

  • Option 1: City Lodge Hotel at OR Tambo International Airport. They offer double rooms for a price of about 110 EUR/USD or 1900 Rand/ZAR. Breakfast can be booked for 10 EUR/USD. The room is fully equipped. There is also a swimming pool, free WiFi, fitness center and a bar. You can use the restaurant Soaring Eagle Spur Steak Ranch in the terminal.
  • Option 2: InterContinental Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport Hotel, an IHG Hotel. This is a luxury 5* hotel that is connected to the terminal of Johannesburg Airport. Here too there is a wellness centre, swimming pool and free WiFi. There are more options here in terms of rooms with a price that starts at 300 EUR/USD.
  • Option 3: Southern Sun Airport Hotel.

JNB arrivals airport hotels