Cape Town Airport Departures (CPT)

Cape Town International Airport

IATA code: CPT

Address: Matroosfontein, Cape Town, 7490, South Africa
Phone: +27 21 937 1200
Opened: 1954

CPT Departures today and tomorrow

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
14:00 February-21 14:00 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) Airlink 4Z928 estimated
14:00 February-21 14:00 February-21 Walvis Bay (WVB) Airlink 4Z348 estimated
14:10 February-21 14:10 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) South African Airways SA334 estimated
14:30 February-21 14:30 February-21 Victoria Falls (VFA) Kenya Airways KQ793 estimated
14:35 February-21 14:35 February-21 Addis Ababa (ADD) Ethiopian Airlines ET846 estimated
14:40 February-21 14:40 February-21 Johannesburg (HLA) FlySafair FA353 estimated
14:45 February-21 14:45 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) FlySafair (Springboks Livery) FA203 estimated
14:50 February-21 14:50 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) Africa Charter Airline SA336 estimated
14:55 February-21 14:55 February-21 Plettenberg Bay (PBZ) CemAir 5Z712 estimated
15:00 February-21 15:00 February-21 Durban (DUR) Lift GE374 estimated
15:00 February-21 15:00 February-21 Luanda (LAD) TAAG Angola Airlines DT580 estimated
15:05 February-21 15:05 February-21 Durban (DUR) FlySafair FA186 estimated
15:15 February-21 15:15 February-21 George (GRJ) Airlink 4Z637 estimated
15:15 February-21 15:20 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) Airlink 4Z924 estimated
15:25 February-21 15:25 February-21 Kimberley (KIM) Airlink 4Z617 estimated
15:35 February-21 15:35 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) FlySafair FA207 estimated
15:45 February-21 Kimberley (KIM) CemAir 5Z754 scheduled
15:50 February-21 15:50 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) South African Airways SA352 estimated
16:00 February-21 15:55 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) Lift GE124 estimated
16:05 February-21 16:05 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) FlySafair FA690 estimated
16:25 February-21 21:20 February-21 Gaborone (GBE) Air Botswana BP232 estimated
16:30 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) CemAir 5Z843 scheduled
16:30 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) CemAir 5Z851 scheduled
16:40 February-21 16:40 February-21 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK45 estimated
16:40 February-21 16:40 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) FlySafair FA120 estimated
16:50 February-21 16:50 February-21 Bloemfontein (BFN) Airlink 4Z606 estimated
16:55 February-21 16:55 February-21 Port Elizabeth (PLZ) FlySafair FA134 estimated
17:00 February-21 17:00 February-21 Durban (DUR) CemAir 5Z908 estimated
17:00 February-21 17:00 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) FlySafair FA114 estimated
17:10 February-21 17:10 February-21 Maputo (MPM) Airlink 4Z489 estimated
17:15 February-21 17:15 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) South African Airways SA354 estimated
17:20 February-21 17:20 February-21 George (GRJ) Airlink 4Z635 estimated
17:25 February-21 17:25 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) FlySafair FA124 estimated
17:25 February-21 17:25 February-21 Port Elizabeth (PLZ) Airlink 4Z675 estimated
17:30 February-21 17:30 February-21 Johannesburg (HLA) FlySafair FA316 estimated
17:35 February-21 17:35 February-21 Durban (DUR) FlySafair FA176 estimated
17:55 February-21 17:55 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) Airlink 4Z932 estimated
18:15 February-21 18:25 February-21 Frankfurt (FRA) Condor DE2291 estimated
18:25 February-21 18:25 February-21 Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK771 estimated
18:30 February-21 18:30 February-21 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa (Star Alliance Livery) LH577 estimated
18:30 February-21 18:30 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) FlySafair FA217 estimated
18:40 February-21 18:40 February-21 Durban (DUR) FlySafair FA170 estimated
18:40 February-21 18:40 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) Airlink 4Z930 estimated
18:45 February-21 18:45 February-21 London (LHR) British Airways BA58 estimated
19:00 February-21 19:00 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) Lift GE134 estimated
19:10 February-21 19:10 February-21 Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR1372 estimated
19:15 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) CemAir 5Z855 scheduled
19:25 February-21 19:25 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) South African Airways SA366 estimated
19:25 February-21 19:25 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) FlySafair FA215 estimated
20:00 February-21 20:00 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) FlySafair FA205 estimated
20:10 February-21 20:10 February-21 London (LGW) British Airways BA2040 estimated
20:20 February-21 20:20 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) South African Airways SA372 estimated
20:50 February-21 21:00 February-21 Washington (IAD) United Airlines UA2223 estimated
20:55 February-21 20:55 February-21 London (LHR) British Airways BA42 estimated
21:15 February-21 21:15 February-21 Johannesburg (JNB) Proflight Zambia SA374 estimated
22:55 February-21 22:55 February-21 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL25 estimated
23:55 February-21 Zurich (ZRH) Edelweiss Air WK87 canceled
00:30 February-22 Paris (CDG) Air France AF871 scheduled
00:35 February-22 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL598 scheduled
05:45 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) FlySafair FA100 scheduled
06:00 February-22 Durban (DUR) FlySafair FA160 scheduled
06:00 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) South African Airways SA302 scheduled
06:05 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) Airlink 4Z926 scheduled
06:10 February-22 Durban (DUR) CemAir 5Z900 scheduled
06:15 February-22 Kimberley (KIM) Airlink 4Z611 scheduled
06:15 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) FlySafair FA104 scheduled
06:20 February-22 Windhoek (WDH) Airlink 4Z320 scheduled
06:30 February-22 Bloemfontein (BFN) FlySafair FA840 scheduled
06:30 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) Flexflight W22010 scheduled
06:30 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) Lift GE110 scheduled
06:35 February-22 Port Elizabeth (PLZ) Airlink 4Z671 scheduled
06:45 February-22 Upington (UTN) Airlink 4Z645 scheduled
06:50 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) Airlink 4Z920 scheduled
07:00 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) FlySafair FA293 scheduled
07:00 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) CemAir 5Z831 scheduled
07:10 February-22 Durban (DUR) Flexflight W22036 scheduled
07:10 February-22 Durban (DUR) Lift GE372 scheduled
07:15 February-22 George (GRJ) Airlink 4Z621 scheduled
07:20 February-22 Johannesburg (HLA) FlySafair FA310 scheduled
08:00 February-22 Nelspruit (MQP) Airlink 4Z661 scheduled
08:50 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) South African Airways SA316 scheduled
08:50 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) FlySafair FA201 scheduled
09:20 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) Airlink 4Z922 scheduled
09:20 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) FlySafair FA605 scheduled
09:30 February-22 Hoedspruit (HDS) CemAir 5Z991 scheduled
09:45 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) CemAir 5Z835 scheduled
09:45 February-22 Victoria Falls (VFA) Airlink 4Z390 scheduled
09:50 February-22 Johannesburg (HLA) FlySafair FA302 scheduled
10:00 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) Lift GE122 scheduled
10:00 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) South African Airways SA322 scheduled
10:00 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) Flexflight W22022 scheduled
10:15 February-22 Durban (DUR) FlySafair (Springboks Livery) FA463 scheduled
10:25 February-22 Nelspruit (MQP) Airlink 4Z663 scheduled
10:30 February-22 London (LHR) Virgin Atlantic VS479 scheduled
10:35 February-22 Maun (MUB) Airlink 4Z314 scheduled
10:35 February-22 Skukuza (SZK) Airlink 4Z651 scheduled
10:35 February-22 Bloemfontein (BFN) Airlink 4Z604 scheduled
10:40 February-22 Hoedspruit (HDS) Airlink 4Z657 scheduled
10:45 February-22 Johannesburg (JNB) FlySafair FA693 scheduled
10:45 February-22 Windhoek (WDH) Airlink 4Z326 scheduled

About Cape Town International Airport departures

Cape Town Airport is the largest airport after Johannesburg Airport. Cape Town is located in the southwest of South Africa. The airport is located about 10 miles east of the city center. More than 10 million passengers fly to and from this airport every year. About eighty percent of passengers fly on domestic routes, with the route between Cape Town and Johannesburg being the busiest. The airport has two runways, a main terminal, an international terminal and a domestic terminal. The airport is modern and well-arranged.

Cape Town International Airport is located about twenty kilometres east of the center of Cape Town. Highway N2 connects the airport with the city center.

Most busy flight routes
Terminal at Cape Town airport

The airport has a separate section in the terminal for the CPT departures. Domestic and international are handled separately after security / immigration. The departures hall is at level 2. After check-in and security, you should turn left for international Cape Town departures and right for domestic flights.

cape town airport departures cpt terminal floor map


There is a Premier Lounge in both the domestic and international departures terminals. This is accessible to everyone. You just pay per visit. There is also a Smokers’ Lounge in the international section. This smoking area is free to enter.

Shops and restaurants

There are many shops to buy jewelry, accessories, electronics, beauty, and gifts. There are also several food & beverage places to drink a cup of coffee or a beer with different kind of food options.

Cape Town flight routes

There are 2 land tracks, 1 of which can be used for larger aircraft. There are about 94 thousand Cape Town Airport departures every year (Departure times Cape Town Airport). In total there were almost 11 million passengers in 2019. Most CPT departures are domestic with 80 percent. These are mainly operated by the airlines:

  • South African Airways
  • Mango
  • Kulula
  • LIFT Airline
  • FlySafair
  • Airlink

International flights to Paris, Hong Kong, Atlanta, Amsterdam and Frankfurt are operated by:

  • Air France
  • KLM
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Lufthansa
  • Cathay Pacific
One of the popular flights:
  • Local departure time 10:50 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)
  • Travel time: 11 u 15 min
  • Local arrival time: 22:05 Cape Town International Airport (CPT)
  • Plane type: Boeing 777
  • Flight number: KL 597
Other international flight routes:
Getting to/from Cape Town Airport

There are different ways to travel from the airport to the city. With a taxi or Uber you can reach to the city center within half an hour. Depending on traffic of course. Be careful when taking a taxi because illegal taxi drivers try to recruit customers in the arrival hall. It is better to opt for the official taxis that are outside the taxi ranks. You can of course also order an Uber. You then know exactly what you have to pay in advance for your ride to your final destination in Cape Town.

Cape Town airport departures by bus is a cheap alternative. There are buses that run from the airport to the the center of Cape Town. From there you still have to get to your accommodation. Buses run until 10 pm.

Parking map:


Parkades near International Terminal:

  • Parcade 1: Multi-level normal parking, pick-up area on ground floor
  • Parcade 3: Shaded parking

Parkades near Domestic Terminal

  • Parcade 2: Multi-level normal parking, valet parking service on ground floor
  • Parcade 4: Shaded parking
  • Parcade 5: Long stay parking

Many people go for the option to rent a car. This way you have the freedom to travel around. The offices of various car rental companies are located directly opposite the terminal. You get walk through a tunnel to get there.

We recommend that you reserve your rental car in advance. This prevents unpleasant surprises on site such as high prices or no availability.


There are mainly two hotels that are used for passengers who have a late or early flight. The hotels are also regularly used for passengers who have a long transfer.

  • The nearest 2* hotel is Road Lodge Cape Town International Airport. It gets very good reviews on It is fully equipped and costs 40 euros / US dollar for a standard double room. An airport shuttle is available 24 hours a day.
  • Another nearby hotel is Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport. This is a more luxurious 4* hotel and has a swimming pool and a few other facilities. They also offer an airport transfer. The price is from 70 euros.
Flight radar Cape Town Airport