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Seychelles International Airpor – Aéroport de la Pointe Larue

Address: East Coast Road, Mahé, Seychelles
IATA airport code: SEZ
ICAO airport code: FSIA
Alias: Seychelles Pointe Larue Airport, Seychelles Mahé Airport
Elevation: 3 m
Telephone: +248 438 40 00
Serves: Victoria
Hub for: Air Seychelles
Email: &

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It is an international airport located in the Seychelles on the island of Mahe. The capital of this island is Victoria. The airline Air Seychelles offers most flights and routes from this airport. These are many short flights to Praslin Island as well as long distance flights to mainland Africa, Europe, and Middle East. There are two terminals, 1 for domestic flights and the other for international flights. A 3000 m/9840 ft concrete surface runway is used.

The airport started operating flights in the year 1972. The first arrival was from Tony Bentley flying in from Moroni. This was even before the airport was completely finished. The carriers Luxair and East African Airways soon followed. The same Tony Bentley set up a company en route with John Faulkner to other islands in the Seychelles. First the Piper Seneca was used and later the Britten-Norman aircraft. After a few years of opening, 30 airlines already flew to Mahe. The airport had to be expanded to meet the demand. The terminal building had to be enlarged and more parking spaces for aircraft. Since the 2000s, there has been more and more development at the airport. More improvements and extensions were made to the terminal building.

Location of Seychelles Airport

Seychelles Airport is located on the largest island in Seychelles, Mahé. The airport is 6-7 miles from the center of the capital, Victoria. This route is easy to empty via the Providence Highway. You could do this with a rental car after your Seychelles flight arrivals.


Ground transportation Seychelles Airport

There are several rental car companies at the airport such as Thrifty, Sixt, Tipoa, Creolepay and 3Click. There are also Seychelles departures by bus to Victoria for 35 cents. They run 2 to 3 times an hour from 7 am to 5 pm. Large suitcases are not allowed, so in most cases you have to use the taxi. To the center it costs about 4-6 USD and takes 15-20 minutes.

SEZ airport arrivals by Air Seychelles:


Seychelles airport terminals

There are 2 terminals at the airport for domestic Seychelles arrivals and international Seychelles Mahé Airport arrivals. There are often transfers from one terminal to another to reach other islands of the Seychelles.


The domestic terminal has many flights to the other island of Praslin. Another option to continue traveling by ferry after arrival. The ferry departs from Victoria and sails first to Praslin Island and then on to La Digue. From these two islands there are Victoria Seychelles airport departures to even smaller islands where the many resorts are located.


Seychelles international airport departures

Due to the corona virus, there are many fewer Seychelles international airport arrivals & Mahe airport departures at the airport. The Seychelles are highly dependent on tourism, which means that tourists only return when the virus is no longer prevalent. In 2019 (without the pandemic) there were 744,000 international passengers who used the airport on the island of Mahe. About 90 percent of this SEZ airport departures had the purpose of ‘holiday’. In that year there were many passengers from the following countries:

In 2020, however, it was only 192 thousand passengers. Looking at the first months of 2021, there are still few Victoria Seychelles airport arrivals. The Seychelles are promoting themselves internationally so hopefully there will be more and more Seychelles Airport departures. Popular Seychelles destinations (some or only available during certain seasons:

However, the busiest flight route is to Praslin Island. There are more than 10 flights a day.

Seychelles flight departures terminal building