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St Lucia Hewanorra Airport
PO Box 373, Vieux Fort, ST LUCIA

Tel: +1 (0) 758 4546526
Fax: +1 (0) 758 4547752
Owner: St Lucia Air & Sea Ports Authority

Airport Codes
IATA code: UVF

Discover Hewanorra international airport arrivals and departures

If you visit the Caribbean islands, the Hewanorra International Airport in Saint Lucia will undoubtedly be a good destination. This insulting country in the West Indies sometimes goes unnoticed but has a good tourist spot. You can go to Santa Lucia for its beaches or receptivity of citizens and have St Lucia arrivals.

This airbase shares a remarkable history since its inception of St Lucia airport departures. It serves as a good tourist spot and is worth visiting. You can find out exactly where the airport is located and what makes it so special in the country. Find out why the airbase ranks first for its functionality and available destinations and UVF airport arrivals.



Hewanorra International Airport, TLPL or “Beane Army Airfield” as it was originally called, opened in 1941 for its first Hewanorra international airport departures. This airport shares more than 80 years of history. It served the American Air Force in World War II. This base of operations with St Lucia airport arrivals for the army served to defend Santa Lucia from enemy attacks in the second war.

Post-war, this airbase was dismantled and rebuilt to have St Lucia departures as a public airport. The airport owner is the Government of Santa Lucia, and the operator is the country’s airports authority. At the reopening of the airbase, it adopted the name “Hewanorra,” which means land of the iguana.

This airport has been expanded on several occasions to increase the Saint Lucia airport arrivals, but it has been limited a bit because the island is very small. In the last significant construction, the air terminal was renovated with several jet gates, and the parking lot was expanded.

Location for St Lucia flight departures

You can find Santa Lucia Airport in the Vieux Fort Quarter district in the Santa Lucia region. This is one of the two airports available on the island that has a larger base of Hewanorra arrivals. The airport is located in the south of the island, about 33.2 miles from Castries’s capital city.



When you arrive at the Hewanorra air base in Santa Lucia, you can have several means of transportation to have UVF airport departures. As the island is relatively small, you will not have to travel long stretches to get to the cities. If you leave the airport, you will have transportation such as:

  • Saint Lucia airport departures by Van: You can take a tourist van that will take you to the city center in less than 1 hour. This service is usually free, or you will have to contribute to be able to take it.
  • Take a taxi after your St Lucia flight arrivals. Taxi services are located just outside the Santa Lucia airport for you to take it. These services can take you almost anywhere on the island for an adjustable fee.
  • Hewanorra departures by rental car: You can rent a vehicle to get to know every corner of the country without anyone stopping you. You can rent a sports vehicle, classic, a van, or even a motorcycle in these services.

You will land at Hewanorra International Airport in Saint Lucia using runway 10/28 for all St Lucia airport arrivals. This airport has a single runway that is 2,744 meters long by 150 feet wide. This runway is made up of asphalt and, on average, processes more than 5,000 UVF departures a year.


The Hewanorra air terminal is small but functional for St Lucia flight arrivals when you look at the number of services available. For now, you have a small parking lot, eight reaction gates, and five billing offices. The terminal also has a public area where you will have various commercial premises and information about the island when you are having St Lucia departures.

The airport owner has plans for the future where he seeks to expand the terminal to meet the demand of tourists to increase the UVF airport arrivals. The terminal is expected to provide more international flights, have more commercial premises and a waiting room. The plans also include the construction of a new airstrip to double the Saint Lucia airport departures.

Airlines with Hewanorra airport arrivals

Santa Lucia airport has several airlines available for you to take the most convenient one. This air terminal is also used for hub flights with Helicopters of Santa Lucia for flights throughout the Caribbean. You can also have the following airlines available that have St Lucia airport departures:

  • Air Canada
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Delta Air Lines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • TUI Airways
  • United Airlines
  • WestJet

At this airport, you can request cargo UVF arrivals with the Amerijet International airline. In this cargo service, you can send or receive packages to destinations such as:

  • San Vicente
  • Port of Spain
  • Barbados
  • Ancient

Within the air facility, you can quote some category flights for the most popular destinations from the Caribbean. Among the destinations with St Lucia flight departures that you can take from the airbase are:


This airport also gives you the facility to take St Lucia arrivals by a stopover to go to other destinations. You can go to other areas of the Caribbean and the countries of Central America if you wish. You should not ignore that the destinations are very popular, so it is important to make a reservation for UVF airport departures in advance.

You can have the best experience when traveling from Saint Lucia Hewanorra airport because of your public attention. This airport is very important for the island and travelers who feel a slight attraction for the Caribbean beaches.