Saint Petersburg Pulkovo Airport Arrivals LED

St. Petersburg Pulkovo International Airport

Address: ul. Pilotov 18/4, 196210 St Petersburg, RUSSIA

Tel: +7 (0) 812 7043611
Fax: +7 (0) 812 7042267

Owner: Pulkovo Airport JSC

Airport Codes
IATA code: LED

LED Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
15:15 February-28 15:01 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU16 estimated
15:25 February-28 15:07 Nizhny Novgorod (GOJ) Rossiya SU6106 estimated
15:35 February-28 15:37 Apatity (KVK) Rossiya SU6446 estimated
15:45 February-28 15:41 Novosibirsk (OVB) S7 Airlines S75005 estimated
15:50 February-28 15:20 Kaliningrad (KGD) Rossiya SU6326 estimated
15:50 February-28 Sochi (AER) Smartavia 5N546 scheduled
16:15 February-28 Rostov-on-Don (ROV) Smartavia 5N516 scheduled
16:20 February-28 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot (95 years with you Livery) SU20 scheduled
16:20 February-28 16:32 Makhachkala (MCX) Pobeda DP505 estimated
16:20 February-28 Minsk (MSQ) Pobeda DP894 scheduled
16:35 February-28 16:24 Sochi (AER) Rossiya SU6560 estimated
16:45 February-28 Murmansk (MMK) Rossiya SU6342 scheduled
17:00 February-28 Moscow (VKO) Rossiya SU6026 scheduled
17:00 February-28 Astrakhan (ASF) Pobeda DP520 scheduled
17:05 February-28 Kaliningrad (KGD) Smartavia 5N534 scheduled
17:10 February-28 16:49 Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Rossiya SU6356 estimated
17:15 February-28 Kaliningrad (KGD) Ural Airlines U6392 scheduled
17:20 February-28 16:54 Grozny (GRV) Rossiya SU6134 estimated
17:20 February-28 Naberezhnye Chelny (NBC) Pobeda DP528 scheduled
17:35 February-28 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU22 scheduled
17:35 February-28 Beslan (OGZ) Pobeda DP508 scheduled
17:35 February-28 Volgograd (VOG) Pobeda DP518 scheduled
17:40 February-28 Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Pobeda DP540 scheduled
17:45 February-28 Krasnodar (KRR) Pobeda DP510 scheduled
17:45 February-28 Naryan-Mar (NNM) Rusline 7R242 scheduled
18:05 February-28 Kaliningrad (KGD) Rossiya SU6334 scheduled
18:25 February-28 Moscow (DME) Rossiya SU6156 scheduled
18:40 February-28 Kazan (KZN) Smartavia 5N598 scheduled
18:55 February-28 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU24 scheduled
18:55 February-28 Yekaterinburg (SVX) Rossiya SU6418 scheduled
19:00 February-28 Sochi (AER) Pobeda DP306 scheduled
19:05 February-28 Sochi (AER) Rossiya SU6564 scheduled
19:15 February-28 Minsk (MSQ) Belavia B2945 scheduled
19:30 February-28 Moscow (SVO) Pobeda DP6823 scheduled
19:40 February-28 19:36 Termez (TMJ) Uzbekistan Airways HY9711 estimated
19:40 February-28 Moscow (DME) S7 Airlines S71015 scheduled
19:45 February-28 Arkhangelsk (ARH) Smartavia 5N147 scheduled
19:50 February-28 18:45 Sharm el-Sheikh (SSH) Aeroflot SU735 estimated
20:00 February-28 Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Rossiya SU6858 scheduled
20:05 February-28 Sochi (AER) Ural Airlines U6548 scheduled
20:05 February-28 Syktyvkar (SCW) Smartavia 5N504 scheduled
20:10 February-28 20:25 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Etihad Airways EY69 estimated
20:10 February-28 Moscow (VKO) Rossiya SU6020 scheduled
20:10 February-28 Salekhard (SLY) Yamal Airlines YC855 scheduled
20:10 February-28 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU26 scheduled
20:10 February-28 20:23 Colombo (CMB) Azur Air ZF1616 estimated
20:15 February-28 Samara (KUF) Smartavia 5N582 scheduled
20:20 February-28 Makhachkala (MCX) Rossiya SU6066 scheduled
20:20 February-28 Baku (GYD) UTair UT732 scheduled
20:25 February-28 Sochi (AER) Rossiya SU6570 scheduled
20:25 February-28 Arkhangelsk (ARH) Rossiya SU6308 scheduled
20:30 February-28 Moscow (VKO) Utair UT381 scheduled
20:30 February-28 20:04 Chengdu (TFU) Sichuan Airlines (Wuliangye Livery) 3U3815 estimated
20:35 February-28 Kaliningrad (KGD) Rossiya SU6330 scheduled
20:56 February-28 Dubai (DWC) Aeroflot SU7027 scheduled
21:00 February-28 Penza (PEZ) Rossiya SU6766 scheduled
21:10 February-28 Volgograd (VOG) Rossiya (Troika livery) SU6116 scheduled
21:15 February-28 Apatity (KVK) Severstal D2356 scheduled
21:15 February-28 Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Rossiya SU6358 scheduled
21:25 February-28 Cherepovets (CEE) Severstal D2121 scheduled
21:25 February-28 Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK175 scheduled
21:25 February-28 Nizhny Novgorod (GOJ) Rossiya SU6108 scheduled
21:30 February-28 Voronezh (VOZ) Pobeda DP576 scheduled
21:45 February-28 Krasnoyarsk (KJA) Aeroflot SU2807 scheduled
21:50 February-28 Istanbul (IST) Rossiya SU6964 scheduled
21:50 February-28 Kaliningrad (KGD) Pobeda DP536 scheduled
21:50 February-28 Yaroslavl (IAR) Rusline 7R250 scheduled
21:55 February-28 Murmansk (MMK) Aeroflot SU6346 scheduled
22:05 February-28 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU30 scheduled
22:05 February-28 Kirov (KVX) Pobeda DP514 scheduled
22:05 February-28 Stavropol (STW) Pobeda DP538 scheduled
22:20 February-28 Cheboksary (CSY) Pobeda DP526 scheduled
22:25 February-28 Moscow (DME) Rossiya SU6160 scheduled
22:30 February-28 Ivanovo (IWA) Ikar EO394 scheduled
22:50 February-28 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot (Skyteam livery) SU32 scheduled
22:55 February-28 Sochi (AER) Aeroflot SU2815 scheduled
23:00 February-28 Moscow (VKO) Rossiya SU6036 scheduled
23:00 February-28 00:17 Phuket (HKT) Red Wings WZ3074 delayed
23:00 February-28 Kazan (KZN) Pobeda DP548 scheduled
23:05 February-28 Saransk (SKX) Azimuth (M-1 Global Livery) A46009 scheduled
23:10 February-28 Saratov (GSV) Pobeda DP578 scheduled
23:25 February-28 Kazan (KZN) Nordwind Airlines N4248 scheduled
23:30 February-28 Dubai (DXB) flydubai FZ991 scheduled
23:38 February-28 Tehran (THR) Gazpromavia 4G9618 scheduled
23:45 February-28 Samara (KUF) Rossiya SU6234 scheduled
23:55 February-28 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU34 scheduled
23:55 February-28 Ufa (UFA) Rossiya SU6414 scheduled
00:05 February-29 Yekaterinburg (SVX) Aeroflot SU6404 scheduled
00:15 February-29 Chelyabinsk (CEK) Aeroflot SU6466 scheduled
00:25 February-29 Kazan (KZN) Smartavia 5N538 scheduled
00:40 February-29 Dubai (DWC) Aeroflot SU6910 scheduled
00:40 February-29 Yerevan (EVN) Rossiya SU6926 scheduled
01:00 February-29 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU42 scheduled
01:05 February-29 Moscow (VKO) Aeroflot SU6024 scheduled
01:05 February-29 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK403 scheduled
01:20 February-29 Sochi (AER) Aeroflot SU6562 scheduled
02:15 February-29 Antalya (AYT) Pegasus PC1594 scheduled
02:30 February-29 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU52 scheduled
03:10 February-29 Algiers (ALG) Air Algerie AH3042 scheduled
03:55 February-29 Belgrade (BEG) AirSERBIA JU674 scheduled

Know St Petersburg Pulkovo International airport arrivals

If you want to do some tourism in Russia, you can start from the Pulkovo International Airport in Saint Petersburg. This is one of the largest airports in Russia and Eastern Europe so that you will be amazed by its facilities. The number of national and international Pulkovo arrivals you will have from the airport are formidable, and you should not miss it.

About St. Petersburg Airport

The airport was built in 1932 to process its first St Petersburg Pulkovo arrivals so that citizens could move easily around the country. This airport is prioritized in Russia for its annual storage level, where it receives more than 19 million passengers in 2019. Among the facilities, you can see a lot of history about the Soviet Union and what happened after its fall.

In previous years, the airport worked with Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise, which was listed as a “national airport.” In 2005 both companies separated, and the only Pulkovo airport in Saint Petersburg was born as Saint Petersburg airport arrivals.

Location for LED airport arrivals

The airports location is 14 miles from the city center Saint Petersburg. If you take the Pulkovo highway, you will arrive without problems at the airport facilities.


St. Petersburg Airport transportation

There are various means of transportation that will take you to the airport or the city center in Pulkovo. Choose between the unique minibus service after Pulkovo airport arrivals, where you will have several urban routes. You can also take the train by walking to the “airport” station 15 minutes from the main exit.

If you want to rent a vehicle outside the airport after the St Petersburg airport arrivals hall, you will have several dedicated companies. With your hands behind the wheel, you should take the Pulkovo highway that will take you to the city center or other areas.


The airport was built with two wide runways for St Petersburg flight arrivals that you can differentiate by these dimensions:

  • Runway 10R / 28L is 3,780 meters long for Pulkovo flight arrivals
  • Runway 10L / 28R is 3,397 meters long for St Petersburg Pulkovo airport arrivals

Both runways were built of concrete and cement; they are renewed every year. You will not be in danger when embarking or disembarking from the ULLI in Saint Petersburg.

Terminals at St. Petersburg Airport

Since its construction, the Pulkovo airport in Saint Petersburg stands out for giving you a beautiful terminal. In general, the aerial zone is located on 460 thousand square feet of land that they knew how to use very well for LED arrivals. Inside the air terminal, you can have different services, green areas, tourist areas, and good public service.

  • Terminal Baggage claim floor 1


The points that stand out the most in the air terminal are six jet gates, 17 boarding gates, and 110 passport booths to process all St Petersburg Pulkovo arrivals. You will also have available 7 luggage carousels, several commercial stores, and food outlets in these facilities. Security is not lacking at the airport to control the public and advise tourists having Saint Petersburg airport arrivals in the country.


You will have no excuses to dare to travel from the Pulkovo International Airport in Saint Petersburg; you have to take one of the following airlines for LED airport arrivals:

  • Air Serbia
  • Air Astana
  • Aeroflot
  • Belavia
  • Air Moldova
  • Cyprus Airways
  • Flyarmenia
  • Iran Air
  • Emirates
  • Pegas Fly
  • Qatar Airways
  • Red Wings Airlines
  • Nordwind Airlines
  • S7 Airlines
  • Smartavia
  • Ural Airlines
  • Yakutia Airlines
  • Yamal Airlines
  • Uzbekistan Airways
St. Petersburg Airport flight routes

From the Pulkovo International Airport in Saint Petersburg, you can take exclusive St Petersburg flight arrivals such as: