Moscow Vnukovo Airport Departures VKO

Address: Vnukovo, Moscow Oblast, Russia
IATA airport code: VKO
Elevation: 209 m
Phone: +7 495 937-55-55
Location: Moscow, Russia
Node for: Katekavia, Gazpromavia, I-Fly, Pobeda, Rusline, UTair Aviation

VKO Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Terminal Status
15:30 June-5 15:30 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6028 A estimated
15:45 June-5 15:07 Novosibirsk (OVB) Alrosa 6R544 A estimated
15:45 June-5 Antalya (AYT) Azur Air ZF1007 A scheduled
16:00 June-5 15:37 Dubai (DXB) flydubai FZ990 A estimated
16:00 June-5 16:00 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6140 A estimated
16:00 June-5 Sochi (AER) Pobeda DP117 A scheduled
16:15 June-5 Kaliningrad (KGD) Pobeda DP265 A scheduled
16:25 June-5 Ukhta (UCT) Utair UT179 A scheduled
16:30 June-5 16:30 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6032 A estimated
17:00 June-5 17:00 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6918 A estimated
17:00 June-5 Makhachkala (MCX) Pobeda DP187 A scheduled
17:10 June-5 Yerevan (EVN) Air Dilijans RM935 scheduled
17:15 June-5 17:15 Tbilisi (TBS) Azimuth A47007 A estimated
17:20 June-5 Naberezhnye Chelny (NBC) Pobeda DP441 A scheduled
17:30 June-5 Tbilisi (TBS) Georgian Airways A9927 A canceled
17:30 June-5 17:30 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6038 A estimated
17:35 June-5 Sochi (AER) Pobeda DP119 A scheduled
17:35 June-5 Petrozavodsk (PES) Pobeda DP281 A scheduled
17:40 June-5 Yakutsk (YKS) Yakutia Airlines R3476 A scheduled
18:00 June-5 Murmansk (MMK) Pobeda DP235 A scheduled
18:00 June-5 Perm (PEE) Pobeda DP431 A scheduled
18:30 June-5 18:30 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6176 A estimated
18:30 June-5 Saratov (GSV) Pobeda DP467 A scheduled
18:40 June-5 Syktyvkar (SCW) Utair UT375 A scheduled
18:40 June-5 Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Pobeda DP169 A scheduled
19:00 June-5 Pskov (PKV) Azimuth A47035 A scheduled
19:10 June-5 St. Petersburg (LED) Utair UT381 A scheduled
19:10 June-5 Kaliningrad (KGD) Pobeda DP263 A scheduled
19:15 June-5 Volgograd (VOG) Pobeda DP181 A scheduled
19:30 June-5 19:30 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6178 A estimated
19:30 June-5 Samara (KUF) Utair UT357 A scheduled
19:30 June-5 Ulyanovsk (ULV) Pobeda DP485 A scheduled
19:35 June-5 19:35 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK416 A estimated
19:40 June-5 08:10 Beslan (OGZ) Pobeda DP197 A estimated
19:50 June-5 19:50 Minsk (MSQ) Pobeda DP967 A estimated
19:55 June-5 Cheboksary (CSY) Pobeda DP457 A scheduled
20:00 June-5 Shymkent (CIT) SCAT DV802 A scheduled
20:00 June-5 20:00 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6942 A estimated
20:05 June-5 Kirov (KVX) Pobeda DP275 A scheduled
20:05 June-5 20:05 Osh (OSS) Pobeda DP743 A estimated
20:20 June-5 Mirny (MJZ) Alrosa 6R598 A scheduled
20:30 June-5 20:30 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6180 A estimated
20:30 June-5 Novosibirsk (OVB) Pobeda DP419 A scheduled
20:45 June-5 Barnaul (BAX) Pobeda DP455 A scheduled
20:50 June-5 Tashkent (TAS) Uzbekistan Airways HY614 A scheduled
20:50 June-5 Surgut (SGC) Utair UT247 A scheduled
20:50 June-5 Yerevan (EVN) Utair UT785 A scheduled
20:50 June-5 Irkutsk (IKT) Pobeda DP453 A scheduled
21:00 June-5 Tashkent (TAS) Uzbekistan Airways HY9614 A scheduled
21:25 June-5 Krasnoyarsk (KJA) Utair UT571 A scheduled
21:30 June-5 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6182 A scheduled
21:30 June-5 Tyumen (TJM) Utair UT453 A scheduled
21:30 June-5 21:30 Tashkent (TAS) Pobeda DP741 A estimated
21:50 June-5 Almaty (ALA) SCAT DV816 A scheduled
21:50 June-5 21:50 St. Petersburg (LED) Pobeda (Relax in Stavropol Livery) DP203 A estimated
21:55 June-5 Urgench (UGC) Uzbekistan Airways HY9616 A scheduled
22:00 June-5 Nukus (NCU) Uzbekistan Airways HY9626 A scheduled
22:00 June-5 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6948 A scheduled
22:00 June-5 Krasnoyarsk (KJA) Pobeda DP417 A scheduled
22:00 June-5 Omsk (OMS) Pobeda DP471 A scheduled
22:20 June-5 Dushanbe (DYU) Utair UT803 A scheduled
22:20 June-5 Krasnodar (KRR) Pobeda DP159 A scheduled
22:25 June-5 Bukhara (BHK) Utair UT807 A scheduled
22:30 June-5 22:30 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6184 A estimated
22:50 June-5 Yekaterinburg (SVX) Pobeda DP403 A scheduled
22:55 June-5 Kemerovo (KEJ) Pobeda DP445 A scheduled
23:00 June-5 Samarkand (SKD) Pobeda DP997 scheduled
23:20 June-5 Tbilisi (TBS) Azimuth A47107 A scheduled
23:30 June-5 Samarkand (SKD) Qanot Sharq HH758 A scheduled
23:30 June-5 23:30 St. Petersburg (LED) Aeroflot SU6186 A estimated
23:30 June-5 Tabriz (TBZ) Meraj Airlines MRJ4838 scheduled
23:40 June-5 Surgut (SGC) Pobeda DP259 A scheduled
23:40 June-5 Ufa (UFA) Pobeda DP439 A scheduled
23:45 June-5 Khujand (LBD) Somon Air SZ374 A scheduled
23:45 June-5 Nizhnevartovsk (NJC) Utair UT341 A scheduled
23:50 June-5 Baku (GYD) Azerbaijan Airlines J2806 A scheduled
23:50 June-5 Chelyabinsk (CEK) Pobeda DP413 A scheduled
23:55 June-5 Yekaterinburg (SVX) Aeroflot SU6651 A scheduled
23:55 June-5 Makhachkala (MCX) Utair UT559 A scheduled
23:55 June-5 Minsk (MSQ) Belavia B2980 A scheduled
23:55 June-5 Novosibirsk (OVB) Pobeda DP443 A scheduled
23:55 June-5 Yekaterinburg (SVX) Pobeda DP405 A scheduled
23:55 June-5 23:55 Yekaterinburg (SVX) Pobeda DP1403 A estimated
00:05 June-6 Khanty-Mansiysk (HMA) Utair UT351 A scheduled
00:15 June-6 Beslan (OGZ) Utair UT395 A scheduled
00:30 June-6 00:30 St. Petersburg (LED) Aeroflot SU6188 A estimated
00:30 June-6 Tyumen (TJM) Pobeda DP449 A scheduled
00:40 June-6 00:35 Perm (PEE) Pobeda DP433 A estimated
00:45 June-6 00:45 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK412 A estimated
00:45 June-6 Ufa (UFA) Pobeda DP435 A scheduled
00:50 June-6 00:56 Dubai (DXB) flydubai FZ988 A estimated
00:55 June-6 Ufa (UFA) Aeroflot SU6655 A scheduled
01:00 June-6 Baku (GYD) Azerbaijan Airlines J2810 A scheduled
01:00 June-6 Samarkand (SKD) Uzbekistan Airways HY606 A scheduled
01:00 June-6 01:00 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Pobeda DP753 A estimated
01:00 June-6 01:00 Dubai (DWC) Pobeda DP991 A estimated
01:10 June-6 Grozny (GRV) Utair UT355 A scheduled
01:15 June-6 01:15 Dalaman (DLM) Pegasus PC1459 A estimated
01:30 June-6 01:30 Antalya (AYT) Turkish Airlines TK3979 A estimated
01:40 June-6 01:40 Antalya (AYT) Turkish Airlines TK212 A estimated

Guide about Moscow Vnukovo International Airport departures

Vnukovo International Airport (VKO) is one of Moscow’s four major airports. It’s around 28 kilometers from the city center. Turkish Airlines and Wizz Air are two of the airlines that offer Vnukovo departures. The Moscow Vnukovo Airport has two concrete runways of 3,060 meters each for all VKO airport departures. It is located at an elevation of 209 meters above mean sea level. Gazpromavia I-Fly, Orenair, Transaero, UTair Aviation, Yakutia Airlines, and Pobeda use it as a hub to process their Moscow VKO flight departures. It is operated by JSC ‘Vnukovo Airport’. Vnukovo Airport is the highest of the three airports that serve Moscow; as a result, it is frequently used as a backup airport in the event of fog.

Moscow Vnukovo Airport flight routes

Most of the above busy flight routes are operated by Azur Air, I-Fly, Pobeda, RusLine, Rossiya Airlines, and Utair.

Passenger statistics and terminal

In 2013, the airport handled 11.18 million passengers, making it Russia’s and post-Soviet states’ fourth busiest airport. Since then the Moscow Vnukovo flight departures increased a lot. Moscow Vnukovo Airport is a dual-runway airport with two terminals: Terminal B for international flights and Terminal A for both domestic and international Vnukovo Andrei Tupolev airport departures. The airport has a total capacity of 10,100 passengers per hour.



The airport has two intersecting runways, each measuring 11,500 feet) in length (10,040 feet) for Vnukovo airport departures. Each runway is 60 meters in width (200 feet) and has 10-meter-wide safety shoulders on both sides. The shared runway can handle 60 aircraft VKO departures per hour. Runway 24 is used largely for Vnukovo departures, whilst Runway 01 is used largely for landings.

Moscow Vnukovo Airport Transportation

In August 2005, VKO airport departures started by the Aeroexpress direct route between Vnukovo Airport and Kiyevsky Rail Terminal in Moscow’s city center opened. The cost of a one-way journey is 500 rubles (as of November 2017). It takes 35 minutes to travel.


The local Mosgortrans bus lines provide access to Moscow city: 611 reaches two consecutive Moscow Metro Sokolnicheskaya Line stations (Troparyovo and Yugo-Zapadnaya), while 611k only reaches the nearest Salaryevo station.


At the airport, several cab services to Moscow and its suburbs are available. Uber, Gett, and Yandex are just a few examples. Flat-rate rides to any location in Moscow are available from taxis and local transportation network companies. It is a good option to be on time for your Moscow VKO flight departures.

car parking

At the airport, there are two multi-story car parks with a total capacity of 350 vehicles, as well as 200 open-air car parks nearby. These car parks offer both long and short-term parking options.

Moscow Vnukovo flight departures

Most airlines operating out of Moscow Vnukovo Airport provide inline check-in as the most favored way. Web check-in is often available from 24 hours to 2 hours before Vnukovo Andrei Tupolev airport departures and allows travelers to print their boarding passes. Look at your airline ticket to discover which check-in terminal you need to go to if you want to check-in at a counter. Passengers are advised to be at the airport three hours before the Vnukovo airport departures of an international flight and two hours before the VKO departures of a domestic aircraft due to tight security measures.

Baggage allowance

Passengers are not permitted to check-in bags weighing more than 32 kg, as is the policy of most airports across the world^when having Vnukovo departures. To prevent any confusion at the airport, check with your airline about details of limiting baggage before leaving the airport. The airport charges 50 rubles per day for a small suitcase and 100 rubles per day for a large bag for passengers’ convenience. Passengers are typically allowed to carry between 5 and 12 kg of cabin bags, with this limit increasing or decreasing depending on the class of travel and destination. If you are traveling with too much luggage, you get charged is you have VKO airport departures.