Moscow Vnukovo Airport Arrivals VKO

Address: Vnukovo, Moskovskaya oblast, Russia
IATA airport code: VKO
ICAO airport code: UUWW
Alias: Vnukovo International Airport

VKO Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Terminal Status
15:30 June-19 15:18 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6031 A estimated
15:30 June-19 15:10 Naryan-Mar (NNM) UTair UT334 A estimated
16:00 June-19 15:56 Tbilisi (TBS) Azimuth A47010 A estimated
16:00 June-19 15:39 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6917 A estimated
16:10 June-19 Yerevan (EVN) Air Dilijans RM936 scheduled
16:30 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6037 A scheduled
16:30 June-19 16:00 Gyumri (LWN) Pobeda DP856 A estimated
16:35 June-19 Sochi (AER) Pobeda DP112 A scheduled
16:40 June-19 Chelyabinsk (CEK) Pobeda DP416 A scheduled
16:48 June-19 16:28 Antalya (AYT) Dexter Air Taxi DXT9677 estimated
17:05 June-19 Kaliningrad (KGD) Pobeda DP268 A scheduled
17:10 June-19 Makhachkala (MCX) Pobeda DP192 A scheduled
17:25 June-19 Saratov (GSV) Pobeda DP476 A scheduled
17:30 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6175 A scheduled
17:30 June-19 17:06 Baku (GYD) UTair UT746 A estimated
17:35 June-19 Volgograd (VOG) Pobeda DP184 A scheduled
17:35 June-19 16:58 Gazipasa (GZP) Pobeda DP836 A estimated
17:50 June-19 17:09 Usinsk (USK) UTair UT596 A estimated
17:50 June-19 Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Utair Aviation UT374 A scheduled
17:55 June-19 Cheboksary (CSY) Pobeda DP462 A scheduled
18:00 June-19 17:47 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK415 A estimated
18:00 June-19 17:04 Sochi (AER) UTair UT268 A estimated
18:05 June-19 Kazan (KZN) Pobeda DP284 A scheduled
18:06 June-19 18:08 Bushehr (BUZ) estimated
18:25 June-19 17:58 Noyabrsk (NOJ) UTair UT456 A estimated
18:25 June-19 Sochi (AER) Pobeda DP128 A scheduled
18:25 June-19 Istanbul (IST) Pobeda DP738 scheduled
18:25 June-19 Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Pobeda DP180 A scheduled
18:30 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6177 A scheduled
18:40 June-19 18:34 Dushanbe (DYU) UTair UT802 A estimated
19:00 June-19 Shymkent (CIT) SCAT DV801 A scheduled
19:00 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6941 A scheduled
19:10 June-19 Sochi (AER) Utair UT250 A scheduled
19:20 June-19 Tashkent (TAS) Uzbekistan Airways HY613 A scheduled
19:20 June-19 19:14 Namangan (NMA) Uzbekistan Airways HY9619 A estimated
19:25 June-19 Samarkand (SKD) Utair UT810 A scheduled
19:25 June-19 Samara (KUF) Pobeda DP424 A scheduled
19:30 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6179 A scheduled
19:35 June-19 Surgut (SGC) Utair UT296 A scheduled
19:40 June-19 Novosibirsk (OVB) Yakutia Airlines R3788 A scheduled
19:50 June-19 Antalya (AYT) Pobeda DP840 A scheduled
19:55 June-19 Navoiy (NVI) Uzbekistan Airways HY9617 A scheduled
19:55 June-19 Tyumen (TJM) Utair UT464 A scheduled
19:55 June-19 Astrakhan (ASF) Pobeda DP166 A scheduled
20:00 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) Pobeda DP210 A scheduled
20:00 June-19 Kazan (KZN) Pobeda DP286 A scheduled
20:05 June-19 Antalya (AYT) Pobeda DP860 A scheduled
20:10 June-19 Sochi (AER) Pobeda DP116 A scheduled
20:10 June-19 Krasnodar (KRR) Pobeda DP156 A scheduled
20:25 June-19 Tashkent (TAS) Uzbekistan Airways HY9813 A scheduled
20:30 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6181 A scheduled
20:30 June-19 Kaliningrad (KGD) Pobeda DP266 A scheduled
20:50 June-19 Almaty (ALA) SCAT DV815 A scheduled
20:55 June-19 Tashkent (TAS) Utair UT806 A scheduled
21:00 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6947 A scheduled
21:00 June-19 Istanbul (IST) Pobeda DP996 A scheduled
21:00 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) Pobeda DP206 A scheduled
21:00 June-19 Bodrum (BJV) Azur Air (Lujo Art & Joy Livery) ZF512 A scheduled
21:05 June-19 Grozny (GRV) Utair UT562 A scheduled
21:05 June-19 Samara (KUF) Pobeda DP422 scheduled
21:15 June-19 Petrozavodsk (PES) Pobeda DP282 A scheduled
21:20 June-19 Naberezhnye Chelny (NBC) Pobeda DP442 A scheduled
21:22 June-19 Istanbul (ISL) UVT Aero RT9702 scheduled
21:25 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) Pobeda DP204 scheduled
21:30 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6183 A scheduled
21:35 June-19 Antalya (AYT) Red Wings (Special Series Livery) WZ2212 A scheduled
21:40 June-19 Sochi (AER) Pobeda DP118 A scheduled
21:50 June-19 Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Utair UT574 A scheduled
22:00 June-19 Antalya (AYT) UTair UT784 A scheduled
22:00 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6169 A scheduled
22:06 June-19 Bushehr (BUZ) canceled
22:10 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) Azimuth (M-1 Global Livery) A47020 A scheduled
22:10 June-19 Samarkand (SKD) Qanot Sharq HH757 A scheduled
22:15 June-19 Ukhta (UCT) Utair UT180 A scheduled
22:15 June-19 Saratov (GSV) Pobeda DP468 A scheduled
22:25 June-19 Khujand (LBD) Somon Air SZ373 A scheduled
22:30 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6185 A scheduled
22:30 June-19 Tabriz (TBZ) Meraj Airlines MRJ4839 scheduled
22:35 June-19 Pskov (PKV) Azimuth A47036 A scheduled
22:40 June-19 18:08 Istanbul (IST) Pobeda DP994 A estimated
22:40 June-19 Astana (NQZ) SCAT DV817 scheduled
22:45 June-19 Perm (PEE) Pobeda DP432 A scheduled
22:50 June-19 Baku (GYD) Azerbaijan Airlines J2805 A scheduled
23:00 June-19 Krasnodar (KRR) Pobeda DP158 A scheduled
23:05 June-19 Minsk (MSQ) Belavia B2979 A scheduled
23:05 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) Utair UT382 A scheduled
23:10 June-19 Makhachkala (MCX) Pobeda DP188 A scheduled
23:10 June-19 Ulyanovsk (ULV) Pobeda DP486 A scheduled
23:15 June-19 Sochi (AER) Pobeda DP120 A scheduled
23:15 June-19 Cheboksary (CSY) Pobeda DP458 A scheduled
23:20 June-19 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK411 A scheduled
23:20 June-19 Volgograd (VOG) Pobeda DP182 A scheduled
23:21 June-19 Dalaman (DLM) scheduled
23:25 June-19 Kaliningrad (KGD) Pobeda DP264 A scheduled
23:30 June-19 Samarkand (SKD) Uzbekistan Airways HY605 A scheduled
23:30 June-19 St. Petersburg (LED) Rossiya SU6187 A scheduled
23:40 June-19 Murmansk (MMK) Pobeda DP236 A scheduled
23:40 June-19 Makhachkala (MCX) Pobeda DP1190 scheduled
23:44 June-19 Antalya (AYT) AJet scheduled
23:50 June-19 Dubai (DXB) flydubai FZ987 A scheduled

Guide about Moscow Vnukovo International Airport arrivals

Vnukovo International Airport, formerly Vnukovo Andrei Tupolev International Airport (named after Andrei Tupolev). It is a dual-runway international airport offering Vnukovo arrivals in the Vnukovo District of Moscow, Russia. The location is 28 kilometers southwest of the city center. It is currently Russia’s third busiest airport after Domodedovo Airport and Sheremetyevo.

Vnukovo Airport is Moscow’s oldest working airport, being opened in July 1941 for VKO airport arrivals. Azur Air, Gazpromavia, I-Fly, Pobeda, RusLine, and Utair use Vnuokovo Airport as a hub for Moscow VKO flight arrivals and to fly to other destinations. Along with Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Sheremetyevo International Airport, and Zhukovsky International Airport, it is one of the four major airports that serve Moscow.

Busiest flight routes

During the summer more flights will go to holiday destinations. Think about Bodrum, Dalaman, Barcelona, Cancún, Larnaca, Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi, Phuket, Cagliari, Salzburg, Split, Thessaloniki, Zanzibar.

Moscow Vnukovo Airport passenger statistics

The airport can handle up to 10,100 passengers each hour. It employs 4,000 personnel. In 2013, the airport handled about 11.18 million passengers, an increase of 15.3 percent over 2012. The airport handled 722,500 passengers in February 2014, up 23.8% from February 2013, owing to Utair’s development. In 2019, the airport handled 24.01 million passengers, increasing 12% from the previous year. The Moscow Vnukovo flight arrivals keep increasing over the years. The year 2020 brought 12,565,241 passengers to the airport.


The airport has two intersecting runways that are 3,500 meters (11,500 feet) and 3,060 meters long (10,040 feet) for Vnukovo Andrei Tupolev airport arrivals. Each runway is 60 meters (200 feet) width and has 10 meters (33 foot) broad safety shoulders on both sides. The capacity of the shared runway is 60 aircraft Vnukovo airport arrivals per hour. Runway 24 is primarily utilized for departure, whilst Runway 01 is primarily utilized for VKO arrivals.

Terminal at Moscow Vnukovo Airport

Two passenger terminals (Terminals A and B), one general aviation terminal (for charter and business flights), one cargo terminal are available at the airport. There are 60 aircraft stands are available at the airport for Vnukovo arrivals. Terminal A have a total floor space of 250,000 square meters (2,700,000 square feet) and a passenger throughput capacity of 7,800 passengers per hour, with a total capacity of 18–20 million passengers per year to process many VKO airport arrivals.


Serving airlines with Moscow VKO flight arrivals
  • Aircompany Armenia
  • Azerbaijan Airlines
  • Buta Airways
  • Gazpromavia
  • IrAero
  • Yakutia Airlines, etc.
Ground transportation
  • Taxis are widely available outside both Terminal A and Terminal B’s first floors.
  • The Aeroexpress connects Vnukovo Airport to central Moscow in a nonstop service which is a good option to be on time for Moscow Vnukovo flight arrivals. The Aeroexpress operates from Kievskiy railway terminus (metro stop: Kievskaya) to Terminal A’s basement level (total trip time: 35 minutes).
  • From 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., minibus route 45M connects Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station with Vnukovo Andrei Tupolev airport arrivals. The Ford van minibusses depart every 10 minutes. The minibus stops get located on the curb outside the Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station and in the forecourt of Vnukovo Airport Terminal A.
Vnukovo airport arrivals
Immigration clearance

Passengers queue at the immigration counter with all necessary documentation. Following immigration protocols, the immigration officer verifies photo identification and asks some questions.

Baggage claim

Collect your baggage from the appropriate conveyor belt in the VKO arrivals lounge following immigration clearance. If you diser that your luggage has gone missing, contact the Airline officer.

After clearing immigration and retrieving your luggage, you must pass through customs before being permitted to leave the airport at the Vnukovo arrivals hall.

Nearby hotels to stay

There are no designated sleeping places at Vnukovo airport, although there is a dark zone without windows between gates 28/28A and 29/29A in the international departure area. Various hotels near the airport offer uninterrupted sleep when having late VKO airport arrivals.

  • Aerosleep Capsule Hotel
  • Four Points by Sheraton Moscow Vnukovo Airports
  • Antis House Uninn
  • Vnukovo Green Palace Hotel