Timișoara Airport Departures TSR

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Address: Strada Aeroportului 2, Ghiroda 307200, Romania
Height: 106 m
Phone: +40 256 386 089
Passengers: 1,596,972 5.2%
ICAO airport code: LRTR
Alias: Traian Vuia International Airport

Find Out Timișoara Traian Vuia International Airport departures

You can visit the facilities of the Timisoara airport to understand that it has several priority tourist destinations. This airport ranks third among the most used in Romania for available flights. You can get to know the aerial installation and be captivated by its functionality and Timișoara departures.


Timisoara Airport was already built-in 1935 but was officially recognized as a public airbase in 1964 to process Timișoara flight departures. The airport belongs to the Ministry of Transport and is operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Romania. This airport also focuses on airlines such as Wizz Air and TAROM who offer most TSR airport departures.

You can prioritize the aerial installation by having more than 20 Traian Vuia airport departures with destinations in Europe and other regions. This airport has been the first to be certified by the European aviation safety agency.

Location for Timișoara Traian Vuia departures

The airbase is Timisoara is located in the capital of Timisoara in Timi County. You can also find the airport in the Banat region, which belongs to the Ghiroda commune.


You as a tourist have to profit from the means of transport available outside the airport such as:

  • Start your Timișoara airport departures by a rental car. You can rent a car with certified agencies such as Budget, Avia, or Hertz inside the terminal. With your hands on the wheel, you can take the E70 route that will take you to the commune of Ghiroda.
  • If you want to be on time for your Traian Vuia flight departures you can take the taxi or bus. Use the bus service with the STPT operator using line E4 to the destination of Bastion. If you take the E4 Barat line, you can go to Piata 700m, Gara de Nord, or Ghiroda.

At the Timisoara airport terminal, you can find various services that will benefit you as a tourist. You will have 15 offices available to buy airline tickets with TSR departures such as TAROM, Blue Air, Ryanair, Bucharest Air, etc. You can travel to Munich, Bucharest, Bergamo, Rhodes, London or Barcelona from the airport.


The air terminal was renovated in 2010, allowing its operations to expand and receive more tourists and process more Timișoara departures. In 2019, the airport received 1,596,972 passengers on 17,224 flights that were completed. This airport has also served as a stopover point for the Cluj and Iasi airbases.

You can take outstanding Timișoara flight departures from this valuable Romanian air terminal to Bucharest, Bergamo, London, Bologna, etc. These destinations can come in direct Timișoara Traian Vuia airport departures or stopovers; you have to check with the air operator.