Faro Airport Arrivals FAO

Aeroporto Internacional de Faro

Aeroporto de Faro,
P-8700-997 Faro, Portugal

Tel: +351 (0) 289 800800
Fax: +351 (0) 289 818802
Web: aeroportofaro.pt/en/fao/home
Owner: ANA – Empresa Pública de Aeroportos e Navegação Aérea

Airport Codes
IATA code: FAO

FAO Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
13:40 June-5 Akureyri (AEY) Neos NO3924 canceled
13:50 June-5 14:02 June-5 Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR5139 estimated
14:05 June-5 13:58 June-5 Belfast (BFS) easyJet U27506 estimated
14:15 June-5 14:09 June-5 Copenhagen (CPH) Ryanair FR5146 estimated
14:30 June-5 14:28 June-5 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH1162 estimated
14:30 June-5 14:22 June-5 London (LGW) easyJet U28547 estimated
14:45 June-5 14:47 June-5 London (LGW) easyJet U28535 estimated
14:50 June-5 15:11 June-5 Dublin (DUB) Aer Lingus EI494 delayed
14:55 June-5 14:45 June-5 Vienna (VIE) Ryanair FR727 estimated
15:00 June-5 14:49 June-5 Manchester (MAN) Ryanair FR4088 estimated
15:00 June-5 Porto (OPO) Ryanair FR5486 scheduled
15:00 June-5 14:58 June-5 Paris (ORY) Transavia TO7676 estimated
15:05 June-5 15:14 June-5 Oberpfaffenhofen (OBF) Euro Link estimated
15:09 June-5 15:02 June-5 London (BQH) Smart Jet estimated
15:30 June-5 15:11 June-5 London (LTN) easyJet U22453 estimated
15:31 June-5 Madrid (MAD) NetJets Europe scheduled
16:10 June-5 Marrakesh (RAK) Ryanair FR346 scheduled
16:20 June-5 Bristol (BRS) easyJet U22871 scheduled
16:30 June-5 Aberdeen (ABZ) Ryanair FR9222 scheduled
16:45 June-5 Leipzig (LEJ) Condor DE1316 scheduled
16:50 June-5 Hannover (HAJ) TUI X32824 scheduled
16:57 June-5 Allendorf (QEQ) scheduled
17:05 June-5 Eindhoven (EIN) Transavia HV5515 scheduled
17:05 June-5 Barcelona (BCN) Vueling VY8482 scheduled
17:20 June-5 Dusseldorf (DUS) Eurowings EW9642 scheduled
17:20 June-5 Lisbon (LIS) TAP Express TP1905 scheduled
17:20 June-5 London (LGW) easyJet U26461 scheduled
17:35 June-5 Munich (MUC) Marabu DI6306 scheduled
18:05 June-5 Rotterdam (RTM) Transavia HV5203 scheduled
18:10 June-5 Luxembourg (LUX) Luxair LG785 scheduled
18:10 June-5 Zurich (ZRH) Edelweiss Air WK288 scheduled
18:28 June-5 Cascais (CAT) NetJets scheduled
18:40 June-5 Leeds (LBA) Jet2 LS441 scheduled
19:08 June-5 Vaxjo (VXO) VistaJet VJT418 scheduled
19:10 June-5 London (LHR) British Airways BA508 scheduled
19:10 June-5 Liverpool (LPL) Ryanair FR4031 scheduled
19:10 June-5 Amsterdam (AMS) Transavia HV5359 scheduled
19:25 June-5 London (LGW) easyJet U28539 scheduled
19:30 June-5 Birmingham (BHX) easyJet U26601 scheduled
19:35 June-5 Dublin (DUB) Aer Lingus EI496 scheduled
19:40 June-5 Glasgow (GLA) easyJet U23163 scheduled
19:50 June-5 London (LGW) British Airways BA2662 scheduled
19:55 June-5 Eindhoven (EIN) Ryanair FR5769 scheduled
20:00 June-5 Belfast (BFS) easyJet U23045 scheduled
20:15 June-5 London (STN) Ryanair FR5785 scheduled
20:25 June-5 Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR1727 scheduled
20:25 June-5 Dublin (DUB) Ryanair FR7132 scheduled
20:25 June-5 London (LTN) easyJet U22455 scheduled
20:30 June-5 Frankfurt (HHN) Ryanair FR5763 scheduled
20:30 June-5 Liverpool (LPL) easyJet U23425 scheduled
20:40 June-5 Bristol (BRS) Ryanair FR4147 scheduled
20:50 June-5 Madrid (MAD) Ryanair FR1472 scheduled
21:15 June-5 Nottingham (EMA) Ryanair FR1956 scheduled
21:40 June-5 Weeze (NRN) Ryanair FR5781 scheduled
21:40 June-5 Bristol (BRS) easyJet U22873 scheduled
21:45 June-5 Manchester (MAN) easyJet U27502 scheduled
22:00 June-5 Porto (OPO) Ryanair FR9498 scheduled
22:10 June-5 Basel (BSL) easyJet U27524 scheduled
22:20 June-5 Cork (ORK) Aer Lingus EI896 scheduled
22:25 June-5 Dublin (DUB) Ryanair FR7034 scheduled
22:35 June-5 Paris (ORY) Transavia TO7680 scheduled
22:55 June-5 Reykjavik (KEF) Neos NO3924 scheduled
23:00 June-5 London (LGW) easyJet U28543 scheduled
23:15 June-5 Southend (SEN) easyJet (Europcar Livery) U27512 scheduled
23:20 June-5 Berlin (BER) Ryanair FR253 scheduled
23:20 June-5 Manchester (MAN) Ryanair FR9130 scheduled
23:30 June-5 London (STN) Ryanair FR9142 scheduled
23:50 June-5 Lisbon (LIS) TAP Air Portugal TP1907 scheduled
07:00 June-6 Marseille (MRS) Ryanair FR5795 scheduled
07:15 June-6 Brest (BES) Volotea V72364 scheduled
08:00 June-6 Amsterdam (AMS) Transavia HV5357 scheduled
08:00 June-6 Dusseldorf (DUS) Condor DE1310 scheduled
08:05 June-6 Weeze (NRN) Ryanair FR5781 scheduled
08:10 June-6 Zurich (ZRH) Edelweiss Air WK288 scheduled
08:15 June-6 Luxembourg (LUX) Luxair LG787 scheduled
08:20 June-6 Cork (ORK) Ryanair FR5779 scheduled
08:25 June-6 Paris (ORY) easyJet U24833 scheduled
08:25 June-6 Nantes (NTE) Volotea V72220 scheduled
08:30 June-6 Hamburg (HAM) Eurowings EW7642 scheduled
08:45 June-6 Dublin (DUB) Ryanair FR7030 scheduled
08:50 June-6 Dusseldorf (DUS) Eurowings EW9642 scheduled
08:50 June-6 Birmingham (BHX) TUI Airways BY7406 scheduled
09:00 June-6 Bristol (BRS) Jet2 LS1821 scheduled
09:10 June-6 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY1820 scheduled
09:10 June-6 Manchester (MAN) TUI Airways BY2446 scheduled
09:10 June-6 Bristol (BRS) easyJet U22873 scheduled
09:20 June-6 Liverpool (LPL) Jet2 LS3223 scheduled
09:40 June-6 London (LTN) easyJet U22451 scheduled
09:45 June-6 Glasgow (GLA) Jet2 LS173 scheduled
09:50 June-6 Rotterdam (RTM) Transavia HV5203 scheduled
10:00 June-6 Liverpool (LPL) easyJet U23421 scheduled
10:05 June-6 Newcastle (NCL) Jet2 LS597 scheduled
10:10 June-6 Edinburgh (EDI) Jet2 LS769 scheduled
10:15 June-6 London (LGW) TUI Airways BY5434 scheduled
10:20 June-6 Belfast (BFS) Jet2 LS305 scheduled
10:20 June-6 Manchester (MAN) Jet2 LS875 scheduled
10:25 June-6 Lisbon (LIS) TAP Express TP1901 scheduled
10:30 June-6 Nottingham (EMA) Jet2 LS685 scheduled
10:40 June-6 Dublin (DUB) Aer Lingus EI492 scheduled
10:55 June-6 Paris (ORY) Transavia France TO7674 scheduled

Find our Faro International Airport Arrivals

Faro Airport, which is also known as the Algarve Airport in Faro, serves at Faro, Algarve’s capital. The Faro airport is situated in a tourist area in Portugal, and Baixo Alentejo area, and also the Huelva area in the southwest part of Spain. It’s the 3rd busiest airport on arrivals of its passenger traffics in Portugal after Porto and Lisbon airports. This Airport is situated 2.5 miles (4 km) west of center Faro.

More about Faro Airport

Faro airport is the major airport situated at the southern side of Portugal and serves the mainstream traveler locale of the Algarve. The airport is halfway situated along the coastline and is near the town of Faro, which gives the entirety of the public vehicle choices to the next hotel towns after Faro arrivals.

Faro Airport is an airport with immense numbers of FAO airport arrivals going through in the late spring months while is relatively tranquil in the low season. It has a closer to home and more modest feel than a considerable lot of Europe’s super present-day and enormous airports.

Yet Faro has administrations and conveniences that can deal with the bustling summer season. English is the second language of the airport and is spoken easily by all client care delegates.

Airlines and destinations with Faro Airport Arrivals

Here is a list of airlines that function regularly scheduled passenger flights to the mentioned destinations at Faro Airport. So, let’s get to know about those airlines and destinations:

Airlines Name Destinations


TUI fly Deutschland
TUI Airways


Norwegian Air Shuttle       





TAP Air Portugal
Scandinavian Airlines



Swiss International Air Lines
Edelweiss Air
Iberia Regional       
Aer Lingus 
  • Dublin


  • Cork


Air France



Air Transat


Corendon Dutch Airlines
British Airways      


Brussels Airlines
Corendon Airlines  
Ground transportation at Faro Airport

There are several options available to get to the airport or go anywhere else from the airport. These options for transportation are as follow:

  • Car Rentals: You will get the car rental option in the Faro Airport arrivals area. You can easily hire a car from there.
  • Ride Hailing: Such facilities are extensively accessible in the FAO arrivals area.
  • Car: You can drive to Faro airport free of charge to drop or pick up someone for up to 10 minutes in a car. to pick up customers, you have to enter “P2 Car Park” and To drop off customers, you have to stop at the Faro Airport arrivals curbside.
  • Railway: The adjacent railway station there is the Faro station. The station is only about 3.5 m (5.7 km) away and also is situated near to the Faro city center bus station.
  • Taxis: Public taxis at Faro arrivals are accessible and these taxis operate 24/7. So, you can hire a taxi from the Faro airport easily.
  • Bus: Bus routes to/from Airport are 14 & 16. Buses run every day between the Faro Airport to the Faro city center bus station.
Faro Airport facilities And services

Faro Airport provides to its customers some of the following facilities:

  • Medical services
  • Information counter
  • ATM’s
  • Free Wi-Fi linking
  • Baby care services
  • Tourist information
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Police station


There’re no business or conference services placed on-site at the Faro Airport arrivals. Nevertheless, The CIP Room (phone: +351 289 800 800) is a huge space where travelers can hold meetings and work. Services consist of international newspapers, satellite television, and magazines as well as a collection of drinks and aperitifs.