Warsaw Modlin Airport Departures WMI

Warsaw Modlin International Airport

Address: Generała Wiktora Thommée 1a, 05-102 Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, Poland
Phone: +48 22 315 18 80
Height: 104 m
Website: en.modlinairport.pl

Airport Codes
IATA code: WMI

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Learn all about Warsaw Modlin international flight departures

The only way you can save money on your trip to Poland is by landing at Warsaw Modlin Airport. This airport in Warsaw is distinguished by offering the most significant number of seasonal Warsaw Modlin flight departures between Poland and part of Europe. You can have a good travel experience from the international airport that offers you thousands of amenities.

Most busy flight routes

You can fly these flight routes with the Irish airline Ryanair. Many of the flights are offered all year round. There will be some changes in the seasons with more routes in the summer. The airline that also offers flights in the summer is Enter Air. Some of the flights they offer are Burgas, Antalya, and Varna. Ryanair does offer up to 35 routes. Some other than those previously mentioned are as following:


The Modlin Airport in Warsaw has not been in operation for many years because it was opened in the year 2000 for the first Warsaw Modlin departures. It is a modernized airport that supports the old airports that are located in the country in Europe. The airbase is operated by the Lotniczy Warszawa-Modlin Sp. Zoo.

The airport in Warsaw accepted more than 3 million passengers on 18 thousand seasonal flights for 2018. This stabalized in 2019 but dropped WMI airport departures in 2020. It is a fundamental airbase in Warsaw; many airlines enjoy providing their operations there.

Location for Warsaw Modlin Airport departures

Warsaw Modlin Airport is located in the city of Warsaw, exactly 25 miles from the city center. This airbase can be easily located in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, one of the Polish country’s points of interest.


Ground transportation at Warsaw Modlin Airport

From the airport, you will have several means of public transport available, such as:

  • WMI departures by coaches: You can contact ModlinBus or Okbus to take you from the air terminal to Biala, Torun, or Wloclawek. These private car services are excellent in the country, and you can give them a priority when traveling to Warsaw.
  • On time for your Warsaw Modlin flight departures by bus: You can wait for the region’s public bus to take you to the nearest train station. From Modlin station, you can go to the city center on a journey that does not take half an hour.
  • Warsaw Modlin departures by rental car: As a last resort, you can rent a vehicle to go from the air terminal to the tourist attractions in Warsaw. You have to take Highway 62.
Warsaw Modlin Airport Terminal

Warsaw Modlin Airport in Warsaw has two operating terminals for domestic and international WMI airport departures. You can have ten boarding gates in these buildings, more than ten check-in offices, and three waiting rooms. The airport serves very well for airlines such as Ryanair that offer low-cost flights across Europe.

At this airport, you will have a landing strip with the address 26/08 and an asphalt surface for Warsaw Modlin Airport departures. The runway is 8,202 feet long, and plans are expected to include a second runway.