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Lotnisko Chopina w Warszawie, ul. Swirki i Wigury 1,
Warszawa – Okęcie, 00-906, Poland
Telephone: +48 22 650 42 20
Web: lotnisko-chopina.pl/en/

Airport Codes
IATA code: WAW


Visit Poland Using The Warsaw Chopin Airport Right Away

Your next trip to Poland can be assured if you take Warsaw Chopin Airport as your entry point. This airport offers many services that you as a tourist need to have an excellent trip. You can get to know the aerial installation in-depth and verify what you need to travel safely to Poland.

Find out how big the air facility is, which companies it works with, and the number of destinations it can offer you. You can also know the exact location of the airport and the transportation services it can give you.


Chopin Warsaw Airport opened its doors in 1934 because of the riots in the 2nd world war. This airport has more than 300 flights that are divided between national and international. With more than 2,060 acres of land, the airport shows a glamorous terminal and different services.

The airport can host up to 30,000 flights per year, and in 2019, it almost reaches its limit. For 2019 the airport served 18 thousand passengers between direct and seasonal flights throughout Europe.


The airbase is located in the Wlochy district, which is very close to the capital city of Warsaw in Poland. Although it is not the largest airport close to Warsaw, it is certainly an important access point to the Polish capital.


From the airport you will have several public transport services that will help you get to the city center:

• Lane

You can go to the train station at Warsaw Chopin Airport to take you to Warsaw in about 10 minutes. The rail service is inside the air terminal and usually runs every 15 minutes.


You can take a car or taxi and go to the Chopin-Warsaw central highway to take you to the city center. This trip can take up to 30 minutes, depending on how the traffic is.

• Bus

If you want to save money, you can take the public bus that will take you to Warsaw or other nearby cities. You must take route 331 that takes you to Ursynów or other very busy areas.


At the airport, you can land on one of its two runways that are identified by:

• Runway 29-11 with 9,186 feet long.

• Runway 15-33 with 12,106 feet long.


You can divide the air terminal into three sections in which you will have some services such as:

• In the main hall, terminals 1 and 2 have five check-in rooms and 116 flight check-in offices. This section operates with Turkish Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, and Air France.

• In the South room, you can have the commercial area of the airport with more than 30 duty-free shops. In this room, there are also commercial flights, two waiting rooms, a Wi-Fi zone, etc.

• In the North lounge, you can have charter flights by airlines such as Star Alliance and Oneworld.


At the airport, you will have several airlines available but among the most requested are:


• Wizz Air

• LOT Polish Airlines

• Lufthansa

• Ukraine International Airlines

• Air France

• British Airways


If you want to travel from IATA Chopin Warsaw, you can choose between one of these destinations:

• Kyiv-Boryspil

• Marsa Alam

• Antalya

• Rhodes

• Hurghada

• Oslo

• London

• Mallorca

• Athens

• Beijing

• Tel Aviv

• Amsterdam

• Dubai

• Tenerife

• Gothenburg

• Burgas

• Beirut

• Puerto Plata

• Doha

• Stockholm

• Copenhagen

• Tirana

• The Palm

• Palma de Mombasa

• Frankfurt

• Paris

To fly smoothly from the airport, you will have to make a prior reservation for your flight.

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