Katowice Airport Arrivals KTW

Katowice Wojciech Korfanty Airport

Address: ul. Wolnosci 90, 42-625 Ozarowice, Poland
IATA airport code: KTW
ICAO airport code: EPKT
Alias: Katowice International Airport and Katowice Pyrzowice Airport

KTW arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
12:08 June-5 12:19 June-5 Hurghada (HRG) Ryanair RR7192 estimated
12:18 June-5 Gdansk (GDN) Wizz Air scheduled
13:35 June-5 13:29 June-5 Larnaca (LCA) Wizz Air W61252 estimated
13:59 June-5 Debrecen (DEB) Wizz Air scheduled
14:10 June-5 Frankfurt (FRA) Air Dolomiti EN8760 scheduled
14:30 June-5 Warsaw (WAW) LOT LO3883 scheduled
14:30 June-5 14:16 June-5 Kutaisi (KUT) Wizz Air W61282 estimated
14:30 June-5 Rhodes (RHO) Smartwings Poland 3Z7435 scheduled
14:51 June-5 Heraklion (HER) Enter Air scheduled
14:57 June-5 Antalya (AYT) Pegasus scheduled
15:04 June-5 Rhodes (RHO) LOT – Polish Airlines LO6130 scheduled
15:15 June-5 Eindhoven (EIN) Wizz Air W61072 scheduled
15:16 June-5 Gdansk (GDN) Ryanair scheduled
15:17 June-5 Rhodes (RHO) Ryanair scheduled
15:19 June-5 Kristiansand (KRS) Enter Air scheduled
15:20 June-5 London (STN) Ryanair FR8266 scheduled
15:45 June-5 Dalaman (DLM) Enter Air E45010 scheduled
16:25 June-5 Dortmund (DTM) Ryanair FR6893 scheduled
17:02 June-5 Rhodes (RHO) Ryanair scheduled
17:11 June-5 Rhodes (RHO) AirExplore scheduled
17:15 June-5 Leeds (LBA) Wizz Air W61016 scheduled
17:43 June-5 Fuerteventura (FUE) Ryanair scheduled
18:02 June-5 Antalya (AYT) LOT LO6108 scheduled
18:40 June-5 Malta (MLA) Wizz Air W61164 scheduled
19:45 June-5 Pula (PUY) Ryanair FR9410 scheduled
19:48 June-5 Tirana (TIA) Ryanair scheduled
19:55 June-5 Monastir (MIR) Electra Airways AMQ137 scheduled
20:32 June-5 Kavala (KVA) Ryanair scheduled
20:56 June-5 Tallinn (TLL) ASL Airlines 3V4367 scheduled
21:45 June-5 Dortmund (DTM) Wizz Air W61094 scheduled
22:05 June-5 Trapani (TPS) Ryanair FR3648 scheduled
22:09 June-5 Tirana (TIA) Ryanair scheduled
22:25 June-5 Castellon (CDT) Wizz Air W61064 scheduled
23:40 June-5 Malmo (MMX) Wizz Air W61210 scheduled
23:48 June-5 Fuerteventura (FUE) Enter Air scheduled
00:55 June-6 Oslo (OSL) Ryanair FR7101 scheduled
00:55 June-6 Malaga (AGP) Wizz Air W61074 scheduled
01:10 June-6 London (LTN) Wizz Air W61006 scheduled
02:40 June-6 Antalya (AYT) Smartwings Poland 3Z7215 scheduled
03:20 June-6 Catania (CTA) Bluebird Nordic BO624 scheduled
05:30 June-6 Antalya (AYT) Smartwings Poland 3Z7215 scheduled
08:10 June-6 Pafos (PFO) Ryanair FR6392 scheduled
08:30 June-6 Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR3408 scheduled
09:41 June-6 Oxford (OXF) scheduled
09:45 June-6 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH1360 scheduled
10:20 June-6 Dortmund (DTM) Wizz Air W61092 scheduled
11:05 June-6 London (STN) Ryanair FR2471 scheduled
11:15 June-6 Bergen (BGO) Wizz Air W61220 scheduled
11:25 June-6 Alghero (AHO) Ryanair FR4180 scheduled
11:45 June-6 London (LTN) Wizz Air W61002 scheduled
12:00 June-6 Bristol (BRS) Wizz Air W61020 scheduled
12:35 June-6 Izmir (ADB) Smartwings Poland 3Z7229 scheduled
14:10 June-6 Frankfurt (FRA) Air Dolomiti EN8760 scheduled
14:15 June-6 Warsaw (WAW) LOT LO3883 scheduled
14:20 June-6 Kutaisi (KUT) Wizz Air W61282 scheduled
15:15 June-6 Eindhoven (EIN) Wizz Air W61072 scheduled
16:00 June-6 Dortmund (DTM) Ryanair FR6893 scheduled
16:20 June-6 Zakynthos (ZTH) SKY express GQ2210 scheduled
17:25 June-6 Catania (CTA) Ryanair FR6372 scheduled
17:40 June-6 Dortmund (DTM) Wizz Air W61094 scheduled
18:45 June-6 Barcelona (BCN) Wizz Air W61176 scheduled
19:30 June-6 Cologne (CGN) Ryanair FR6869 scheduled
20:56 June-6 Tallinn (TLL) ASL Airlines Belgium 3V4367 scheduled
21:05 June-6 Oslo (OSL) Ryanair FR7101 scheduled
21:35 June-6 Dortmund (DTM) Ryanair FR6916 scheduled
21:35 June-6 Zakynthos (ZTH) Smartwings Poland 3Z7429 scheduled
22:45 June-6 Frankfurt (FRA) Air Dolomiti EN8762 scheduled
22:50 June-6 Rome (CIA) Wizz Air W61046 scheduled
23:25 June-6 Warsaw (WAW) LOT LO3879 scheduled

Everything You Need To Know About Katowice Airport Before Your Trip

Katowice Airport (IATA: KTW) is a former military airbase that has been available for passengers since 1966 for Katowice arrivals. It is one of the busiest airports in the country and is located in the Katowice area. It is the home base for the airlines Wizz Air and Ryanair who offer most Katowice flight arrivals. The charter airlines Smart wing Poland and Enters Air have flights as well.

Top routes from KTW
About Katowice Airport

Katowice airport serves regular, charter, and cargo KTW airport arrivals. It has its origins in the Second World War and served as a base for the Red Army soldiers. The first passenger Katowice Wojciech Korfanty Airport arrivals were in 1966 when a LOT Polish Airlines plane departed for Warsaw.

It is located north of Katowice in Poland and has the tallest control tower in the country. It operates for the most industrialized region of the country and is the fourth busiest airport in Poland. You can have Katowice Pyrzowice airport arrivals via the S1 motorway which is connected to the rest of Poland.

It is estimated that around 13 million inhabitants live less than 100 km from this airport. It is a much larger catchment than some airports in Europe have.

Location for Katowice airport arrivals

Katowice Airport is located 30 km (19 miles) north of the city of Katowice, Poland.


Katowice Airport Transportation
  • KTW arrivals by public transport: You can travel to and from the airport by bus. It is the cheapest way to get to the city center.
  • Katowice arrivals by cab: You can take a taxi to Katowice airport to get to the city faster. The cost of the trip to Katowice is approximately 170 PLN.
  • Rent a car after your Katowice flight arrivals: Upon arrival at Katowice airport, you can rent a car from the major car rental companies such as Sixt, Avis, Hertz, Budget, Europcar, and some local companies.

This airport has a 3,200-meter long concrete runway for KTW airport arrivals and can accommodate large aircraft such as Boeing 777 and Boeing 747. It is the second-longest runway in the country.

Terminal at Katowice Airport

Katowice Airport has three terminals: Terminal A, Terminal B and Terminal C. Terminal A and B serve for departure, and Terminal C handles only Katowice Wojciech Korfanty Airport arrivals.


In terminals A and B, you will find the check-in counters and the security control. Terminal A handles non-Schengen flights, and Terminal B handles outbound Schengen flights. Terminal B has bars, restaurants, and a counter from the car rental company Panek.

All terminals have basic services so that passengers have a pleasant trip. It has ATMs, information booths, business lounge, post office, currency exchange, medical center, baby care room, public restrooms, cafeteria, conference rooms, and various shops available when having Katowice Pyrzowice airport arrivals.

Airlines with Katowice airport arrivals

Frequently operating airlines from Katowice airport are:

  • Aegean Airlines
  • Blue Panorama Airlines
  • Corendon Airlines
  • Ellinair
  • Enter Air
  • LOT Polish Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Nouvelair
  • Onur Air
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Ryanair
  • Smartwings
  • SunExpress
  • Wizz Air

The main destinations that offer flights with Katowice arrivals:

Passenger statistics Katowice airport

Katowice International Airport in 2019 handled about 4.8 million passengers, had an increase of 24.3% compared to 2017 that handled 3.9 million passengers.