Panama City Tocumen Airport Departures PTY

PTY Departures

Panama City Tocumen International Airport
PO Box 0838, Zona 12,
Panama, 02408

Tel: +507 (0) 2382600
Fax: +507 (0) 2384725
Airport Codes
IATA code: PTY


Take A Brief Tour Of The Most Important Facilities Of The Panama City Tocumen Airport.

If you plan to visit Panama’s tourist destinations, you can do it from the main entrance door. Tocumen International Airport is one of the most important airbases in Latin America. It has many destinations that go mainly to the Caribe and South America and includes some European cities.


Tocumen International Airport opened its doors for the first time in 1947. Since then, it has positioned itself as one of the air terminals with the highest passenger traffic in Latin America. It operates a wide repertoire of flights directed to 70 cities divided between America and Europe and some Asian destinations.

It is currently the center of operations for major airlines such as Copa Airlines and functions as a connecting bridge to various Caribbean destinations. It had an increase in passenger traffic of 2.08%, according to the latest statistics for 2019. As of 2006, it began to modernize its services by expanding each of the facilities.


This airbase is located 24 kilometers from the center of Panama City, right on Avenida Domingo Díaz. It has several means of transportation available for passengers located a few meters from its terminals.


At the terminal exit, you can find the following means of land transportation:

⦁ Bus

To take the buses to the center, you can go to Terminal 1 to find the metro network to the City. They are directed to route E489, where the main attractions and lodgings are located.

⦁ Meter

To take the metro, you must go to line two that is connected to the airport. This extension has been connected since 2019 to the city center and metro line 1.


The facilities have a single landing strip that you can identify by the following characteristics:

⦁ The main runway 3R / 21 L is characterized by 3,050 meters long and 10,006 feet high with a concentration surface and is often used by commercial airlines with domestic and international flights.

⦁ The second runway, 03L / 21R, is permanently used by cargo planes and private flights. It is distinguished by its 2,682 meters long and 8,800 feet high with an asphalt surface.


Within the facilities of the Tocumen International Airport, you can find two terminals that are connected. Its ease of access allows passengers to move on foot from one terminal to another. They also have a wide variety of shops and Wi-fi services in both terminals.

The main Terminal or T1 is located in the North Lobby and operates domestic and international flights. This terminal is located on the ground floor just north of the international departures area. On this level, you will find customs along with baggage counters and multiple transportation options.

The facilities of this terminal consist of a three-level building with the main services. On level 1, you will find the departures and check-in counters, while on level two, you will find the airline counters. On the last level are the restaurants and other types of shops.

Terminal 2 comprises the South Lobby and has been operating international flights since its opening in April 2019. It is often known as the South Terminal and is connected by a corridor with Terminal 1. Its facilities are divided into four levels where you will be able to find multiple services.

Within the facilities, you can contact some of the following operating airlines:

· ⦁ Aeroflot

· ⦁ Aerolineas Argentinas

· ⦁ Aeromexico

· ⦁ Air Canada

· ⦁ Air Caraïbes

· ⦁ American Airlines

· ⦁ Aruba Airlines

· ⦁ Avior Airlines

· ⦁ British airways

· ⦁ Air Transat

· ⦁ Cayman Airways

· ⦁ Condor Flugdienst

· ⦁ Copa Airlines

· ⦁ Cuban Aviation

· ⦁ Delta Air Lines

· ⦁ Eva Air

· ⦁ Finnair

· ⦁ Iberia

· ⦁ TAP Air

· ⦁ Polish Airlines


Among the most sought-after destinations this airport offers are the following options:

Havana, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Toronto, Fort-de-France, Pointe-à-Pitre, San José, Oranjestad, Valencia, Oranjestad, London, George Town, Campinas, Cúcuta, Fortaleza, Iquitos, Puebla, Villahermosa, Warsaw, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Miami and more.

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