Panama City Tocumen Airport Arrivals PTY

Panama City Tocumen International Airport

Address: Avenida Domingo Díaz, Panamá, Panama
IATA code: PTY
Elevation: 41 m
Phone: +507 238-2700
Serves: Panama City
Node for: Copa Airlines, AeroRepública, DHL Aero Expreso
ICAO airport code: MPTO
Alias: Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen and Patilla Point Airfield

PTY Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Terminal Status
06:17 AM June-19 05:46 AM Port of Spain (POS) Copa Airlines CM315 1 landed
06:19 AM June-19 05:49 AM Mexico City (MEX) Copa Airlines CM149 1 landed
06:20 AM June-19 06:01 AM Montevideo (MVD) Copa Airlines CM284 1 landed
06:21 AM June-19 05:47 AM Managua (MGA) Copa Airlines CM710 1 landed
06:23 AM June-19 06:09 AM Santiago (SCL) Copa Airlines (Star Alliance Livery) CM118 1 estimated
06:24 AM June-19 06:06 AM Brasilia (BSB) Copa Airlines CM204 1 landed
06:24 AM June-19 06:19 AM Mendoza (MDZ) Copa Airlines CM421 1 estimated
06:24 AM June-19 06:22 AM Belo Horizonte (CNF) Copa Airlines CM734 1 estimated
06:25 AM June-19 06:11 AM Medellin (MDE) Copa Airlines CM151 1 estimated
06:26 AM June-19 06:14 AM Cordoba (COR) Copa Airlines CM100 2 estimated
06:27 AM June-19 05:52 AM Washington (IAD) Copa Airlines CM403 1 landed
06:31 AM June-19 06:07 AM Lima (LIM) Copa Airlines CM264 2 estimated
06:31 AM June-19 06:00 AM Cali (CLO) Copa Airlines CM322 1 landed
06:31 AM June-19 06:15 AM Manaus (MAO) Copa Airlines CM140 2 estimated
06:31 AM June-19 05:58 AM Sao Paulo (GRU) Copa Airlines CM841 1 landed
06:35 AM June-19 06:37 AM Santiago (SCL) Copa Airlines CM276 1 estimated
06:36 AM June-19 06:21 AM Rosario (ROS) Copa Airlines CM836 1 estimated
06:37 AM June-19 06:27 AM Pereira (PEI) Copa Airlines CM212 2 estimated
06:38 AM June-19 06:20 AM San Jose (SJO) Copa Airlines CM461 1 estimated
06:40 AM June-19 06:29 AM Bogota (BOG) Copa Airlines CM837 1 estimated
06:41 AM June-19 06:32 AM Guayaquil (GYE) Copa Airlines CM214 1 estimated
06:41 AM June-19 06:20 AM Sao Paulo (GRU) Copa Airlines (Panama Live for More Livery) CM758 1 estimated
06:42 AM June-19 06:24 AM Los Angeles (LAX) Copa Airlines CM362 2 estimated
06:46 AM June-19 05:54 AM New York (JFK) Copa Airlines CM807 1 landed
06:51 AM June-19 06:37 AM Rio de Janeiro (GIG) Copa Airlines CM872 1 estimated
07:28 AM June-19 07:07 AM Miami (MIA) LATAM Cargo (Avion Solidario Livery) L71817 estimated
07:36 AM June-19 07:05 AM Bogota (BOG) Copa Airlines CM431 2 estimated
08:00 AM June-19 07:41 AM Punta Cana (PUJ) Copa Airlines CM729 2 estimated
08:00 AM June-19 07:20 AM Caracas (CCS) Copa Airlines CM249 2 estimated
08:01 AM June-19 07:20 AM Havana (HAV) Copa Airlines CM245 2 estimated
08:03 AM June-19 07:41 AM San Juan (SJU) Copa Airlines CM451 1 estimated
08:04 AM June-19 07:43 AM Cancun (CUN) Copa Airlines CM354 1 estimated
08:05 AM June-19 07:52 AM Santo Domingo (SDQ) Copa Airlines CM108 1 estimated
08:09 AM June-19 Tegucigalpa (XPL) Copa Airlines CM386 1 scheduled
08:10 AM June-19 Miami (MIA) Copa Airlines CM246 2 scheduled
08:11 AM June-19 07:39 AM Sao Paulo (GRU) Copa Airlines CM702 1 estimated
08:12 AM June-19 07:48 AM Santiago (SCL) Copa Airlines CM475 2 estimated
08:13 AM June-19 07:54 AM Miami (MIA) Copa Airlines CM173 1 estimated
08:14 AM June-19 San Salvador (SAL) Copa Airlines (Star Alliance Livery) CM879 1 scheduled
08:14 AM June-19 07:48 AM Guatemala City (GUA) Copa Airlines CM407 1 estimated
08:15 AM June-19 Bogota (BOG) Copa Airlines CM495 1 scheduled
08:15 AM June-19 Quito (UIO) Copa Airlines CM210 2 scheduled
08:16 AM June-19 Medellin (MDE) Copa Airlines CM209 1 scheduled
08:16 AM June-19 San Jose (SJO) Copa Airlines CM465 1 scheduled
08:31 AM June-19 Bucaramanga (BGA) Copa Airlines CM233 1 scheduled
09:30 AM June-19 Panama City (PTY) scheduled
10:00 AM June-19 09:26 AM Cordoba (COR) Copa Airlines CM169 2 estimated
10:03 AM June-19 09:49 AM Montevideo (MVD) Copa Airlines CM124 1 estimated
10:04 AM June-19 09:41 AM Las Vegas (LAS) Copa Airlines CM253 1 estimated
10:05 AM June-19 09:51 AM Santiago (SCL) Copa Airlines CM396 2 estimated
10:07 AM June-19 09:49 AM Buenos Aires (EZE) Copa Airlines CM439 2 estimated
10:17 AM June-19 Barranquilla (BAQ) Copa Airlines CM827 1 scheduled
10:19 AM June-19 Cali (CLO) Copa Airlines CM842 2 scheduled
10:19 AM June-19 Miami (MIA) UPS 5X302 scheduled
10:20 AM June-19 Havana (HAV) Copa Airlines CM388 2 scheduled
10:21 AM June-19 09:58 AM Los Angeles (LAX) Copa Airlines CM306 2 estimated
10:24 AM June-19 09:49 AM Sao Paulo (GRU) Copa Airlines CM744 1 estimated
10:25 AM June-19 Bogota (BOG) Avianca AV8380 1 scheduled
10:25 AM June-19 Lima (LIM) Copa Airlines CM436 1 scheduled
10:28 AM June-19 Santo Domingo (SDQ) Copa Airlines CM267 1 scheduled
10:31 AM June-19 Guayaquil (GYE) Copa Airlines CM300 1 scheduled
10:32 AM June-19 Bogota (BOG) Copa Airlines CM412 2 scheduled
10:32 AM June-19 10:19 AM Los Angeles (LAX) Copa Airlines CM473 1 estimated
10:34 AM June-19 Mexico City (MEX) Copa Airlines CM195 1 scheduled
10:39 AM June-19 Cancun (CUN) Copa Airlines CM104 1 scheduled
10:39 AM June-19 Guatemala City (GUA) Copa Airlines CM389 1 scheduled
10:41 AM June-19 Miami (MIA) Copa Airlines CM433 1 scheduled
10:42 AM June-19 Orlando (MCO) Copa Airlines CM435 1 scheduled
10:45 AM June-19 Lima (LIM) Copa Airlines CM492 2 scheduled
10:51 AM June-19 10:36 AM San Francisco (SFO) Copa Airlines CM383 2 estimated
10:53 AM June-19 Cartagena (CTG) Copa Airlines CM255 1 scheduled
10:54 AM June-19 David (DAV) Copa Airlines CM18 2 scheduled
10:56 AM June-19 10:40 AM Asuncion (ASU) Copa Airlines CM290 1 estimated
10:59 AM June-19 Medellin (MDE) Copa Airlines CM503 1 scheduled
11:08 AM June-19 Cartagena (CTG) Copa Airlines CM160 2 scheduled
11:09 AM June-19 San Jose (SJO) Copa Airlines CM763 2 scheduled
11:11 AM June-19 Medellin (MDE) Copa Airlines CM834 1 scheduled
11:11 AM June-19 Miami (MIA) ABX Air GB901 scheduled
12:29 PM June-19 Miami (MIA) American Airlines AA2957 1 scheduled
12:52 PM June-19 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL1759 1 scheduled
01:24 PM June-19 Chicago (ORD) Copa Airlines CM236 1 scheduled
01:27 PM June-19 San Jose (SJO) Copa Airlines CM193 2 scheduled
01:28 PM June-19 Washington (IAD) Copa Airlines CM357 2 scheduled
01:35 PM June-19 Cali (CLO) Copa Airlines CM308 1 scheduled
01:36 PM June-19 Boston (BOS) Copa Airlines CM312 1 scheduled
01:37 PM June-19 Bogota (BOG) Copa Airlines CM416 1 scheduled
01:39 PM June-19 Montreal (YUL) Copa Airlines CM484 2 scheduled
01:51 PM June-19 Santo Domingo (SDQ) Copa Airlines CM129 1 scheduled
01:52 PM June-19 Medellin (MDE) Copa Airlines CM398 1 scheduled
01:53 PM June-19 Punta Cana (PUJ) Copa Airlines CM178 1 scheduled
01:56 PM June-19 Punta Cana (PUJ) Copa Airlines CM109 1 scheduled
02:01 PM June-19 San Jose (SJO) Copa Airlines CM392 2 scheduled
02:05 PM June-19 Cancun (CUN) Copa Airlines CM262 1 scheduled
02:08 PM June-19 Orlando (MCO) Copa Airlines CM239 1 scheduled
02:10 PM June-19 Bogota (BOG) Copa Airlines CM335 1 scheduled
02:11 PM June-19 Cancun (CUN) Copa Airlines CM123 2 scheduled
02:12 PM June-19 Havana (HAV) Copa Airlines CM372 1 scheduled
02:13 PM June-19 Punta Cana (PUJ) Copa Airlines CM426 2 scheduled
02:19 PM June-19 Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA1916 2 scheduled
02:20 PM June-19 Quito (UIO) Qatar Airways QR8156 scheduled

Get To Know Panama City Tocumen international airport arrivals

Tocumen International Airport serves flights for Panama City. It is a base of operations for Copa Airlines who offers most Panama airport arrivals. There are national and international Tocumen airport arrivals and it is one of the most important airports in the region.

Tocumen is an important airport for connections between the Caribbean, South America, Central America, and North America. There are as well Panama City airport arrivals from European cities such as Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, Istanbul, and Amsterdam.

Top routes from PTY
About Panama Airport

It is an important airport and operates Panama City arrivals from more than 70 cities in Europe, America, and Asia. In 2006, the airport underwent an important expansion and renovation to modernize the facilities and improve services.

President Enrique A. Jiménez inaugurated Tocumen airport in June 1947 with the first Panama Tocumen flight arrivals. During World War II, Panama’s airports were leased by the US military.

The old airport building is currently used to handle Panama arrivals for cargo freight. The second phase of the remodeling and expansion of this airport included the north pier’s construction, which increased its capacity by up to 50%. This remodeling and expansion were ready for April 2012 and are already in operation.

Location for Panama City flight arrivals

Tocumen Panama City International Airport its location is 24 km from the center of Panama City.

Panama City Airport transportation

Tocumen International Airport has a bus service so you can get to and from the airport to the city center. It also has a taxi service for people with Panama Tocumen airport arrivals that you can take outside the air terminal, and it will take you to the center of Panama City.

After the PTY airport arrivals hall you can also rent a car and move more freely around different parts of the city. There is a proposal for an extension of line 2 of the subway that serves this airport for the 2022 Central American games.


Tocumen International Airport has two runways to process all PTY arrivals, private flights, and cargo planes that use the runway of the previous terminal. It is also in use as an alternative runway at times when there is too much demand.

The airport’s main runway is 3,050 meters long and is mainly in use by commercial airlines with Panama airport arrivals.

Terminal at Panama City Airport

The Tocumen International Airport has a main terminal that was expanded by almost 20,830 square meters. It also allowed new boarding gates to increase the Panama City airport arrivals. This expansion allowed the airport to have more commercial airline flights.


This new terminal has 22 boarding bridges to process Panama City arrivals and six remote locations. The new phase of the dock has 12 ports and is connected to the passenger terminal at the extreme north-west. It has souvenir shops, a cafeteria, restaurants, restrooms, duty-free shops, clothing stores, check-in counters, an information desk, car rental offices, and a VIP lounge.

Airlines with Panama Tocumen flight arrivals

The main airlines that operate at this airport are:

  • Air Canada
  • Air Europe
  • Air France
  • American Airlines
  • Avianca
  • Copa Airlines
  • Conviasa
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Iberia
  • KLM
  • Laser Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Spirit Airlines
  • United Airlines
Panama City Airport destinations

The destinations with flight to the airport and have Panama arrivals are:

Passenger statistics

The Panama City Tocumen International Airport can handle about 20 million passengers each year, thanks to its expansion. In 2021, it handled 9 million passengers which is a big drop in Panama Tocumen airport arrivals because of the pandemic. The year 2019 it processed 16,582,601 passengers as a record. The year 2023 broke the record of 2019.


There are a few hotel options near the airport. These are:

  • Express Inn PTY Aeropuerto Internacional Panama
  • Crowne Plaza Panama Airport, an IHG Hotel
  • Riande Airport Hotel