Muscat Airport Arrivals

Address: Muscat, Oman
IATA Airport Code: MCT
ICAO airport code: OOMS
Alias: Muscat International Airport and Seeb International Airport

Muscat airport is located west of Muscat and east of Seeb, close to the sea (Gulf of Oman). Muscat International Airport is accessible by car via three main roads, namely Sultan Qaboos Street, 18th November Street and Muscat Expressway.


The airport has 1 new terminal that came into use in 2018 after parting with the old terminal. The first phase has resulted in a capacity of 20 million passengers per year. Ultimately, the final phase will create a maximum capacity of 48 million. That’s a lot of Muscat Airport arrivals and departures. With the 10 baggage belts, many arrivals can be handled at a time. There have been nearly 9 million passenger arrivals at Muscat International Airport in 2019 via the two long runways that the airport contains. That is a fourfold increase compared to 10 years ago. So there is great growth going on.