Stavanger Sola Airport Departures SVG

Stavanger International Airport, Sola

Flyplassvegen 230, 4055 Sola, Norway
Phone: +47 (0)67 031000
Fax: +47 (0)67 031002
Owner: Avinor AS

Airport Codes
IATA code: SVG

SVG departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
12:00 June-5 12:00 June-5 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY531 estimated
12:00 June-5 12:15 June-5 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1200 estimated
12:00 June-5 12:00 June-5 Bergen (BGO) SAS SK4170 estimated
12:00 June-5 12:10 June-5 Larnaca (LCA) BRA TT2100 estimated
12:00 June-5 12:40 June-5 Stavanger (SVG) estimated
12:15 June-5 12:15 June-5 Bergen (BGO) Wideroe WF532 estimated
12:20 June-5 12:20 June-5 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK4022 estimated
12:30 June-5 12:30 June-5 Stockholm (ARN) SAS SK1496 estimated
12:40 June-5 13:05 June-5 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH879 estimated
13:00 June-5 13:10 June-5 Berlin (BER) NetJets Europe estimated
13:10 June-5 13:10 June-5 Newcastle (NCL) Loganair LM505 estimated
13:45 June-5 13:55 June-5 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK1869 estimated
14:00 June-5 14:10 June-5 Reykjavik (RKV) estimated
14:05 June-5 14:05 June-5 Gdansk (GDN) Wizz Air W61748 estimated
14:10 June-5 14:10 June-5 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1202 estimated
14:30 June-5 14:30 June-5 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK4024 estimated
14:40 June-5 14:50 June-5 Bergen (BGO) SAS SK4172 estimated
15:00 June-5 15:10 June-5 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY537 estimated
15:20 June-5 15:20 June-5 Aberdeen (ABZ) Wideroe WF368 estimated
15:35 June-5 15:45 June-5 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK4026 estimated
15:45 June-5 15:45 June-5 Bergen (BGO) Cityjet SK4176 estimated
15:50 June-5 15:50 June-5 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK1877 estimated
15:50 June-5 15:50 June-5 Bergen (BGO) Wideroe WF536 estimated
16:00 June-5 16:10 June-5 Copenhagen (CPH) Norwegian DY970 estimated
16:25 June-5 16:25 June-5 Trondheim (TRD) SAS SK4482 estimated
16:30 June-5 16:40 June-5 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian (Jørn Utzon Livery) DY541 estimated
16:50 June-5 16:50 June-5 Bergen (BGO) SAS SK4184 estimated
17:05 June-5 17:05 June-5 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK4038 estimated
17:10 June-5 17:10 June-5 Aberdeen (ABZ) CityJet SK4615 estimated
17:40 June-5 17:50 June-5 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY543 estimated
17:45 June-5 17:55 June-5 Bergen (BGO) Norwegian (Carl Nielsen Livery) DY145 estimated
17:50 June-5 17:50 June-5 London (LHR) SAS SK4627 estimated
17:55 June-5 17:55 June-5 Bergen (BGO) SAS SK4166 estimated
17:55 June-5 18:05 June-5 Oslo (TRF) Wideroe WF445 estimated
18:15 June-5 18:25 June-5 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1204 estimated
18:25 June-5 18:35 June-5 Bergen (BGO) Wideroe WF540 estimated
18:35 June-5 18:35 June-5 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK4042 estimated
18:40 June-5 18:50 June-5 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian (Max Manus Livery) DY545 estimated
18:50 June-5 18:50 June-5 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK1879 estimated
19:00 June-5 19:00 June-5 Trondheim (TRD) SAS SK4486 estimated
19:15 June-5 19:25 June-5 Oslo (TRF) Wideroe WF447 estimated
19:30 June-5 19:40 June-5 London (LGW) Norwegian DY1336 estimated
19:30 June-5 19:40 June-5 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian (Jørn Utzon Livery) DY547 estimated
20:15 June-5 20:25 June-5 Alicante (ALC) Norwegian D85337 estimated
20:30 June-5 20:40 June-5 Manchester (MAN) Norwegian DY1326 estimated
20:35 June-5 20:35 June-5 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK4050 estimated
20:35 June-5 20:35 June-5 Bergen (BGO) CityJet SK4194 estimated
21:40 June-5 21:50 June-5 Bergen (BGO) Wideroe WF542 estimated
06:00 June-6 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK1871 scheduled
06:05 June-6 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK4002 scheduled
06:20 June-6 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1196 scheduled
06:20 June-6 Bergen (BGO) SAS SK4144 scheduled
06:20 June-6 Bergen (BGO) Wideroe WF520 scheduled
06:30 June-6 06:30 June-6 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY521 estimated
06:55 June-6 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH895 scheduled
06:55 June-6 Bergen (BGO) SAS SK4152 scheduled
07:00 June-6 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK4004 scheduled
07:00 June-6 Trondheim (TRD) SAS SK4480 scheduled
07:30 June-6 Aberdeen (ABZ) Wideroe WF362 scheduled
07:30 June-6 07:30 June-6 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY523 estimated
07:40 June-6 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK4008 scheduled
08:00 June-6 08:00 June-6 Bergen (BGO) Norwegian DY123 estimated
08:05 June-6 Bergen (BGO) SAS SK4148 scheduled
08:15 June-6 08:15 June-6 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY525 estimated
08:25 June-6 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK4010 scheduled
08:40 June-6 08:50 June-6 Trondheim (TRD) SAS SK4488 estimated
09:00 June-6 Bergen (BGO) Wideroe WF524 scheduled
09:10 June-6 Aberdeen (ABZ) SAS SK4611 scheduled
09:20 June-6 09:20 June-6 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY527 estimated
09:20 June-6 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK4014 scheduled
09:35 June-6 09:45 June-6 Bergen (BGO) CityJet SK4156 estimated
09:50 June-6 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK1875 scheduled
10:10 June-6 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1198 scheduled
10:20 June-6 10:20 June-6 Krakow (KRK) Norwegian DY1036 estimated
10:30 June-6 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK4016 scheduled
11:25 June-6 Oslo (TRF) Wideroe WF437 scheduled
12:00 June-6 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY531 scheduled
12:00 June-6 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1200 scheduled
12:00 June-6 Bergen (BGO) SAS SK4170 scheduled
12:15 June-6 Bergen (BGO) Wideroe WF532 scheduled
12:20 June-6 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK4022 scheduled
12:35 June-6 Stockholm (ARN) SAS SK1496 scheduled
12:40 June-6 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH879 scheduled
13:10 June-6 Newcastle (NCL) Loganair LM505 scheduled
13:45 June-6 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK1869 scheduled
14:30 June-6 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK4024 scheduled
14:40 June-6 Bergen (BGO) SAS SK4172 scheduled
15:00 June-6 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY537 scheduled
15:20 June-6 Aberdeen (ABZ) Wideroe WF368 scheduled
15:35 June-6 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK4026 scheduled
15:45 June-6 Bergen (BGO) SAS SK4176 scheduled
15:50 June-6 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK1877 scheduled
15:50 June-6 Bergen (BGO) Wideroe WF536 scheduled
15:50 June-6 Krakow (KRK) Wizz Air W65044 scheduled
16:00 June-6 Copenhagen (CPH) Norwegian DY970 scheduled
16:30 June-6 Trondheim (TRD) SAS SK4482 scheduled
16:30 June-6 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY541 scheduled
16:50 June-6 Bergen (BGO) Norwegian DY133 scheduled
16:50 June-6 Bergen (BGO) SAS SK4184 scheduled
17:05 June-6 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK4038 scheduled

Get To Know Stavanger airport departures in Norway

If you have Nordic roots or are just curious about Viking life, you can find out more about it in Rogaland, Norway. To get to this county in Norway, you must land at Stavanger, Sola airport. This international airport has many flights that you will love as well as some Charter airlines to have Stavanger departures.

To have the best sightseeing trip in Norway, it is good that you prepare and get to know the airport. Find out where the Stavanger air facility is located, what means of transportation are available, and other services to have Stavanger flight departures.

Most popular routes
About Stavanger Airport

The airport Stavanger, Sola, is part of one of the oldest airports in Norway, founded by King Haakon VII. This airport has been in operation for almost one century for Stavanger Sola departures and is very important for the region because of its paved runway. You can see that the airport has focus airlines such as Scandinavian Airlines, CHC Helikopter Services, and Bristow Norway to have most SVG airport departures.

The airport gained recognition in 2015 when it could accommodate 4,501,368 passengers and more than 85,306 air movements. It is a unique airport in Norway that has been the most frequented destination by tourists today. With a drop in Stavanger Sola flight departures in 2020 the total amount of passengers went to just 1,7 million.

Location for Stavanger Sola airport departures

The airport is located in Stavanger, which is within the municipality of Sola in Norway. It is an airport that is 6.9 miles from the center of the Nordic city.

Ground transportation at Stavanger Airport

From the airport, you can have several ground transportation services such as:

  • SVG departures by taxi: You can take a taxi or rent a car to go on the regional highway from Sola to the city of Stavanger. This trip can take about 20 minutes or even longer if you travel during rush hour.
  • Stavanger airport departures by bus: You can wait for public transport just outside the terminal to take you to various areas in the municipality of Sola. The bus passes by the air facility every hour so that you can be on the lookout.

At the airport, you can have two runways available with Stavanger departures under the indications:

  • Runway 29-11 with 8,035 feet long and an asphalt surface.
  • Runway 18-36 with 8,386 feet long and an asphalt surface.
Stavanger Airport terminal

The airport is divided into two air terminals to process Stavanger flight departures, one for airplanes and helicopters that provide charter flights. This terminal has three jet bridges, two crossing runways, and a helicopter runway. In 2009 the air terminal was expanded and included:

  • 2 waiting rooms
  • More luggage carousels
  • Offices for flight check-in to start your Stavanger Sola departures
  • Remodeling of the square
  • More commercial premises

You will only have one waiting room in the helicopter terminal and about three commercial premises in operation. It is a very small terminal that has not been remodeled since 1980.

Airlines with SVG airport departures

At Stavanger Airport, Sola, you can have some national and international airlines with Stavanger Sola flight departures. You can travel from this airport by contacting:

  • DAT, Wizz Air, Vueling, Scandinavian Airlines, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Loganair, AirBaltic, Sunclass Airlines, KLM, Wilderoe, Freebird Airlines, etc.
Destinations at Stavanger Airport

If you want to travel from this airport, you can take direct Stavanger Sola airport departures to destinations such as:

You can also take flights stations for areas such as:

Regardless of the destination you choose from Stavanger airport, Sola must make a reservation in advance. It is good that you book the Stavanger airport departures for a week to travel safely on the indicated date.