Bergen Airport Arrivals BGO

Bergen Flesland Airport

Address: Flyplassvegen 555, 5258 Bergen, Norway
Tel: +47 67 03 11 00
IATA Airport Code: BGO
ICAO Airport Code: ENBR
Alias: Bergen Airport Flesland and Bergen lufthavn, Flesland

BGO arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
07:00 June-23 Stavanger (SVG) Wideroe WF520 scheduled
07:10 June-23 Alesund (AES) Wideroe WF451 scheduled
07:10 June-23 Molde (MOL) Finnair WF501 scheduled
07:30 June-23 Stavanger (SVG) CityJet SK4152 scheduled
07:40 June-23 Sogndal (SOG) Wideroe WF141 scheduled
07:55 June-23 Trondheim (TRD) SAS SK4141 scheduled
08:40 June-23 Stavanger (SVG) SAS SK4148 scheduled
08:55 June-23 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY604 scheduled
08:55 June-23 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK251 scheduled
09:25 June-23 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK2862 scheduled
09:40 June-23 Stavanger (SVG) Wideroe WF524 scheduled
09:40 June-23 Haugesund (HAU) Wideroe WF1004 scheduled
09:42 June-23 Stavanger (SVG) Compass Air Cargo QY3164 scheduled
09:45 June-23 Alesund (AES) Wideroe WF453 scheduled
09:50 June-23 Oslo (TRF) Wideroe WF406 scheduled
09:50 June-23 Kristiansand (KRS) Wideroe WF586 scheduled
09:50 June-23 Bodo (BOO) Wideroe WF1321 scheduled
09:55 June-23 Floro (FRO) Wideroe WF103 scheduled
10:00 June-23 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK255 scheduled
10:00 June-23 Molde (MOL) Finnair WF503 scheduled
10:10 June-23 Kristiansund (KSU) Wideroe WF563 scheduled
10:10 June-23 Trondheim (TRD) Wideroe WF673 scheduled
10:55 June-23 Aberdeen (ABZ) Wideroe WF393 scheduled
11:15 June-23 Gdansk (GDN) Norwegian (Georg Brandes Livery) DY1031 scheduled
11:30 June-23 Paris (CDG) Air France AF1252 scheduled
11:35 June-23 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY608 scheduled
11:50 June-23 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK257 scheduled
12:15 June-23 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH874 scheduled
12:30 June-23 London (LGW) Norwegian DY1317 scheduled
12:35 June-23 Stavanger (SVG) SAS SK4170 scheduled
12:45 June-23 Milan (BGY) Norwegian (Vilhelm Bjerknes Livery) DY1849 scheduled
12:55 June-23 Floro (FRO) Wideroe WF105 scheduled
12:55 June-23 Oslo (TRF) Wideroe WF414 scheduled
12:55 June-23 Alesund (AES) Wideroe WF455 scheduled
12:55 June-23 Stavanger (SVG) Wideroe WF532 scheduled
12:55 June-23 Kristiansand (KRS) Wideroe WF588 scheduled
12:55 June-23 Haugesund (HAU) Wideroe WF1008 scheduled
13:00 June-23 Tromso (TOS) Wideroe WF623 scheduled
13:15 June-23 Molde (MOL) Finnair WF507 scheduled
13:18 June-23 Lubeck (LBC) Private Wings 8W7710 scheduled
13:20 June-23 Stavanger (SVG) Norwegian (Christopher Polhem Livery) DY135 scheduled
13:20 June-23 Lubeck (LBC) Flexflight W22474 scheduled
13:25 June-23 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1187 scheduled
13:35 June-23 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian (Max Manus Livery) DY610 scheduled
13:35 June-23 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK263 scheduled
13:35 June-23 Trondheim (TRD) Wideroe WF675 scheduled
13:40 June-23 Kristiansund (KSU) Wideroe WF569 scheduled
14:00 June-23 Stockholm (ARN) SAS SK899 scheduled
14:00 June-23 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK2864 scheduled
14:15 June-23 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY612 scheduled
14:35 June-23 Reykjavik (KEF) Icelandair FI334 scheduled
14:50 June-23 Floro (FRO) Wideroe WF107 scheduled
14:55 June-23 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK267 scheduled
15:00 June-23 Copenhagen (CPH) Norwegian (Georg Brandes Livery) DY967 scheduled
15:15 June-23 Stavanger (SVG) SAS SK4172 scheduled
15:40 June-23 Trondheim (TRD) Norwegian DY167 scheduled
15:40 June-23 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK269 scheduled
15:55 June-23 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian (Aleksis Kivi Livery) DY616 scheduled
16:00 June-23 Floro (FRO) Wideroe WF111 scheduled
16:00 June-23 Munich (MUC) Wideroe WF1869 scheduled
16:15 June-23 Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Sunclass Airlines DK1019 scheduled
16:15 June-23 Alesund (AES) SAS SK4173 scheduled
16:15 June-23 Alesund (AES) Wideroe WF457 scheduled
16:20 June-23 Stavanger (SVG) SAS SK4176 scheduled
16:25 June-23 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK271 scheduled
16:25 June-23 Oslo (TRF) Wideroe WF418 scheduled
16:30 June-23 Stavanger (SVG) Wideroe WF536 scheduled
16:30 June-23 Kristiansund (KSU) Finnair WF571 scheduled
16:30 June-23 Kristiansand (KRS) Wideroe WF590 scheduled
16:35 June-23 Haugesund (HAU) Wideroe WF1012 scheduled
16:35 June-23 Trondheim (TRD) Wideroe WF1365 scheduled
16:40 June-23 Tromso (TOS) Wideroe WF625 scheduled
16:55 June-23 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL1189 scheduled
16:55 June-23 Billund (BLL) Wideroe WF283 scheduled
17:10 June-23 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK273 scheduled
17:15 June-23 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY620 scheduled
17:20 June-23 Helsinki (HEL) Wideroe AY941 scheduled
17:25 June-23 Trondheim (TRD) SAS SK4175 scheduled
17:25 June-23 Stavanger (SVG) SAS SK4184 scheduled
17:50 June-23 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK277 scheduled
18:20 June-23 Copenhagen (CPH) SAS SK2872 scheduled
18:25 June-23 Harstad (EVE) Norwegian DY105 scheduled
18:30 June-23 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK279 scheduled
18:30 June-23 Stavanger (SVG) SAS SK4166 scheduled
18:40 June-23 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY624 scheduled
18:50 June-23 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK281 scheduled
19:10 June-23 Alesund (AES) Wideroe WF459 scheduled
19:10 June-23 Haugesund (HAU) Wideroe WF1014 scheduled
19:15 June-23 Trondheim (TRD) SAS SK4187 scheduled
19:15 June-23 Oslo (TRF) Wideroe WF424 scheduled
19:15 June-23 Kristiansand (KRS) Wideroe WF592 scheduled
19:15 June-23 Tromso (TOS) Wideroe WF627 scheduled
19:15 June-23 Trondheim (TRD) Wideroe WF1312 scheduled
19:20 June-23 Floro (FRO) Wideroe WF115 scheduled
19:20 June-23 Sogndal (SOG) Wideroe WF155 scheduled
19:20 June-23 Molde (MOL) Wideroe WF515 scheduled
19:25 June-23 Kristiansund (KSU) Wideroe WF573 scheduled
19:35 June-23 Oslo (OSL) SAS SK283 scheduled
19:55 June-23 Oslo (OSL) Norwegian DY632 scheduled
20:40 June-23 Alesund (AES) SAS SK4189 scheduled

Find Out Bergen Flesland Airport arrivals

If you are interested in visiting some tourist destinations in Europe, Bergen, Flesland Airport is probably the a great option. This airport works perfectly to get to know the wonders of Norway and other European cities. Its facilities are the most comfortable alternatives to enjoy a tourist experience to the fullest when having Bergen arrivals.

Top routes from BGO
About Bergen Airport

Bergen, Flesland Airport is positioned as the second most important airbase in Norway. Its inauguration took place in 1955 with the first Bergen flight arrivals and was built through funds provided by NATO. Since then, it continues to be used as a civil airport and has national and international Bergen Flesland arrivals from the main European cities.

Its popularity took place since the exponential increase in passengers that occurred in 2007. The story began in 1937 when there was a takeover at the Fleshland farm, and the authorities planned the construction. Its last restoration took place in 1991 with the incorporation of a new tower to expand BGO airport arrivals capacity.

Location for Bergen Flesland flight arrivals

The airport is located 12 miles south of the city, right in the small town of Flesland. It is currently one of the busiest airport in Norway due to its strategic location south of Bergen.

Bergen Airport transportation
  • Bergen airport arrivals by bus: To take the bus that runs between Bergen and Bergen-Flesland Airport, you will have to go to the outskirts of Terminal 3. This is one of the quickest alternatives to get there in half an hour, depending on traffic.
  • BGO arrivals by cab: To move around the city, you can take private transport at the ticket offices located in terminal 3. After the buses, it is the best alternative to move in the shortest possible time.

Bergen, Flesland Airport has a single tarmac surfaced runway to have all Bergen Flesland Airport arrivals that you can identify on your ticket with the following address:

  • Runway: 09/27 measures: 2999 meters -9839 feet high
Terminals at Bergen Airport

The airport is made up of three fully operational terminals to process the Bergen arrivals. The first terminal of T1 is a helicopter terminal, while the third terminal works for national and international Bergen flight arrivals. This last terminal has a connection to T2 through a long walkway.


In the facilities, you can find a wide variety of shops to facilitate your journey. In the main terminals, there are shops and car rentals along with ATM’s.

The second and third terminals were built by a local architect who included twelve gates with access walkways. They are used exclusively for international Bergen Flesland arrivals, while the doors in the middle work for all types of flights.

Airlines with BGO airport arrivals

Among the most prominent airlines that tend to operate frequently at the airport are:

  • Icelandair
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • Vildanden
  • Widerøe
  • Sunclass Airlines
  • Flyr
  • SAS
  • KLM

Among the tourist destinations that you can fly from to have Bergen Flesland flight arrivals other than above:

Domestic routes:

  • Notodden, Moss, Sandane, Sandefjord, Bodø, and Førde

International routes:

Bergen Airport passenger statistics

The destinations of this airport comprise several Charlét towns that you can catch from airlines such as Widerøe and Scandinavian Airlines for Bergen airport arrivals. Its most popular flights are the main cities of Europe, most frequently in the capital of Norway. One of its greatest attractions is the modern infrastructure with the capacity to transport many passengers daily.

When using this airport, you should bear in mind that the boarding gate closes 15 minutes before departure and the check-in desk closes 35 minutes. One of its main advantages is that it has ATM’s and access to a free wireless connection for two hours.