Rotterdam The Hague Airport Departures RTM

Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Address: Rotterdam Airportplein 60, 3045 AP Rotterdam
Height: -4.6 m
Type: Public
Owner / Operator: Schiphol Group
Telephone: (+31) 010 446 3444
Province: South-Holland
ICAO airport code: EHRD
Alias: Rotterdam Airport and Zestienhoven Airport

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It is among the most prominent and active Dutch airports. It serves the metropolitan area of Rotterdam and The Hague. By several passengers, it is the third-largest airport in the Netherlands with many Rotterdam airport departures.

Popular flight routes Rotterdam Airport

Most of the flights are operated by the Dutch airline Transavia. They are usually typical holiday destinations that are offered for an attractive price. Sometimes it therefore also flies to slightly less well-known airports to reduce costs. In winter there are sometimes other destinations than in summer. Innsbruck and Salzburg are important destinations for winter sports, but the Canary Islands (Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tenerife South) are also popular in January and February because of the pleasant weather.

There are also cities that are mainly flown to in summer, such as:


Rotterdam, The Hague Airport, is a minor international air terminal serving Rotterdam and The Hague with Rotterdam departures. It is located 5.6 km (3.5 miles) northeast of Rotterdam in South Holland. In 2019, the airport handled about 2.1 million passengers which was another increase of Rotterdam flight departures since a decade. It functions as an airport for scheduled Rotterdam The Hague departures to destinations in Europe and is also used by general aviation.


After World War II, the government decided that another airport was necessary next to Schiphol. Before the conflict, Rotterdam already had an air terminal that was Waalhaven airport, but it was destroyed to prevent it from being used by the Germans.

A new location was sought, and the construction of this airport began in 1955 for RTM airport departures; the airport was officially opened in October 1956 for Rotterdam The Hague airport departures. In 2020, this airport was able to serve 500 thousand passengers.

Transportation at Rotterdam The Hague Airport
  • RTM departures by bus: The Rotterdam-The Hague airport has a bus service bus line 33; it runs between the airport, central Rotterdam, the Meijersplein station, and beyond. At Meijersplein, you can find transfers to underground line E.
  • Rotterdam airport departures by a rental car: At the airport, you can find the car rental service with well-known providers and other venues. The airport is close to A13 / E19 motorway. It is very easy to get to and from the airport by car.
  • Rotterdam departures by cab: You can hire a taxi if you want a more comfortable and faster trip. It is located in front of the airport entrance.
Rotterdam Airport Terminal

The airport has only one terminal for Rotterdam flight departures. It is a comfortable air terminal for passengers; you can find ATMs and currency exchange; it has cafeterias, restaurants, and a self-service buffet/bar in the Rotterdam The Hague departures area. They also have a bar with an outdoor terrace and a sandwich kiosk.

It has clothing stores in the RTM airport departures area so that you can find the products and items of need duty-free. Rotterdam, The Hague Airport, has an equipped baby nursery and much more.