Eindhoven Airport Departures EIN

Address: Luchthavenweg 25, 5657 EA Eindhoven
IATA airport code: EIN
Owner: Schiphol Group (51%)
Founded: September 10, 1932
Type: Military and civil
Alias: Eindhoven Welschap Airport

EIN Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
14:30 June-5 14:41 Sofia (SOF) Wizz Air W64326 estimated
14:50 June-5 15:00 Warsaw (WAW) SkyUp Airlines W61372 estimated
15:00 June-5 15:15 Manchester (MAN) Ryanair FR3235 estimated
15:00 June-5 15:15 London (STN) Ryanair RK2538 estimated
15:05 June-5 15:05 Faro (FAO) Transavia HV5515 estimated
15:30 June-5 15:42 Vilnius (VNO) Wizz Air W61922 estimated
16:05 June-5 16:05 Alicante (ALC) Transavia HV6625 estimated
16:05 June-5 16:05 Malaga (AGP) Transavia HV6653 estimated
16:15 June-5 17:10 Thessaloniki (SKG) Ryanair FR1819 estimated
16:30 June-5 16:42 Skopje (SKP) Wizz Air W64716 estimated
16:35 June-5 16:45 Valencia (VLC) Transavia HV5105 estimated
16:50 June-5 17:05 Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR5815 estimated
16:50 June-5 17:00 Amsterdam (AMS) Netherlands – Royal Air Force NAF11 estimated
16:55 June-5 16:55 Ibiza (IBZ) Transavia HV6517 estimated
17:15 June-5 17:25 Budapest (BUD) Wizz Air W62274 estimated
17:20 June-5 17:35 Porto (OPO) Ryanair FR7473 estimated
17:20 June-5 17:40 Alicante (ALC) Ryanair FR7523 estimated
17:55 June-5 18:10 Faro (FAO) Ryanair FR5769 estimated
18:00 June-5 18:15 Pisa (PSA) Ryanair FR9924 estimated
18:05 June-5 18:05 Bilbao (BIO) Transavia HV5275 estimated
18:20 June-5 18:30 Barcelona (BCN) Transavia HV6789 estimated
18:45 June-5 19:00 Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Ryanair FR3532 estimated
18:55 June-5 19:07 Varna (VAR) Wizz Air W64514 estimated
19:00 June-5 19:35 Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR3538 estimated
19:25 June-5 19:40 Bologna (BLQ) Ryanair FR787 estimated
20:00 June-5 20:40 Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR8439 estimated
20:30 June-5 20:45 London (STN) Ryanair RK5682 estimated
21:15 June-5 21:30 Vilnius (VNO) Ryanair FR7654 estimated
06:55 June-6 Copenhagen (CPH) Transavia HV5961 scheduled
06:55 June-6 Barcelona (BCN) Transavia HV6789 scheduled
07:00 June-6 Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Transavia HV6511 scheduled
07:05 June-6 Rijeka (RJK) Transavia HV6039 scheduled
07:15 June-6 Kos (KGS) Transavia HV5915 scheduled
07:25 June-6 Seville (SVQ) Transavia HV5085 scheduled
07:30 June-6 Rhodes (RHO) Transavia HV5395 scheduled
07:35 June-6 Alicante (ALC) Transavia HV6625 scheduled
07:45 June-6 Malaga (AGP) Transavia HV6653 scheduled
08:20 June-6 Rhodes (RHO) TUI Airlines Netherlands OR1215 scheduled
08:45 June-6 08:45 Krakow (KRK) Ryanair FR5891 estimated
08:55 June-6 Gdansk (GDN) Wizz Air W61642 scheduled
09:05 June-6 Belgrade (BEG) Wizz Air W64072 scheduled
09:20 June-6 09:20 Catania (CTA) Ryanair FR4062 estimated
09:25 June-6 Bucharest (OTP) Wizz Air Malta W43072 scheduled
09:50 June-6 09:50 Ibiza (IBZ) Ryanair FR3541 estimated
10:25 June-6 10:25 Dublin (DUB) Ryanair FR1965 estimated
10:30 June-6 Tirana (TIA) Wizz Air Malta W45136 scheduled
10:55 June-6 10:55 Marrakesh (RAK) Ryanair FR5895 estimated
11:00 June-6 Valencia (VLC) Transavia HV5105 scheduled
11:10 June-6 11:10 Milan (BGY) Ryanair FR3461 estimated
11:25 June-6 11:25 Malaga (AGP) Ryanair FR2576 estimated
11:50 June-6 11:50 Tenerife (TFS) Ryanair FR9576 estimated
11:55 June-6 11:55 Alicante (ALC) Ryanair FR7523 estimated
12:00 June-6 Prague (PRG) Transavia HV5235 scheduled
12:05 June-6 12:05 Faro (FAO) Ryanair FR5769 estimated
12:40 June-6 12:40 Pisa (PSA) Ryanair FR9924 estimated
12:45 June-6 Bologna (BLQ) Transavia HV5309 scheduled
12:50 June-6 12:50 Warsaw (WMI) Ryanair FR4021 estimated
12:55 June-6 Kos (KGS) TUI Airlines Netherlands OR1171 scheduled
13:00 June-6 13:00 Lisbon (LIS) Ryanair FR3091 estimated
13:10 June-6 Nice (NCE) Transavia HV6473 scheduled
13:20 June-6 Katowice (KTW) Wizz Air W61072 scheduled
13:50 June-6 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC1266 scheduled
14:25 June-6 Venice (TSF) Ryanair FR1549 scheduled
14:35 June-6 Krakow (KRK) Wizz Air W62076 scheduled
14:40 June-6 Heraklion (HER) Transavia HV5909 scheduled
14:50 June-6 Sofia (SOF) Wizz Air W64326 scheduled
15:00 June-6 Zakynthos (ZTH) Transavia HV5411 scheduled
15:10 June-6 Malaga (AGP) Transavia HV6651 scheduled
15:25 June-6 Warsaw (WAW) Wizz Air W61372 scheduled
15:35 June-6 Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) Wizz Air Malta W43342 scheduled
15:40 June-6 Lisbon (LIS) Transavia HV6203 scheduled
15:40 June-6 London (STN) Ryanair UK RK2533 scheduled
15:50 June-6 Skopje (SKP) Wizz Air W64716 scheduled
16:10 June-6 Debrecen (DEB) Wizz Air W62706 scheduled
16:15 June-6 Faro (FAO) Transavia HV6607 scheduled
17:00 June-6 Athens (ATH) Aegean Airlines A3637 scheduled
17:00 June-6 Brindisi (BDS) Ryanair FR3236 scheduled
17:15 June-6 Ibiza (IBZ) Transavia HV6513 scheduled
17:15 June-6 Budapest (BUD) Wizz Air W62274 scheduled
17:25 June-6 Wroclaw (WRO) Wizz Air W61826 scheduled
17:30 June-6 Valencia (VLC) Transavia HV5107 scheduled
18:00 June-6 Valencia (VLC) Ryanair FR1718 scheduled
18:05 June-6 Oslo (OSL) Transavia HV5861 scheduled
18:15 June-6 Bologna (BLQ) Ryanair FR787 scheduled
18:25 June-6 Girona (GRO) Ryanair FR2119 scheduled
18:35 June-6 London (STN) Ryanair FR2538 scheduled
19:05 June-6 Sofia (SOF) Ryanair FR6014 scheduled
19:55 June-6 Porto (OPO) Ryanair FR7473 scheduled
20:05 June-6 Rome (FCO) Ryanair FR5815 scheduled
20:40 June-6 London (STN) Ryanair FR5682 scheduled
21:10 June-6 21:10 Pisa (PSA) Ryanair FR9937 estimated

Guide about Eindhoven International Airport Departures

Behind Amsterdam’s own Airport Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport is the second busiest civilian airport in the Netherlands. It is located approximately 75 miles southeast of Amsterdam and near the city of Eindhoven. It is a combined airport that serves both civilians and military Eindhoven departures. Eindhoven airport serves about 6,7 million passengers in 2019 which is another increase of EIN airport departures since this decade. The years 2020 and 2021 are a bit more problematic because of the pandemic. Therefor the increase of passengers has stopped. Many airlines cancelled their routes. Luckily flights are starting to increase again in 2022.

Eindhoven airport terminal

Eindhoven Airport features one major terminal that provides the greatest level of services and facilities to travelers looking to unwind after a long flight. The terminal center’s procedures are quick and painless with Airport Eindhoven departures. The terminal is a contemporary, clean, and spacious facility. Muslim travelers can pray at a meditation center at Eindhoven Airport. The airport has one Runway 03/21 with a length of 3.000 meters (9.842 ft) for the Eindhoven flight departures.


Flight routes from Eindhoven Airport

From a variety of international destinations, the airlines listed below sell seasonal or scheduled Eindhoven airport departures:

Transportation at Eindhoven Airport

The airport is connected to Eindhoven Central Station by local buses 400 and 401, which stop at a bus stop near the airport terminal. Visit the NS website for EIN departures, route maps, schedules, and fare information.

With multiple Eindhoven departures available daily, AirExpressBus provides express coach service between Eindhoven Airport, Den Bosch, Utrecht, and Amsterdam. The journey from the airport to Amsterdam takes 1.5 hours. There are also more EIN airport departures where services are provided. Visit the AirExpressBus website for information on routes, schedules, rates, and ticket sales.


Taxis are readily accessible near the city bus area from the official airport taxi lane. All cabs are metered, and there are no bookings required. This is a good option to ensure you will be on time for your Eindhoven flight departures. Use only the taxis that operate from the designated taxi lane for safety reasons, and do not take unsolicited rides from anyone posing as a driver at the airport.

Eindhoven airport departures

You can check-in for domestic EIN departures 2 hours before and international flights 3 hours before. The airport allow you often to check-in 24 hours before your journey, also depending on the carrier. The check-in counter opens two hours before Eindhoven departures. We recommend arriving at the airport two hours before your EIN airport departures.

If you are flying internationally, you may be subjected to an immigration and customs check both before and after your journey.

When you present yourself for the check, make sure you have your ID, passport, visa, and any other relevant travel documents with you. Explain why you’re going on this journey. Consult the airline crew early to ensure that you are not carrying any prohibited things.

The amount of cash you can carry in your hand on a domestic or international Eindhoven flight departures is strictly regulated by the country’s supreme monetary authority.


After completing the check-In and immigration process, head to the designated gate. 10–20 minutes before Eindhoven airport departures, boarding closes. Before the flight is closed, late passengers would be summoned by name at least twice. There will be no more people entertained once the flight was closed.

Ensure that all of your belongings are stored in overhead bins or under the seat in front of you. Sit back and relax after settling in the flight seat and fastening your seat belt.