Casablanca Mohammed V Airport Departures CMN

Casablanca Mohamed V. International Airport

Address: Route de Nouasseur, Casablanca, Morocco
Airport code: CMN
Elevation: 200 m
Phone: +212 5225-39040
Location: Nouaceur
Alias: Nouaceur Airport

CMN Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
01:10 November-29 01:40 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC652 estimated
02:35 November-29 Medina (MED) Royal Air Maroc AT248 scheduled
02:35 November-29 Tunis (TUN) Tunisair TU706 scheduled
06:20 November-29 Kuwait City (KWI) Kuwait Airways KU124 scheduled
06:40 November-29 07:50 Naples (NAP) Electra Airways 3O491 estimated
06:50 November-29 Bologna (BLQ) Air Arabia Maroc 3O467 scheduled
07:15 November-29 07:25 Paris (ORY) TUI TB7501 estimated
07:20 November-29 Basel (BSL) Air Arabia Maroc 3O265 scheduled
07:30 November-29 Brussels (BRU) Royal Air Maroc AT353 scheduled
07:50 November-29 Tunis (TUN) Royal Air Maroc AT570 scheduled
08:00 November-29 Milan (BGY) Air Arabia Maroc 3O457 canceled
08:10 November-29 Paris (CDG) Air France AF1497 scheduled
08:10 November-29 08:20 Paris (ORY) Royal Air Maroc AT760 estimated
08:55 November-29 Jeddah (JED) Saudia (Riyadh Season 2021 Livery) SV376 scheduled
09:15 November-29 Guelmim (GLN) Royal Air Maroc AT1435 scheduled
09:20 November-29 09:30 Zurich (ZRH) CMA CGM Air Cargo TK6329 estimated
09:25 November-29 Dakar (DSS) Air Senegal HC332 scheduled
09:30 November-29 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Etihad Airways EY612 scheduled
09:35 November-29 09:45 Montreal (YUL) Air Canada (Star Alliance Livery) AC73 estimated
09:35 November-29 09:45 Barcelona (BCN) Royal Air Maroc AT964 estimated
09:50 November-29 Nador (NDR) Royal Air Maroc AT1452 scheduled
10:00 November-29 10:10 Malaga (AGP) Royal Air Maroc Express AT988 estimated
10:10 November-29 Istanbul (IST) Royal Air Maroc AT910 scheduled
10:15 November-29 10:25 Madrid (MAD) Royal Air Maroc AT972 estimated
10:30 November-29 Turin (TRN) Royal Air Maroc AT944 scheduled
10:30 November-29 10:40 Brussels (BRU) TUI TB2534 estimated
10:40 November-29 10:50 Seville (SVQ) Royal Air Maroc Express AT924 estimated
11:00 November-29 Agadir (AGA) Royal Air Maroc AT423 scheduled
11:05 November-29 Marrakesh (RAK) Royal Air Maroc AT411 scheduled
11:20 November-29 Paris (CDG) Air France AF1897 scheduled
12:00 November-29 12:10 Brussels (BRU) Camex Airlines AT352 estimated
12:10 November-29 12:20 London (LGW) Royal Air Maroc AT802 estimated
12:20 November-29 12:30 Paris (ORY) Royal Air Maroc AT764 estimated
12:20 November-29 12:20 Lisbon (LIS) TAP Express TP1437 estimated
12:40 November-29 12:50 Amsterdam (AMS) Royal Air Maroc AT850 estimated
12:50 November-29 Bologna (BLQ) Royal Air Maroc AT952 scheduled
12:55 November-29 13:05 Geneva (GVA) Royal Air Maroc AT930 estimated
13:00 November-29 Milan (MXP) Royal Air Maroc AT950 scheduled
13:20 November-29 13:30 Brussels (BRU) Royal Air Maroc AT832 estimated
13:25 November-29 13:35 Paris (CDG) Royal Air Maroc AT788 estimated
13:35 November-29 13:45 London (LHR) Royal Air Maroc AT800 estimated
13:35 November-29 Madrid (MAD) Iberia IB8793 scheduled
13:35 November-29 Cairo (CAI) Egyptair MS848 scheduled
14:00 November-29 Doha (DOH) Royal Air Maroc AT216 scheduled
14:10 November-29 14:20 Paris (ORY) Royal Air Maroc AT770 estimated
14:15 November-29 Tunis (TUN) Royal Air Maroc AT572 scheduled
14:40 November-29 14:50 Lyon (LYS) Royal Air Maroc AT720 estimated
15:00 November-29 Al Hoceima (AHU) Royal Air Maroc AT1438 scheduled
15:05 November-29 15:05 Dubai (DXB) Emirates EK752 estimated
15:10 November-29 Marseille (MRS) Royal Air Maroc AT732 scheduled
15:20 November-29 Lyon (LYS) Air Arabia Maroc 3O341 scheduled
15:45 November-29 15:55 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa Cargo LH8349 estimated
15:50 November-29 16:00 New York (JFK) Royal Air Maroc AT200 estimated
15:55 November-29 Catania (CTA) Air Arabia Maroc 3O485 scheduled
16:00 November-29 Bordeaux (BOD) Royal Air Maroc AT798 scheduled
16:00 November-29 Barcelona (BCN) Royal Air Maroc AT960 scheduled
16:00 November-29 Abidjan (ABJ) Royal Air Maroc AT4317 scheduled
16:05 November-29 16:15 Miami (MIA) Royal Air Maroc AT204 estimated
16:05 November-29 Madrid (MAD) Royal Air Maroc AT970 scheduled
16:10 November-29 16:20 Washington (IAD) Royal Air Maroc AT218 estimated
16:15 November-29 Agadir (AGA) Royal Air Maroc AT425 scheduled
16:25 November-29 El Aaiun (EUN) Royal Air Maroc AT1414 scheduled
16:35 November-29 Paris (CDG) Air France AF1597 scheduled
16:35 November-29 Lisbon (LIS) Royal Air Maroc AT982 scheduled
16:50 November-29 Oujda (OUD) Royal Air Maroc AT1402 scheduled
16:50 November-29 Istanbul (SAW) Air Arabia Maroc 3O437 scheduled
16:55 November-29 17:05 Montreal (YUL) Royal Air Maroc AT208 estimated
17:00 November-29 Madrid (MAD) Swiftair WT154 scheduled
17:05 November-29 Marrakesh (RAK) Royal Air Maroc AT413 scheduled
17:10 November-29 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK618 scheduled
17:15 November-29 Tangier (TNG) Swiftair WT8735 scheduled
18:30 November-29 Paris (ORY) Royal Air Maroc AT776 scheduled
19:00 November-29 Madrid (MAD) Iberia IB8795 scheduled
19:00 November-29 Jeddah (JED) Saudia SV372 scheduled
21:05 November-29 Brazzaville (BZV) Royal Air Maroc AT269 scheduled
22:05 November-29 Luanda (LAD) Royal Air Maroc AT291 scheduled
22:20 November-29 Conakry (CKY) Royal Air Maroc AT527 scheduled
22:25 November-29 Yaounde (NSI) Royal Air Maroc AT509 scheduled
22:25 November-29 Dakhla (VIL) Royal Air Maroc AT1420 scheduled
22:30 November-29 Bamako (BKO) Royal Air Maroc AT523 scheduled
22:45 November-29 Dakar (DSS) Royal Air Maroc AT501 scheduled
22:50 November-29 Praia (RAI) Royal Air Maroc AT591 scheduled
22:50 November-29 Banjul (BJL) Royal Air Maroc AT579 scheduled
22:55 November-29 Agadir (AGA) Royal Air Maroc AT431 scheduled
23:00 November-29 Marrakesh (RAK) Royal Air Maroc AT403 scheduled
23:00 November-29 Errachidia (ERH) Royal Air Maroc AT1446 scheduled
23:05 November-29 Tangier (TNG) Royal Air Maroc AT470 scheduled
23:10 November-29 Oujda (OUD) Royal Air Maroc AT1400 scheduled
23:15 November-29 Lome (LFW) Royal Air Maroc AT551 scheduled
23:20 November-29 Ouarzazate (OZZ) Royal Air Maroc AT1460 scheduled
23:25 November-29 Malabo (SSG) Royal Air Maroc AT263 scheduled
23:35 November-29 Lagos (LOS) Royal Air Maroc AT555 scheduled
23:45 November-29 Nouakchott (NKC) Royal Air Maroc AT511 scheduled
23:45 November-29 Abidjan (ABJ) Royal Air Maroc AT533 scheduled
01:10 November-30 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC652 scheduled
02:35 November-30 Medina (MED) Royal Air Maroc AT248 scheduled
02:35 November-30 Tunis (TUN) Tunisair TU706 scheduled
06:45 November-30 Lille (LIL) TUI Airlines Belgium TB7221 scheduled
07:00 November-30 Milan (BGY) Air Arabia Maroc 3O457 scheduled
07:00 November-30 Naples (NAP) Air Arabia Maroc 3O491 scheduled

Discover Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport departures

The Mohammed V International Airport in Morocco is one of the most popular by tourists and citizens. This airport is made up of a beautiful terminal where you will find distinguished airlines for commercial Mohammed V Casablanca airport departures. You can get the best public attention in the airport facilities so that you give it a priority in your next trips.

You have to know a little about the airport’s history, where it is located and how to get Casablanca departures. With this information, you can have a better vacation outing; you will be direct when entering and having CMN airport departures.

Busiest flight routes

The Casablanca Mohamed V airport was built by the United States government for the year 1943 to start its first Mohammed V Casablanca flight departures. This airport was built after the cessation of the Torch operation that occurred in the Second World War. At first, it was called “Berrechid Airfield,” but it was renamed “Mohammed V” in honor of King Mohammed V of Morocco in later years.

This airport serves as a hub for Royal Air Maroc Express, Royal Air Morocco, and Air Arabia Morocco who offer most Mohammed V flight departures. It is the busiest airport in the Moroccan region and also serves citizens in Africa.

Location for Casablanca Mohammed V departures

The National Airports Office (ONDA) manages Casablanca Mohammed V airport departures, which is located in the Province of Nouaceur, a suburb east of Casablanca. It is in the Kingdom of Morocco in North Africa. It is a fairly large airport that you can easily locate if you go to the city center.

Transport at Casablanca Airport

From the Casablanca Mohammed V airport in Morocco, you can take various land transportation systems such as:

  • Car: If you take a rental car to have CMN departures, you will have to go on Highway 43 that will take you to the city. If you go from El Jadida to the airport, you can quickly take the A3 or A1 highway. If you want to travel from Marrakech to the airport, then you must take the A3 highway.
  • Train: You can also exit or enter Casablanca Mohammed V Airport using the rail systems. There are Mohammed V Casablanca airport departures by Al Bidaoui train available every hour and connect you with the Casa – Port terminal and the Casa – Voyageurs station. This train service is affordable and is located a few meters from the terminal for Casablanca departures. The airport has a rail station, which is accessible from the airport’s ground floor. You can take the train to the city’s main railway station, Casa Voyageurs, as well as the city’s most central train station, Casa Port. Between 6:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m., the train has CMN airport departures once every hour. The drive to Casablanca takes between 35 and 45 minutes.
  • Taxi: Taxis can be hailed from the arrival esplanade’s taxi stand for trips to and from the airport. They run 24 hours a day and are a good alternative if you need to be on time for your Mohammed V Casablanca flight departures or when the train aren’t running. The journey from Casablanca to the airport can cost roughly 250 Dirhams.
  • Parking: Passengers can choose from a range of simple and economical parking alternatives at the airport. Parking is accessible at T1 and T2 terminals before Mohammed V flight departures. On-site parking, off-site parking, and garages near the airport are all available. Parking is available on two levels at both T1 and T2.

At the airport, you will have access to two runways for Casablanca Mohammed V departures that are differentiated by:

  • Runway 17L / 35R measuring 12,205 feet long.
  • Runway 17R / 35L measures 12,206 feet long.
Casablanca Airport Terminals

Terminal 1’s capacity has been expanded to 20 million passengers per year as a result of recent upgrades. Terminal 1 handles international and domestic Casablanca Mohammed V airport departures, while Terminal 2 handles solely international CMN departures. The Casablanca Mohammed V airport in Morocco has immense terminals in which you can appreciate:

  • Four boarding areas for Mohammed V Casablanca airport departures with a spacious waiting room for you to enjoy your stay.
  • The arrival area at the airport is very open; to the sides, there is a baggage claim, car rental, etc.
  • You can appreciate a wide area of stay, commercial stores, fast food, etc.
Airlines with Casablanca departures

Without a doubt you will have the best experience at the Casablanca Mohammed V airport in Morocco for the number of airlines to take:

  • Air Arabia Maroc
  • Alitalia
  • Air Europa
  • Binter Canarias
  • Air France
  • Corendon Airlines
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Qatar Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Gulf Air
  • Etihad Airways
  • Emirates
  • Iberia
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Wizz Air
  • Transavia
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • Transavia
  • TUI fly
  • Vueling, etc.

You can take the most sought-after CMN airport departures from the Casablanca Mohammed V airport in Morocco, such as:


Facilities of Casablanca Airport

Shops, restaurants, and bars, as well as ATM’s and currency exchange facilities, and a post office, are all available at the airport when having Mohammed V Casablanca flight departures. Tourist information offices, VIP lounges, a business center, and disability facilities are available, though passengers with particular needs should contact their airline ahead of time.

Mohammed V flight departure
Check-in Procedures

Web check-in is available from 24 hours to 3 hours before Casablanca Mohammed V departures for passengers traveling out. To avoid the long lines at the airport, print your boarding pass quickly as possible after checking in online. Check with your airline to see whether mobile check-in is a possibility. Multiple check-in counters are accessible at the Casablanca Mohamed V Airport for passengers who should arrive at least 3 hours before the Casablanca Mohammed V airport departures of international flights and 2 hours before the domestic flights. If a passenger fails to report on time, the airline reserves the right to reject boarding to that passenger.


The weight restriction for luggage/baggage varies from 20 g to 32 kg depending on the class of travel and destination; nevertheless, most airlines will not accept a bag weighing more than 32 kilograms when you have international CMN departures. Depending on the airline and route of travel, you are permitted to carry between 7 and 12 kg of cabin bags. Excess luggage fees are subject to change and get charged at the airport.

Help Desk

If you need assistance at the Casablanca International Airport, there are information desks available to aid you. You may quickly inquire about your flight or locate other airport facilities from this location. They are open 24 hours a day and accessible in both the airport’s air-side and land-side terminals.