Agadir Massira Airport Departures AGA

Agadir–Al Massira International Airport

Address: BP 2000 ، Agadir 80000, Morocco
IATA code: AGA
Elevation: 69 m
Phone: +212 5288-39152
Serves: Agadir
Location: Temsia, Morocco
ICAO airport code: GMAD
Alias: Al Massira Airport

AGA Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
05:30 June-23 Casablanca (CMN) Royal Air Maroc AT428 scheduled
05:55 June-23 06:05 Paris (ORY) Transavia TO3121 estimated
06:45 June-23 07:00 Paris (BVA) Ryanair FR1245 estimated
07:05 June-23 07:20 Bordeaux (BOD) Ryanair FR2246 estimated
08:50 June-23 09:05 Porto (OPO) Ryanair FR3352 estimated
09:00 June-23 09:15 Lisbon (LIS) Ryanair FR184 estimated
09:35 June-23 Weeze (NRN) Ryanair FR4987 scheduled
09:50 June-23 Casablanca (CMN) Royal Air Maroc AT430 scheduled
11:15 June-23 11:15 London (LGW) easyJet U26470 estimated
11:35 June-23 11:45 Warsaw (WAW) Enter Air E41788 estimated
13:05 June-23 Casablanca (CMN) Royal Air Maroc AT422 scheduled
13:55 June-23 Paris (ORY) Transavia France TO3001 scheduled
14:05 June-23 Nantes (NTE) Ryanair FR3982 scheduled
14:40 June-23 14:50 Katowice (KTW) Enter Air E41502 estimated
15:05 June-23 Perpignan (PGF) Ryanair FR3972 scheduled
16:10 June-23 Paris (ORY) Royal Air Maroc AT664 scheduled
16:40 June-23 Marrakesh (RAK) TUI Airlines Belgium TB2511 scheduled
17:20 June-23 17:20 Paris (ORY) Vueling VY8527 estimated
18:05 June-23 Dakhla (VIL) Royal Air Maroc AT1493 scheduled
18:05 June-23 Rabat (RBA) Air Arabia Maroc 3O727 scheduled
21:40 June-23 Fes (FEZ) Air Arabia Maroc 3O705 scheduled
00:15 June-24 Casablanca (CMN) Royal Air Maroc AT424 scheduled
05:55 June-24 Paris (ORY) Transavia France TO3121 scheduled
06:55 June-24 Tenerife (TFS) Ryanair FR961 scheduled
06:55 June-24 Strasbourg (SXB) Ryanair FR9499 scheduled
09:50 June-24 Casablanca (CMN) Royal Air Maroc AT430 scheduled
10:55 June-24 Valencia (VLC) Ryanair FR1458 scheduled
13:05 June-24 Casablanca (CMN) Royal Air Maroc AT422 scheduled

Have Agadir–Al Massira International Airport departures

You may be encouraged to visit one of the twelve regions of Morocco, such as the city of Agadir. This is the most important city in the country that is located in the North African region, and you can visit it without problems. You can learn about the facilities of the Agadir – Al Massira airport before you take your Agadir airport departures.

Popular routes
  • Casablanca Mohammed V International
  • Paris Orly
  • Rabat-Sale
  • Lisbon Humberto Delgado
  • Tangier Ibn Battouta

Other domestic flight routes from Agadir:

Paris and Lisbon have year round flights. During summer there are many more international destinations. Some of these include:

Ryanair offers most international destinations, many of which have been temporarily cancelled. Easyjet and TUI also have this. The local airlines such as Air Arabia Maroc and Royal Air Maroc still offer some international routes to the domestic departures.


The Agadir-Al Massira or GMAD airport is very popular because it serves as a gateway to the most important city in Morocco. Agadir is one of those Moroccan cities where you can do a lot of tourism with your family on vacation and have Agadir departures. You can admire this coastal city in the country’s southwest when you land at the international airport.

In 2007, Agadir airport broke a milestone by serving 1,502,094 passengers with more than 50,000 Agadir flight departures. However, this airport was renovated in recent years and now serves to receive more than 2,000,000 passengers.

Location for Agadir–Al Massira departures

The Agadir – Al Massira Airport is located in the commune of Temsia on the Draa river banks in the Inezgane prefecture. You have to travel 20 kilometers from Temsia to reach the coastal city of Agadir, where sightseeing is a priority.

Ground transportation Agadir  Airport

As a means of transportation outside the Agadir – Al Massira airport, you can have:

  • AGA airport departures by Urban bus: A bus passes every 30 minutes through the terminal to take you to the banks of the Draa River or other areas.
  • On time for your Agadir–Al Massira flight departures by Express bus: You can pay for a ticket to take a bus that takes you to the city of Agadir in an approximate time of 1 hour. If the traffic is heavy, you can take more than 1 hour and a half to travel.
  • Agadir Massira Airport Departures by car: With a taxi or rental car, it is convenient that you take the regional highway that will send you directly to Agadir. This travel time can take less than an hour without traffic.

The air terminal has some special features that will make your trip to Morocco a marvel:

  • The terminal measures 285,782 square feet in total.
  • This terminal has a huge waiting room that is divided into national and international AGA departures.
  • You can have more than 20 airlines available for Agadir–Al Massira Airport departures with destinations to Ireland, United Kingdom and more during summer. During the winter months only a few remain.
  • VIP service for the Living Room Convives de Marque.
  • Connecting Agadir airport departures to Mohammed V airport.