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Tijuana Airport
Carretera Aeropuerto – Meza de Otay, CP 22300 Tijuana,
Baja California, MEXICO
web: aeropuertosgap.com.mx/es/tijuana.html
Tel: +52 (01) 66 46078201
Airport Codes
IATA code: TIJ


Learn About Tijuana General Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport arrivals

Tijuana International Airport is an airport that operates bi-national (Tijuana-San Diego / Mexico-United States). It is the second northernmost important airport in all of Mexico after Mexicali International Airport.


This airport is very modern and handled almost 9 million passengers in 2019 and more than 6,400,000 in 2020 which is actually a decrease in Tijuana arrivals. It is a rapidly growing international airport and is currently the fourth most important in the Mexican state.

It can handle up to 10 million passengers per year and has 360 full Tijuana International Airport arrivals per day. The location of this airport is in Tijuana, Baja California – Mexico; however, it shares borders with the United States.


The transportation methods available at this airport are luxurious and extensive in both countries (Mexico-United States).

  • Airline transportation: Thanks to the transport of various airlines with Tijuana flight arrivals, people can get to the airport or leave it without problems. They can know the multiple American and Mexican cities.
  • Taxis: When having TIJ airport arrivals, taxis offer transfers from the airport to any point in the US or Mexican cities. They offer excellent service packages.
  • Buses: The most luxurious buses are available to offer the highest first-class to people which you can experience after your General Abelardo L. Rodríguez airport arrivals. These are first-class and have destinations set to major cities in the United States.

Tijuana International Airport is the main gateway to Mexico from this state, and its terminals are divided in two: main and cross border. The airport’s main terminal is directed for all the operations of the Tijuana Airport arrivals carried out by the place. The Cross Border terminal is in charge of joining the Mexico airport with the neighboring terminal of San Diego – United States.

The main terminal of the airport operates each of the TIJ arrivals and has satellites A and B. It consists of two levels (lower and upper), the lower one being the area where arrivals are located. The upper level is the departure and check-in area; It is divided into two satellites, A and B, and has 23 boarding gates als for Tijuana arrivals.

The Cross Border terminal is located on the other side of the Mexican border (with the United States). This is a building that makes it easy for all passengers to transfer between two airports when they have Tijuana flight arrivals. It can only be crossed with a boarding pass and after paying a fee.