Mexico City Airport Arrivals MEX

Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez

Address: Av. Capitán Carlos León S / N, Peñón de los Baños, Venustiano Carranza, 15620 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
IATA airport code: MEX
Elevation: 7.342 ft
Phone: +52 55 2482 2400
ICAO airport code: MMMX
Alias: Benito Juárez International Airport

MEX Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
17:40 November-28 17:07 November-28 Hermosillo (HMO) Aeromexico AM711 landed
17:40 November-28 17:44 November-28 Zihuatanejo (ZIH) Aeromexico Connect AM2455 estimated
17:40 November-28 18:03 November-28 Monterrey (MTY) VivaAerobus VB1137 delayed
17:45 November-28 17:28 November-28 Mexicali (MXL) Aeromexico AM199 landed
17:45 November-28 17:17 November-28 Tuxtla Gutierrez (TGZ) Aeromexico AM319 landed
17:50 November-28 17:33 November-28 Ciudad Juarez (CJS) Aeromexico AM118 landed
17:50 November-28 17:43 November-28 San Jose del Cabo (SJD) Aeromexico AM383 estimated
17:50 November-28 17:53 November-28 San Jose (SJO) Volaris Q64050 estimated
17:50 November-28 18:12 November-28 Zihuatanejo (ZIH) VivaAerobus VB1305 delayed
17:55 November-28 17:19 November-28 Huatulco (HUX) Aeromexico AM395 landed
17:55 November-28 17:50 November-28 Campeche (CPE) Aeromexico Connect AM2443 estimated
18:05 November-28 17:53 November-28 Acapulco (ACA) Aeromexico Connect AM307 estimated
18:05 November-28 17:46 November-28 Tapachula (TAP) Aeromexico Connect AM373 estimated
18:05 November-28 18:04 November-28 Merida (MID) VivaAerobus VB1105 estimated
18:10 November-28 17:53 November-28 Miami (MIA) Aeromexico AM421 estimated
18:10 November-28 17:58 November-28 Cancun (CUN) Aeromexico AM541 estimated
18:10 November-28 18:02 November-28 Cancun (CUN) VivaAerobus VB1021 estimated
18:10 November-28 17:55 November-28 Bogota (BOG) Avianca AV22 estimated
18:15 November-28 17:56 November-28 Silao (BJX) Aeromexico Connect AM153 estimated
18:20 November-28 17:48 November-28 Huatulco (HUX) Volaris Y4839 estimated
18:25 November-28 18:04 November-28 Guadalajara (GDL) Aeromexico AM243 estimated
18:30 November-28 18:02 November-28 Denver (DEN) Aeromexico AM659 estimated
18:30 November-28 18:17 November-28 Cancun (CUN) VivaAerobus (Tecate Pa’l Norte Livery) VB1035 estimated
18:35 November-28 18:32 November-28 Paris (CDG) Aeromexico AM6 estimated
18:35 November-28 18:00 November-28 Las Vegas (LAS) Aeromexico AM481 estimated
18:35 November-28 18:57 November-28 Chihuahua (CUU) VivaAerobus VB1051 delayed
18:35 November-28 18:12 November-28 Madrid (MAD) Iberia IB6403 estimated
18:40 November-28 18:29 November-28 Cancun (CUN) Aeromexico AM543 estimated
18:40 November-28 18:06 November-28 Merida (MID) Aeromexico Connect AM835 estimated
18:40 November-28 19:57 November-28 New York (JFK) VivaAerobus VB101 delayed
18:45 November-28 18:32 November-28 Tuxtla Gutierrez (TGZ) Volaris Y4667 estimated
18:50 November-28 Veracruz (VER) Aeromexico Connect AM859 scheduled
18:50 November-28 18:12 November-28 Oaxaca (OAX) Aeromexico Connect AM1953 estimated
18:50 November-28 18:29 November-28 Culiacan (CUL) Volaris Y4189 estimated
18:55 November-28 18:38 November-28 Tijuana (TIJ) Aeromexico AM185 estimated
18:55 November-28 18:38 November-28 San Antonio (SAT) Aeromexico Connect AM635 estimated
18:55 November-28 18:34 November-28 Los Angeles (LAX) Aeromexico AM645 estimated
18:55 November-28 18:55 November-28 Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA1028 estimated
19:00 November-28 18:25 November-28 Guatemala City (GUA) Aeromexico AM679 estimated
19:00 November-28 19:25 November-28 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH498 delayed
19:00 November-28 19:04 November-28 San Antonio (SAT) VivaAerobus VB165 estimated
19:00 November-28 18:44 November-28 San Jose del Cabo (SJD) Volaris Y4781 estimated
19:05 November-28 19:06 November-28 Amsterdam (AMS) Aeromexico AM26 estimated
19:05 November-28 18:49 November-28 Hermosillo (HMO) Aeromexico AM715 estimated
19:10 November-28 18:51 November-28 Cancun (CUN) Aeromexico AM545 estimated
19:10 November-28 Monterrey (MTY) Aeromexico AM945 scheduled
19:10 November-28 Monterrey (MTY) Volaris Y4576 scheduled
19:15 November-28 Tepic (TPQ) Aeromexico Connect AM2033 scheduled
19:15 November-28 Puerto Vallarta (PVR) VivaAerobus VB1169 scheduled
19:15 November-28 Guadalajara (GDL) Volaris Y4221 scheduled
19:20 November-28 19:25 November-28 New York (JFK) Aeromexico AM409 estimated
19:25 November-28 Guadalajara (GDL) Aeromexico AM247 scheduled
19:25 November-28 18:38 November-28 Chicago (ORD) Aeromexico AM687 estimated
19:25 November-28 Durango (DGO) Aeromexico Connect AM2601 scheduled
19:30 November-28 Ciudad del Carmen (CME) Aeromexico AM819 scheduled
19:30 November-28 Manzanillo (ZLO) Aeromexico Connect AM2569 scheduled
19:30 November-28 18:59 November-28 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL585 estimated
19:30 November-28 18:42 November-28 Las Vegas (LAS) VivaAerobus VB113 estimated
19:30 November-28 Guadalajara (GDL) VivaAerobus VB1399 scheduled
19:35 November-28 19:23 November-28 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA2233 estimated
19:35 November-28 Puerto Vallarta (PVR) Aeromexico AM339 scheduled
19:35 November-28 Mazatlan (MZT) Aeromexico AM353 scheduled
19:35 November-28 19:21 November-28 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL685 estimated
19:35 November-28 20:52 November-28 San Francisco (SFO) United Airlines UA821 delayed
19:35 November-28 19:33 November-28 Las Vegas (LAS) Volaris Y4967 estimated
19:40 November-28 19:08 November-28 Chihuahua (CUU) Aeromexico AM145 estimated
19:45 November-28 Torreon (TRC) Aeromexico AM107 scheduled
19:45 November-28 19:14 November-28 Houston (IAH) Aeromexico AM471 estimated
19:45 November-28 Mazatlan (MZT) Volaris Y4799 scheduled
19:50 November-28 19:16 November-28 Orlando (MCO) Aeromexico AM443 estimated
19:50 November-28 19:25 November-28 San Francisco (SFO) Aeromexico AM669 estimated
19:50 November-28 Ciudad Victoria (CVM) Aeromexico Connect AM2479 scheduled
19:55 November-28 Huatulco (HUX) Aeromexico Connect AM399 scheduled
19:55 November-28 Monterrey (MTY) Aeromexico AM949 scheduled
19:55 November-28 Puerto Escondido (PXM) Aeromexico Connect AM2547 scheduled
20:05 November-28 Ciudad Obregon (CEN) Aeromexico Connect AM2063 scheduled
20:15 November-28 Aguascalientes (AGU) Aeromexico Connect AM2637 scheduled
20:20 November-28 Guadalajara (GDL) Aeromexico AM251 scheduled
20:25 November-28 Villahermosa (VSA) Aeromexico AM811 scheduled
20:25 November-28 Monterrey (MTY) VivaAerobus VB1127 scheduled
20:30 November-28 19:42 November-28 Bogota (BOG) Aeromexico AM762 estimated
20:30 November-28 20:03 November-28 Bogota (BOG) Volaris Y4313 estimated
20:35 November-28 Minatitlan (MTT) Aeromexico Connect AM2525 scheduled
20:45 November-28 Cancun (CUN) Aeromexico AM553 scheduled
20:50 November-28 Merida (MID) Aeromexico AM837 scheduled
20:55 November-28 Miami (MIA) Aeromexico AM413 scheduled
21:00 November-28 Hermosillo (HMO) Aeromexico AM729 scheduled
21:00 November-28 Puerto Vallarta (PVR) Volaris Y4787 scheduled
21:05 November-28 Monterrey (MTY) Aeromexico AM953 scheduled
21:10 November-28 Ciudad Juarez (CJS) Aeromexico AM120 scheduled
21:10 November-28 Oaxaca (OAX) Aeromexico Connect AM1099 scheduled
21:10 November-28 Reynosa (REX) Aeromexico Connect AM2499 scheduled
21:10 November-28 Cancun (CUN) VivaAerobus (RappiCard Livery) VB1373 scheduled
21:10 November-28 Tijuana (TIJ) Volaris Y4822 scheduled
21:15 November-28 Miami (MIA) American Airlines AA257 scheduled
21:15 November-28 20:57 November-28 New York (EWR) United Airlines UA1065 estimated
21:15 November-28 Tapachula (TAP) Volaris Y4829 scheduled
21:20 November-28 Monterrey (MTY) VivaAerobus VB1353 scheduled
21:25 November-28 Guadalajara (GDL) Aeromexico AM255 scheduled
21:25 November-28 Cancun (CUN) Aeromexico AM555 scheduled

Discover Mexico City Juarez international airport arrivals

Airports in Central America such as Mexico City gain importance due to their facilities and variety of Mexico City arrivals. Maybe you are in the country or a tourist who wants to visit Latin countries like Mexico. Check out the international airport facilities in Mexico to let everything go smoothly when having MEX airport arrivals.

The history surrounding the city’s airport is very interesting, which can motivate you to get to know it. It is a very functional air zone, rich in national and international flights that will take you to any continent.


Top international destinations

Mexico City began its operations in 1915 for the first Mexico airport flight arrivals in an area used by the army at the time. A huge amount of money was invested in the airport’s construction, but it was worth it for its result. It is a very up-to-date airport. It has huge terminals to serve MEX flight arrivals and all the services that tourists deserve.

This airport serves as a base for Aeroméxico Connect, Aeromar, Magnicharters, Interjet and Volaris. Airlines such as Vivaaerobús have also taken part in the airport facilities to process Mexico Benito Juárez arrivals.

Location for Benito Juárez airport arrivals

The way you can locate the Mexico City airport is in the Barrio Peñón area. The airport is less than 4 miles from the center of Mexico City, so it will be easy to get there. You have to go to the southwest of the city to come across the aerial zone that borders the Venustiano Carranza urbanization to the west.

Mexico City Airport ground transport

When you have Mexico City airport arrivals, and you try to get to the hotel where you will stay, you must take a means of transportation. You have several options to leave the the airport, and they are:

  • Take the metro bus that is located a few meters from the airport’s main exit after MEX arrivals hall. With the metro bus, you can go to the historic center or the destination San Lázaro. Take the metro bus to the Buenavista train station or metro with the same name.
  • Save a lot of money if you take the public transport that is parked outside the airport if you come out the Mexico City arrivals area. You can travel to areas such as Querétaro, Tlaxcala of Puebla.
  • The airport has its authorized taxi line for you to take with four people. You can also take the 8-person van for bigger groups or if you have quite some luggage.
Tracks for MEX airport arrivals

Since its construction more than a decade ago, Mexico’s international airport has been distinguished by two runways for Mexico airport flight arrivals:

  • Runway 05R / 23L measuring 12,795 ft long.
  • Runway 05L / 23R measures 12,966 ft long to process Mexico Benito Juárez arrivals.
Mexico City Airport Terminals

For you to navigate the Mexico City international airport without problems, you must familiarize yourself with its terminals:

Terminal 1
  • It has 11 lounges
  • 33 gates with 17 remote ones for Benito Juárez airport arrivals
  • Hotel service with more than 1,500 rooms available in Hilton, Courtyard/Marriot, Fiesta Inn and Camino Real.


Terminal 2
  • It has two operating rooms for international Mexico City airport arrivals
  • Hotel services
  • Baggage carousels



In this beautiful airport, you will have several national and international airlines with MEX arrivals such as:

  • American Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Avianca
  • Aeromexico
  • Air Canada
  • Air France
  • Alitalia
  • Avianca El Salvador
  • Copa Airlines
  • Iberia
  • Emirates
  • Aeromar
  • Delta Air Lines
  • British Airways
  • Wingo
  • Volaris Costa Rica
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
  • LATAM Chile
  • Interjet
Destinations from Mexico City Airport

For international Mexico City arrivals at the airport, you can take these focus countries:

If you only want to visit the interior of the country, you can give priority to destinations such as: