Guadalajara Airport Arrivals GDL

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Guadalajara International Airport

Km 17.5 Carretera Guadalajara,
Chapala Av. De la Solidaridad Americana,
CP 45659 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Tel: +52 (01) 33 36886399
Fax: +52 (01) 33 63885001
Airport Codes
IATA code: GDL

GDL Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Status
22:34 September-26 00:15 September-27 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA2313 delayed
22:36 September-26 22:20 September-26 Mexico City (NLU) Volaris Y41037 landed
22:42 September-26 22:44 September-26 Merida (MID) Volaris Y4687 estimated
22:44 September-26 Cancun (CUN) Volaris Y4653 scheduled
22:45 September-26 23:00 September-26 Puerto Vallarta (PVR) VivaAerobus (Tecate Pa’l Norte Livery) VB3239 estimated
22:47 September-26 21:22 September-26 Mexico City (MEX) Volaris Y4728 landed
22:48 September-26 Culiacan (CUL) Volaris Y4671 scheduled
22:50 September-26 22:40 September-26 Houston (IAH) VivaAerobus VB507 estimated
23:05 September-26 22:48 September-26 Tijuana (TIJ) Eastafeta E7313 estimated
23:06 September-26 22:49 September-26 Tijuana (TIJ) Volaris Y4424 estimated
23:14 September-26 Mexico City (MEX) Aeromexico AM262 scheduled
23:20 September-26 23:30 September-26 Tijuana (TIJ) VivaAerobus VB3107 estimated
23:21 September-26 23:39 September-26 Chihuahua (CUU) Volaris Y4695 delayed
23:23 September-26 23:17 September-26 Los Angeles (LAX) Volaris Y4913 estimated
23:26 September-26 23:45 September-26 Tapachula (TAP) Volaris Y4583 delayed
23:30 September-26 23:39 September-26 Tijuana (TIJ) Volaris Y4430 estimated
23:40 September-26 23:24 September-26 Cancun (CUN) Volaris Y4629 estimated
23:50 September-26 23:47 September-26 Ciudad Juarez (CJS) VivaAerobus VB3339 estimated
23:52 September-26 23:15 September-26 Oakland (OAK) Volaris Y4907 estimated
23:55 September-26 Mexico City (MEX) VivaAerobus (Doters Livery) VB1070 scheduled
23:55 September-26 00:09 September-27 Cancun (CUN) Volaris Y4635 estimated
23:59 September-26 23:49 September-26 Tijuana (TIJ) Recode to hex 0D0C94 / dec 855188 / octal 3206224 VB3111 estimated
00:00 September-27 23:52 September-26 Chicago (MDW) Volaris (The Flash Livery) Y4375 estimated
00:20 September-27 00:13 September-27 Los Angeles (LAX) Volaris Y45915 estimated
04:45 September-27 Tijuana (TIJ) VivaAerobus VB3123 scheduled
04:49 September-27 Oakland (OAK) Volaris Y4903 scheduled
04:50 September-27 New York (JFK) Volaris Y4895 scheduled
04:51 September-27 Mexicali (MXL) Volaris Y4623 scheduled
04:53 September-27 Seattle (SEA) Volaris Y4897 scheduled
04:55 September-27 Ontario (ONT) Volaris Y4937 scheduled
04:55 September-27 Tijuana (TIJ) VivaAerobus VB3109 scheduled
04:55 September-27 Tijuana (TIJ) VivaAerobus VB3113 scheduled
04:55 September-27 Los Angeles (LAX) Volaris Y4919 scheduled
04:57 September-27 Portland (PDX) Volaris Y4939 scheduled
05:00 September-27 Los Angeles (LAX) VivaAerobus VB519 scheduled
05:10 September-27 Los Angeles (LAX) mas M76875 scheduled
05:15 September-27 Chicago (ORD) VivaAerobus VB547 scheduled
05:22 September-27 Los Angeles (LAX) Volaris Y4917 scheduled
05:30 September-27 San Luis Potosi (SLP) Estafeta E7314 scheduled
05:55 September-27 Los Angeles (LAX) Alrosa 6R301 scheduled
06:03 September-27 Memphis (MEM) FedEx FX65 scheduled
06:08 September-27 Chicago (ORD) Volaris Y4973 scheduled
06:10 September-27 Dallas (DFW) Korean Air Cargo KE277 scheduled
06:13 September-27 Sacramento (SMF) Volaris Y4971 scheduled
06:36 September-27 Fresno (FAT) Volaris Y4951 scheduled
07:10 September-27 Toluca (TLC) Volaris Y41320 scheduled
07:20 September-27 Mexico City (MEX) VivaAerobus VB1392 scheduled
07:25 September-27 Monterrey (MTY) VivaAerobus VB3191 scheduled
07:27 September-27 Mexico City (MEX) Volaris Y4744 scheduled
07:30 September-27 San Antonio (SAT) UPS 5X312 scheduled
07:36 September-27 Mexico City (MEX) Aeromexico AM200 scheduled
07:48 September-27 Cincinnati (CVG) Cargojet Airways W8990 scheduled
07:57 September-27 Mexico City (MEX) Volaris Y4736 scheduled
08:40 September-27 Mexico City (MEX) Aeromexico AM204 scheduled
09:15 September-27 Mexico City (NLU) Cathay Pacific CX96 scheduled
09:26 September-27 Cancun (CUN) Volaris Y4631 scheduled
09:30 September-27 Mexico City (MEX) Aeromexico AM208 scheduled
09:35 September-27 Mexico City (MEX) VivaAerobus VB1058 scheduled
09:37 September-27 Mexico City (MEX) Volaris Y4738 scheduled
09:40 September-27 Monterrey (MTY) VivaAerobus (RappiCard Livery) VB3201 scheduled
09:47 September-27 Tijuana (TIJ) Volaris Y4434 scheduled
09:58 September-27 Hermosillo (HMO) Volaris Y4741 scheduled
10:00 September-27 Tijuana (TIJ) VivaAerobus VB3105 scheduled
10:05 September-27 Reynosa (REX) VivaAerobus VB3011 scheduled
10:08 September-27 Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1174 scheduled
10:10 September-27 Veracruz (VER) VivaAerobus VB3045 scheduled
10:30 September-27 Mexico City (MEX) Aeromexico AM212 scheduled
10:40 September-27 Villahermosa (VSA) VivaAerobus VB3255 scheduled
10:54 September-27 Ciudad Juarez (CJS) Volaris Y4661 scheduled
10:56 September-27 Ciudad Obregon (CEN) Volaris Y4685 scheduled
11:07 September-27 Chihuahua (CUU) Volaris Y4679 scheduled
11:09 September-27 Veracruz (VER) Volaris Y4693 scheduled
11:12 September-27 Monterrey (MTY) Volaris Y41323 scheduled
11:19 September-27 Merida (MID) Volaris (Ki Ketzal Sticker) Y4599 scheduled
11:20 September-27 Mexico City (MEX) Aeromexico AM216 scheduled
11:29 September-27 Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL1992 scheduled
11:36 September-27 Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA2346 scheduled
11:40 September-27 Ciudad Juarez (CJS) VivaAerobus VB3329 scheduled
11:57 September-27 Tijuana (TIJ) Volaris Y4488 scheduled
12:14 September-27 Tijuana (TIJ) Volaris Y4422 scheduled
12:17 September-27 Cancun (CUN) Volaris Y4127 scheduled
12:22 September-27 San Antonio (SAT) Volaris Y4959 scheduled
12:28 September-27 Houston (IAH) Volaris Y4891 scheduled
12:30 September-27 Mexico City (MEX) Aeromexico AM220 scheduled
12:32 September-27 Mexico City (MEX) Volaris Y4734 scheduled
12:45 September-27 Monterrey (MTY) VivaAerobus VB3193 scheduled
12:45 September-27 Cancun (CUN) VivaAerobus VB2142 scheduled
13:10 September-27 Los Mochis (LMM) CFV229 scheduled
13:10 September-27 La Paz (LAP) CFV409 scheduled
13:20 September-27 Durango (DGO) TAR Aerolineas YQ810 scheduled
13:20 September-27 Puerto Vallarta (PVR) VivaAerobus VB3233 scheduled
13:25 September-27 San Jose del Cabo (SJD) VivaAerobus VB3155 scheduled
13:30 September-27 Mexico City (MEX) Aeromexico AM224 scheduled
13:32 September-27 Los Angeles (LAX) Volaris Y4915 scheduled
13:36 September-27 Tijuana (TIJ) Volaris Y4508 scheduled
13:45 September-27 Puebla (PBC) VivaAerobus VB3243 scheduled
13:47 September-27 Cancun (CUN) Volaris Y4607 scheduled
13:50 September-27 Los Angeles (LAX) Alaska Airlines AS1418 scheduled
13:50 September-27 Acapulco (ACA) Volaris Y4145 scheduled
14:02 September-27 Mexicali (MXL) Volaris Y4649 scheduled

About Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Guadalajara International Airport Arrivals

Guadalajara airport is the prime airport of Mexico city Guadalajara, the second-largest city in Mexico. This airport is located 16 kilometers away from the city center. It is the third busiest airport in Mexico and also the second busiest airport for cargo flights. The Guadalajara arrivals are coming in the only terminal and land on one of the two runways. It acts as the United States’ primary airport and serves more cargo flights to continents like Asia and Europe. For the passenger to arrive at Guadalajara, the airport must know some airport inputs for a better experience in Mexico.

Flight routes
International US routes

There are also flights outside the US such as to Panama, Spain, Germany, France, and Canada.

Terminals in the airport

Terminal 1 of the airport or the passenger terminal is used by almost all airlines for both international and domestic Guadalajara flight arrivals. With this, the terminal has many custom facilities and also 27 parking positions and 12 jetways with five concourses such as:

  • Concourse A – A1 to A8 Airside walk-up gates.
  • Concourse B – B10 to B13 of Jetway gates.
  • Concourse C – Bus gates C20 to C29.
  • Concourse D – D30 to D38 Jetway gates.
  • Concourse E – E40 to E50 bus gates of the lower level.


Cargo terminal holds goods and recently underwent an expansion to hold 350,000 tons of goods per annum. For handling major aircraft, it has six positions.

Passenger statistics

Based on the recent statistics, the Guadalajara Airport arrivals reduced to 8 million from 14 million due to the pandemic condition. It is one of the busiest airports in Mexico and has many airlines and flights operating to and from the airport. Below is the list of airlines operating in the Guadalajara airport.

Airlines operating in Guadalajara airport

Some of the most popular airlines functioning in the airport are:

  • Aeromar
  • Aeromexico
  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Calafia Airlines
  • Copa Airlines
  • Interjet
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Magnicharters
  • And many other airlines.
Transportation facilities at Guadalajara airport

When you arrive at the Guadalajara airport from other countries, you can avail yourself of the best transportation facility. With that, you will travel entire Mexico and reach the exact destination on time. There are car rental facilities after Guadalajara arrivals to enable passengers to get a rental car for traveling throughout the city.

The trip time is up to the center 35 minutes. Contact the service counter to get details on the availability of buses for a hassle-free travel experience. If you wish to travel by taxi, then book to have a hassle free experience.

Amenities to experience after Guadalajara airport arrivals

At Guadalajara airport, there are amenities for the passengers arriving from other destinations. It includes ATM’s, pharmacies, restaurants, duty-free stores, and many others. Those who are new to the airport can inquire relevant details and avail of the necessary services.

Contact the travel agencies in the airport for having the best tour experience in Mexico. For GDL arrivals arriving from other foreign countries, many facilities are awaiting. Utilize the best and have a great experience in Mexico and feel blissful about arriving at the Guadalajara airport.