Bajío Guanajuato Airport Departures BJX

Bajío International Airport

Address: Silao – Leon Km 5.5, Col. Nuevo México, 36270 Silao, Gto., Mexico
Elevation: 1,815 m
Phone: +52 472 748 2120
Serves: The State of Guanajuato including León’s metropolitan area
Location: Silao de la Victoria, Guanajuato

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Learn About Bajío International Airport departures

One of the best adventures you will have in your life can be presented in Mexico, exactly in Guanajuato. You have to look for this unlimited fun and motivate yourself to land at the Bajío airport in Guanajuato or have Bajío departures. This airport has a luxurious terminal where you will even have rooms to stay.

Flight routes Bajío Guanajuato Airport
Domestic flights
International flights

Travel to above domestic and international destinations with the following airlines: Volaris, VivaAerobús, Aeroméxico, United and American Airlines.

About Bajío Airport

The airport del Bajío or Guanajuato airport has been in operation for many years, offering many international Bajío flight departures. This airbase is ranked number 10 of the most used airports in Mexico. Many Bajío Guanajuato airport departures per layover that go to Mexico City pass through the Guanajuato airport because of its proximity.


This airport becomes important for the citizens of Silao, which corresponds to one of the municipalities of Guanajuato. You can locate different services at the airbase in addition to a luxury hotel with several rooms available which you might want to make use of if you have early BJX airport departures.

Location for Bajío Guanajuato departures

The airport is in the city of Silao, which would be part of the Mexican state of Guanajuato. You can have the aerial installation a few miles from the metropolitan city distinguished by its tourist spots.


When you arrive at El Bajío airport, you can take some certified means of transportation to be on time for your Bajío Guanajuato flight departures such as:

  • Bajío Airport departures by renting a car. You can rent a car inside the air terminal with companies like Veico for a low cost. You can have luxurious cars, limousines, or a van if you are on vacation with your whole family.
  • Inside the terminal, you will also have taxi services to please you when you arrive from any destination. BJX departures by taxi and you must have around 10 US dollars to go to the city of Silao or other areas of Guanajuato.
Bajío Guanajuato Airport Terminal

The airport has a large terminal that is capable of accommodating more than 1 million people. This terminal is divided into several lobbies with at least 20 gates for its busiest Bajío departures. You can also enjoy hotel services inside the air terminal.

The hotel that makes up the airport has several Classic and Premium rooms for you to pay for. You will have a complete hotel service so that you can go with your family and have a safe place to stay before your Bajío flight departures. If you want to continue your vacation trip from airport El Bajío, you can take Bajío Guanajuato airport departures with destinations like Cancun or Mexico City.

You have international destinations such as:

This terminal can also give you flights by a stopover to more distant destinations such as Europe or Asia.