MBIA Grenada Airport Arrivals & Departures GND

St. George Airport
Address: Maurice Bishop Memorial Highway, Grenada
Elevation: 41 ft
Phone: +1 473-444-4555
Location: Saint George’s, Grenada
Tel: +1 (0) 473 4444150
Fax: +1 (0) 473 4444838
Web: gaa.gd
Owner: Grenada Airports Authority
Airport Codes
IATA code: GND

Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA)

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GND Departures today

About Maurice Bishop International Airport

In the past, the airport was still called Point Salines Airport. It is located near St. George’s at Point Salines. The new name is named after Maurice Bishop who was Prime Minister on the island in the Caribbean in the past. There used to be the main airport of the island called Pearls Airport in the north. This has been replaced by the current airport in the south. The first commercial passenger planes landed in 1984. There is 1 runway with a length of 9,000 feet allowing large aircraft to land.

Airport location

Grenada flight departures will be south of the capital Saint Georges at the southernmost tip of the island. There are some other small airports for Grenada flight arrivals, but these are very small and cannot handle large planes. The airport is 5 miles from the city and can be easily reached by taxi. You can also rent a car at the airport at Y & R, Maitland, Hertz and Economy after your Grenada airport arrivals.



The airport has a 9,000 feet runway for all Grenada arrivals. The Maurice Bishop airport departures will take place on an asphalt surface. Despite corona, there are still flights with various airlines to regional and international destinations.

Airlines and destinations

One Caribbean and interCaribbean Airways have many MBIA departures to Bridgetown and Saint Vincent. There are also Grenada departures to Saint Lucia with AmeriJet International. There are also still MBIA arrivals from Miami with American Airlines. Other routes that fly temporarily or less by corona are to Toronto-Pearson (Air Canada), American Airlines also flies to Charlotte in addition to Miami. Condor will not start flying from Frankfurt in Germany until the end of 2021. JetBlue is unlikely to have Maurice Bishop airport arrivals from New York-JFK. Virgin Atlantic will fly to Europe and specifically to London Heathrow while British Airways will have St George airport arrivals from London Gatwick. Other flight routes:


The St George airport departures have replaced the flights from the northern Pearls Airport. There is an waving art gallery and different shopping possibilities. There are some eateries for some food and drinks as well.