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Miri Airport
Pengurus Lapangan Terbang, Malaysia Airport Berhad,
Lapangan Terbang Miri, Peti Surat 851,
98008 Miri, MALAYSIA

Tel: +60 (0) 85 615204

Airport Codes:
IATA code: MYY

Frequent flights:

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Kuala Lumpur International Airport KUL, Malaysia: AirAsia (AK) and Malaysia Airlines (MH)

Kota Kinabalu International Airport BKI, Malaysia: AirAsia (AK) and Malaysia Airlines (MH)

Kuching International Airport KCH, Malaysia: AirAsia (AK), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL) and Malaysia Airlines (MH)


Decide To Fly At Miri Airport, The Third Busiest Airport In All Of Malaysia

Experiencing a journey worthy of being called a dream adventure is unique and emotional in beautiful Malaysia. This area base is one of the most important for tourism in the country, along with great amenities that offer their first-class services. To live and get to know the culture of a new place is so easy and convenient with this international airport.


The airport was opened and put into operation after the 1980s. In a way, it was a government plan to alleviate the traffic that was in Lutong airport. For 2011, various extensions of these facilities were carried out.

In 2014, another new improvement was implemented in the runways, drainage systems, construction, and walkways accompanied by an aircraft parking platform. It became one of the main international airports in Sarawak thanks to a strategic location for tourism.


The airport serves the city of Miri in the East Malaysian state of Sarawak. It is located about 10 km or 6.21 miles southeast of downtown Miri, Malaysia.


To get to the airport comfortably and correctly from the city of Miri, two options are available (from $ 8 to $ 12 approximately):

• A shared transport covers a limited budget to live a full trip with other people satisfactorily.

• The private car service is faster, with flexible hours and car models to the user’s preference. All both tours have a duration of 10 minutes.


Since 2014, the Miri airport has been reaching historical goals of 2,363,080 passenger movements and 49,204 aircraft. The terminal building has two floors with a capacity of more than 2 million people a year. However, these values do not represent everyday life since they have worked beyond these limits to which it was designed for flights.

It has about 15 check-in counters and a wide variety of ticket offices for requesting taxis. You can also find positions to perform self-check-in for the convenience of travelers who attend the site.

There are two flight platforms, known as “Apron A” and “Apron B,” which underwent expansions from 2014 to 2016. They provide the peculiarity of 4 parking spaces for C code aircraft and a 2745m x 60m runway with approach lights.

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