Kuala Lumpur Airport Departures KUL

Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur

Address: 64000 Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia
IATA airport code: KUL
ICAO airport code: WMKK
Alias: Kuala Lumpur International Airport and KLIA

Tel: 603 8777 8888
Fax: 606 8926 5510

KUL departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Terminal Status
10:00 PM April-17 09:58 PM Phuket (HKT) AirAsia (Jannine Livery) AK821 2 estimated
10:00 PM April-17 09:37 PM Bangkok (BKK) AirAsia FD419 2 landed
10:05 PM April-17 10:00 PM Kota Bharu (KBR) Batik Air OD2305 1 estimated
10:05 PM April-17 09:52 PM Denpasar (DPS) AirAsia QZ554 2 landed
10:05 PM April-17 09:45 PM Kaohsiung (KHH) Batik Air OD891 1 landed
10:15 PM April-17 10:02 PM Denpasar (DPS) AirAsia AK379 2 estimated
10:15 PM April-17 10:19 PM Singapore (SIN) Malaysia Airlines MH610 1 estimated
10:20 PM April-17 10:30 PM Denpasar (DPS) Malaysia Airlines MH852 1 estimated
10:20 PM April-17 10:34 PM Penang (PEN) Malaysia Airlines MH1165 1 estimated
10:20 PM April-17 10:01 PM Jakarta (CGK) AirAsia (Sustainable Asean Tourism Livery) QZ212 2 estimated
10:25 PM April-17 10:11 PM Sibu (SBW) AirAsia (De’Xandra Livery) AK9873 2 estimated
10:25 PM April-17 10:02 PM Singapore (SIN) AirAsia AK720 2 estimated
10:25 PM April-17 10:09 PM Kota Bharu (KBR) AirAsia AK6439 2 estimated
10:30 PM April-17 09:53 PM Chengdu (TFU) Sichuan Airlines 3U3993 1 landed
10:30 PM April-17 10:26 PM Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Malaysia Airlines MH767 1 estimated
10:35 PM April-17 10:30 PM Kota Kinabalu (BKI) AirAsia (AirAsia Super App Livery) AK5141 2 estimated
10:35 PM April-17 Singapore (SIN) Batik Air Malaysia OD806 1 scheduled
10:45 PM April-17 10:24 PM Hong Kong (HKG) AirAsia AK137 2 estimated
10:45 PM April-17 10:38 PM Miri (MYY) Malaysia Airlines MH2585 1 estimated
10:50 PM April-17 11:23 PM Bangkok (BKK) Malaysia Airlines MH781 1 delayed
11:00 PM April-17 11:23 PM Jakarta (CGK) Malaysia Airlines MH724 1 delayed
11:00 PM April-17 10:51 PM Beijing (PEK) Air China CA871 1 estimated
11:05 PM April-17 10:41 PM Kota Bharu (KBR) AirAsia (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Livery) AK6447 2 estimated
11:10 PM April-17 10:49 PM Miri (MYY) AirAsia AK5647 2 estimated
11:25 PM April-17 11:00 PM Phnom Penh (PNH) AirAsia AK535 2 estimated
11:25 PM April-17 Kota Bharu (KBR) Malaysia Airlines MH7329 1 scheduled
11:25 PM April-17 Bangkok (DMK) Batik Air OD523 1 scheduled
11:25 PM April-17 11:00 PM Taipei (TPE) Batik Air OD883 1 estimated
11:30 PM April-17 11:34 PM Bangkok (DMK) AirAsia AK889 2 estimated
11:30 PM April-17 Kuching (KCH) Malaysia Airlines MH2597 1 scheduled
11:40 PM April-17 Johor Bahru (JHB) AirAsia AK6039 2 scheduled
11:40 PM April-17 Langkawi (LGK) AirAsia AK6303 2 scheduled
11:45 PM April-17 11:23 PM Jakarta (CGK) AirAsia (General Electric Livery) AK387 2 estimated
11:50 PM April-17 Sibu (SBW) AirAsia AK5875 2 scheduled
11:50 PM April-17 12:51 AM Xiamen (XMN) Xiamen Air (SkyTeam Livery) MF823 1 delayed
11:50 PM April-17 Sibu (SBW) Batik Air Malaysia OD1907 1 scheduled
11:55 PM April-17 11:40 PM Tokyo (NRT) All Nippon Airways NH815 1 estimated
12:05 AM April-18 Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) AirAsia AK525 2 scheduled
12:05 AM April-18 Kuching (KCH) AirAsia AK5219 2 scheduled
12:10 AM April-18 Kota Kinabalu (BKI) Batik Air Malaysia OD1007 1 scheduled
12:15 AM April-18 Phuket (HKT) AirAsia AK823 2 scheduled
12:15 AM April-18 12:12 AM Sandakan (SDK) AirAsia AK5197 2 estimated
12:20 AM April-18 Kuching (KCH) AirAsia AK9213 2 scheduled
12:20 AM April-18 11:47 PM Yogyakarta (YIA) Malaysia Airlines MH856 1 estimated
12:20 AM April-18 12:14 AM Denpasar (DPS) AirAsia AK371 2 estimated
12:20 AM April-18 11:57 PM Tawau (TWU) AirAsia AK5752 2 estimated
12:25 AM April-18 Jakarta (CGK) AirAsia AK354 2 scheduled
12:25 AM April-18 Kota Kinabalu (BKI) Malaysia Airlines MH2639 1 scheduled
12:25 AM April-18 Kathmandu (KTM) Batik Air Malaysia OD185 1 scheduled
12:30 AM April-18 12:08 AM Shenzhen (SZX) China Southern Airlines CZ5079 1 estimated
12:35 AM April-18 Kota Kinabalu (BKI) AirAsia (BIG Duty Free Livery) AK5119 2 scheduled
12:35 AM April-18 11:47 PM Jeddah (JED) Saudia SV840 1 estimated
12:45 AM April-18 Bangkok (DMK) AirAsia AK897 2 scheduled
12:55 AM April-18 12:53 AM Shenzhen (SZX) AirAsia AK123 2 estimated
12:55 AM April-18 12:38 AM Shanghai (PVG) Shanghai Airlines FM861 1 estimated
12:55 AM April-18 Manila (MNL) Cebu Pacific 5J501 2 scheduled
01:10 AM April-18 12:51 AM Guangzhou (CAN) China Southern Airlines CZ8071 1 estimated
01:20 AM April-18 Macau (MFM) AirAsia AK187 2 scheduled
01:20 AM April-18 01:21 AM Hong Kong (HKG) AirAsia AK131 2 estimated
01:20 AM April-18 Miri (MYY) AirAsia (Sarawak Livery) AK5649 2 scheduled
01:30 AM April-18 Kathmandu (KTM) Batik Air Malaysia OD183 1 scheduled
01:35 AM April-18 Kuching (KCH) AirAsia AK5211 2 scheduled
01:35 AM April-18 01:25 AM Changsha (CSX) China Southern Airlines CZ5049 1 estimated
01:45 AM April-18 01:08 AM Jeddah (JED) AirAsia X D7701 2 estimated
01:50 AM April-18 Kota Kinabalu (BKI) AirAsia AK5131 2 scheduled
01:50 AM April-18 02:16 AM Seoul (ICN) AirAsia X D7507 2 delayed
01:55 AM April-18 Dhaka (DAC) Biman Bangladesh Airlines BG386 1 scheduled
02:10 AM April-18 Jakarta (CGK) Batik Air Malaysia OD317 1 scheduled
02:10 AM April-18 Guangzhou (CAN) AirAsia AK117 2 scheduled
02:15 AM April-18 Sharjah (SHJ) Air Arabia G9802 canceled
02:25 AM April-18 Kuching (KCH) Malaysia Airlines MH7455 1 scheduled
02:35 AM April-18 02:10 AM Perth (PER) AirAsia (3, 2,1, take off Livery) AK605 2 estimated
02:40 AM April-18 Manila (MNL) AirAsia AK585 2 scheduled
02:45 AM April-18 Labuan (LBU) Malaysia Airlines MH7381 1 scheduled
02:50 AM April-18 Kathmandu (KTM) Himalaya Airlines H9872 1 scheduled
03:10 AM April-18 Tawau (TWU) Malaysia Airlines MH7415 1 scheduled
03:20 AM April-18 Sandakan (SDK) Malaysia Airlines MH7435 1 scheduled
03:20 AM April-18 Shenzhen (SZX) Shenzhen Airlines ZH8023 1 scheduled
03:25 AM April-18 Shanghai (PVG) Malaysia Airlines MH6171 scheduled
03:50 AM April-18 Kathmandu (KTM) Batik Air Malaysia OD181 1 scheduled
04:25 AM April-18 Chengdu (TFU) AirAsia X (10 Xciting Years livery) D7327 2 scheduled
04:30 AM April-18 Zhengzhou (CGO) Batik Air Malaysia OD693 1 scheduled
04:45 AM April-18 Chennai (MAA) IndiGo 6E1031 1 scheduled
04:50 AM April-18 Male (MLE) AirAsia AK73 2 scheduled
04:50 AM April-18 Tiruchirapalli (TRZ) Batik Air Malaysia OD224 1 scheduled
04:55 AM April-18 05:02 AM Tokyo (NRT) Malaysia Airlines (Malaysia Negaraku Livery) MH71 1 estimated
05:00 AM April-18 04:41 AM Medina (MED) Saudia SV830 1 estimated
05:00 AM April-18 03:58 AM Jeddah (JED) Saudia (Riyadh Season 2021 Livery) SV842 1 estimated
05:00 AM April-18 04:43 AM Sydney (SYD) Malaysia Airlines MH140 1 estimated
05:05 AM April-18 Tiruchirapalli (TRZ) AirAsia AK22 2 scheduled
05:10 AM April-18 Colombo (CMB) AirAsia AK46 2 scheduled
05:30 AM April-18 Nanning (NNG) YTO Cargo Airlines YG9115 scheduled
05:40 AM April-18 Chennai (MAA) Batik Air ID6019 1 scheduled
05:40 AM April-18 Guangzhou (CAN) AirAsia AK119 2 scheduled
05:40 AM April-18 Shanghai (PVG) Shanghai Airlines FM863 1 scheduled
05:40 AM April-18 Shenzhen (SZX) YTO Cargo Airlines YG9109 scheduled
05:40 AM April-18 Nanning (NNG) Sichuan Airlines 3U9035 scheduled
05:45 AM April-18 Perth (PER) Batik Air OD198 1 scheduled
05:50 AM April-18 Singapore (SIN) Scoot TR456 2 scheduled
06:00 AM April-18 Melbourne (MEL) Malaysia Airlines MH128 1 scheduled

Kuala Lumpur International Airport departures

It is Malaysia’s largest airport. It is located about 29 miles south of the city of Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the largest airports in the country and in the region, located in Sepang district. The main airlines at the airport are Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, and Malindo Air. Two major terminals and 3 runways are used to carry out all flights.

Top routes from KUL
History of Kuala Lumpur Airport

It is a relatively new airport. The first KLIA airport departures only took place in 1993. It replaced an old airport (Subang or Sultan Abdul Aiz Shah Airport). That airport could no longer meet the demand. The 39 sq miles location is one of the largest in the world. The complete construction came in different phases to eventually develop 2 terminals and 3 runways. The first phase was KLIA 1 terminal and a satellite, together with a capacity of 25 million passengers a year. The second phase should increase the capacity by 10 million passengers and phase three even to 100 million in total with the second terminal KLIA 2.

Kuala Lumpur Airport ground transportation

By train to the center there are KUL airport departures every 30 minutes with the Ekspres Tail Link. This leaves from both terminal KLIA 1 and KLIA 2. You can also travel cheaper but less quickly by bus. There are several shuttle buses to the center. The trip can of course also be completed with a rental car from Avis, Mayflower, Hertz or Rent A Car or a taxi. The taxi costs 100RYM and takes 50-60 minutes.

KLIA Terminals

There are 2 terminals at the airport. Terminal 2 (KLIA 2) currently has the most flights with 45 million passengers per year. All Kuala Lumpur departures from this terminal are with low budget airlines and mainly fly in the region and domestic. Terminal 1 (KLIA 1 or KLIAM) provides access to all other airlines and in particular Malaysia Airlines and Malindo Air of which it is the home base. In addition to the main building, KLIA 1 also has a Satellite Terminal A to which you can be taken from the main building by an Aerotrain for free. The terminals are 2 miles apart. There is a transfer between the two terminals.


Terminal 1 starts at ground level with the bus and train station. There are also some shops and other services. Level 1 is arrival area and level 2 is where the KUL departures start with check-in and security. The domestic Kuala Lumpur departures will go to pregix A and B and the international travelers will have to walk to G and H. If you depart from the Satellite Terminal, you will travel there with the Aerotrain.


Terminal 2 has an arrival hall on level 2 with baggage reclaim. There is also a hotel and a train station. Via customs you can continue your journey and possibly continue your journey by train or taxi. The Kuala Lumpur Airport departures area is at level 3. Starting with check-in, you go to the gates via the security to the departures hall. Domestic and international flights are divided into different parts.

Kuala Lumpur flight routes

Most domestic Kuala Lumpur departures are operated by Firefly, Malaysia Airlines and Malindo Air. From an international perspective, the airport has an important location. It is used by many other Asian but also Australian travelers as a hub to fly on to the original destination. The most important international Kuala Lumpur airport departures are the following:

More destinations with 1 million passengers annually are Seoul and Taipei. Slightly fewer passengers yearly with KLIA departures and a little further away these airports are important:

In addition to the aforementioned airlines, AirAsia can be seen a lot at terminal KLIA 2 for Kuala Lumpur flight departures and other airlines such as:

  • Emirates
  • EVA Air
  • China Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Bangkok Airways
  • Vietnam Airlines
  • VietJet Air
  • Thai Smile
  • SilkAir
  • Scoot
  • Nepal Airlines
  • IndiGo
  • Japan Airlines
  • Garuda Indonesia