Northern Macedonia is located in the middle of the Balkans and has 2 million inhabitants. The country was part of the former Yugoslavia until September 1991, after which it continued under the name of Macedonia, to the dissatisfaction of the Greek population. The historical region of Macedonia is in Greece for the most part. Since 12 February 2019, the country is officially called Northern Macedonia, a compromise between the governments of Northern Macedonia and Greece. The capital of the country is Skopje, a quarter of the population lives here. Most famous tourist attractions in Northern Macedonia are Skopje, Matka Gorge, Lake Ohrid near Ohrid and Pelister National Park near Bitola. Northern Macedonia has two international airports, namely Skopje Airport and Ohrid Airport.

Practical information:
Time zone: Central European Time +1
Currency: Macedonian denar
National holiday: 2 August
Airport: aеродром