Tokyo Narita Airport Arrivals NRT

New Tokyo Narita International Airport

PO Box 80, Narita-Shi,
Chiba 282-8601, Japan
Tel: +81 (0) 476 3425091
Fax: +81 (0) 476 345037
Owner: Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA)

Airport Codes
IATA code: NRT

NRT Arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Terminal Status
08:10 PM February-21 08:23 PM Fukuoka (FUK) Jetstar GK514 3 estimated
08:10 PM February-21 08:06 PM Dalian (DLC) ANA Cargo NH8502 1 landed
08:10 PM February-21 08:50 PM Hiroshima (HIJ) Spring Japan IJ626 3 delayed
08:10 PM February-21 08:12 PM Manila (MNL) Philippine Airlines PR432 2 estimated
08:25 PM February-21 08:52 PM Taipei (TPE) China Airlines CI106 2 delayed
08:25 PM February-21 08:14 PM Hong Kong (HKG) Cathay Pacific CX500 2 estimated
08:30 PM February-21 08:29 PM Hong Kong (HKG) Nippon Cargo Airlines KZ206 estimated
08:30 PM February-21 08:39 PM Sapporo (CTS) Spring Japan IJ838 3 estimated
08:45 PM February-21 09:30 PM Shanghai (PVG) Air China CA157 1 delayed
08:45 PM February-21 08:36 PM Taipei (TPE) Jetstar GK7012 estimated
08:50 PM February-21 08:19 PM Tianjin (TSN) Spring Japan IJ254 3 estimated
08:55 PM February-21 08:35 PM Okinawa (OKA) Jetstar GK308 3 estimated
08:55 PM February-21 08:50 PM Shanghai (PVG) China Eastern Airlines MU271 2 estimated
08:55 PM February-21 08:44 PM Sapporo (CTS) Jetstar GK118 3 estimated
08:55 PM February-21 08:46 PM Fukuoka (FUK) Peach MM526 1S estimated
09:00 PM February-21 08:48 PM Seoul (ICN) Asiana Airlines OZ108 1 estimated
09:00 PM February-21 08:44 PM Taipei (TPE) Peach MM622 1S estimated
09:05 PM February-21 Seoul (ICN) Korean Air KE705 1N scheduled
09:20 PM February-21 Fukuoka (FUK) Jetstar GK516 3 scheduled
09:45 PM February-21 Sapporo (CTS) Peach MM586 1S scheduled
09:55 PM February-21 Osaka (KIX) Peach MM319 1S scheduled
09:55 PM February-21 Fukuoka (FUK) Peach MM528 1S scheduled
10:00 PM February-21 Matsuyama (MYJ) Jetstar Japan GK400 3 scheduled
10:00 PM February-21 Kumamoto (KMJ) Jetstar Japan GK616 3 scheduled
10:00 PM February-21 09:39 PM Okinawa (OKA) Peach MM508 1S estimated
10:10 PM February-21 Sapporo (CTS) Jetstar Japan GK120 3 scheduled
10:10 PM February-21 Osaka (KIX) Jetstar Japan GK212 3 scheduled
10:10 PM February-21 Sapporo (CTS) Peach MM588 1S scheduled
10:15 PM February-21 Fukuoka (FUK) Jetstar GK518 3 scheduled
03:30 AM February-22 Weihai (WEH) Tianjin Air Cargo HT3823 scheduled
04:30 AM February-22 Qingdao (TAO) YTO Cargo Airlines YG9125 scheduled
06:15 AM February-22 Singapore (SIN) Scoot TR808 1 scheduled
06:15 AM February-22 Hong Kong (HKG) Cathay Pacific CX6 scheduled
06:15 AM February-22 Qingdao (TAO) All Nippon Airways NH8506 1 scheduled
06:15 AM February-22 Manila (MNL) Jetstar Japan GK40 3 scheduled
06:20 AM February-22 05:43 AM Mexico City (MEX) Aeromexico AM58 1N estimated
06:20 AM February-22 Shanghai (PVG) Jetstar Japan GK36 3 scheduled
06:20 AM February-22 Shanghai (PVG) Spring Japan IJ2 3 scheduled
06:30 AM February-22 Hong Kong (HKG) Cathay Pacific CX524 2 scheduled
06:30 AM February-22 Taipei (TPE) Jetstar Japan GK12 3 scheduled
06:35 AM February-22 05:45 AM Mexico City (MEX) All Nippon Airways NH179 1S estimated
06:35 AM February-22 Shanghai (PVG) All Nippon Airways NH8518 1 scheduled
06:40 AM February-22 Jakarta (CGK) Japan Airlines JL726 2 scheduled
06:40 AM February-22 Hanoi (HAN) Japan Airlines JL752 2 scheduled
07:00 AM February-22 Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Japan Airlines JL724 2 scheduled
07:00 AM February-22 Hanoi (HAN) All Nippon Airways NH898 1S scheduled
07:00 AM February-22 Hanoi (HAN) Vietnam Airlines VN310 1N scheduled
07:13 AM February-22 Cincinnati (CVG) Kalitta Air K4292 scheduled
07:15 AM February-22 Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Malaysia Airlines MH88 2 scheduled
07:20 AM February-22 Kota Kinabalu (BKI) Malaysia Airlines MH80 2 scheduled
07:20 AM February-22 Oakland (OAK) FedEx FX31 scheduled
07:30 AM February-22 Singapore (SIN) Singapore Airlines SQ638 1 scheduled
07:30 AM February-22 Bangkok (BKK) Zipair ZG52 1 scheduled
07:30 AM February-22 Hong Kong (HKG) All Nippon Airways NH8512 scheduled
07:35 AM February-22 Hong Kong (HKG) Hong Kong Airlines HX606 1 scheduled
07:35 AM February-22 Hong Kong (HKG) Nippon Cargo Airlines KZ202 scheduled
07:35 AM February-22 Da Nang (DAD) Vietnam Airlines VN318 1N scheduled
07:40 AM February-22 Bangkok (BKK) Thai Airways TG642 1S scheduled
07:40 AM February-22 Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) VietJet Air VJ822 2 scheduled
07:40 AM February-22 Guangzhou (CAN) All Nippon Airways NH8490 1 scheduled
07:40 AM February-22 Shanghai (PVG) China Cargo Airlines CK253 scheduled
07:45 AM February-22 Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Vietnam Airlines VN300 1N scheduled
07:50 AM February-22 Shanghai (PVG) All Nippon Airways NH8404 1 scheduled
07:55 AM February-22 Shanghai (PVG) China Cargo Airlines CK241 scheduled
07:55 AM February-22 Shanghai (PVG) Nippon Cargo Airlines KZ228 scheduled
07:55 AM February-22 Shenzhen (SZX) Polar Air Cargo PO752 scheduled
08:00 AM February-22 Bangkok (BKK) AirAsia X XJ600 2 scheduled
08:00 AM February-22 Shanghai (PVG) Polar Air Cargo PO212 scheduled
08:00 AM February-22 Hanoi (HAN) VietJet Air VJ932 2 scheduled
08:01 AM February-22 08:02 AM Memphis (MEM) FedEx FX15 estimated
08:05 AM February-22 07:53 AM Milan (MXP) Nippon Cargo Airlines KZ49 estimated
08:05 AM February-22 Cincinnati (CVG) Polar Air Cargo PO213 scheduled
08:10 AM February-22 Bangkok (BKK) Air Japan NQ2 1 scheduled
08:10 AM February-22 Colombo (CMB) SriLankan Airlines UL454 2 scheduled
08:10 AM February-22 Cebu (CEB) Cebu Pacific 5J5062 2 scheduled
08:12 AM February-22 08:13 AM Louisville (SDF) UPS 5X108 estimated
08:30 AM February-22 Perth (PER) All Nippon Airways NH882 1S scheduled
08:30 AM February-22 Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK50 1S scheduled
08:30 AM February-22 Hanoi (HAN) All Nippon Airways NH8448 scheduled
08:35 AM February-22 Hong Kong (HKG) Air Hong Kong LD208 scheduled
08:40 AM February-22 Manado (MDC) Garuda Indonesia GA884 1 scheduled
08:40 AM February-22 Osaka (KIX) Jetstar Japan GK200 3 scheduled
08:45 AM February-22 Anchorage (ANC) Nippon Cargo Airlines KZ133 scheduled
08:55 AM February-22 Osaka (KIX) Peach MM311 1S scheduled
09:05 AM February-22 Singapore (SIN) Zipair ZG54 1 scheduled
09:05 AM February-22 Leipzig (LEJ) DHL 3S590 scheduled
09:10 AM February-22 Fukuoka (FUK) Peach MM518 1S scheduled
09:20 AM February-22 Fukuoka (FUK) Jetstar Japan GK528 3 scheduled
09:30 AM February-22 Nagoya (NGO) Japan Airlines JL3082 2 scheduled
09:30 AM February-22 Seoul (ICN) Jin Air LJ209 1 scheduled
09:35 AM February-22 Busan (PUS) Jeju Air 7C1164 3 scheduled
09:40 AM February-22 Shanghai (PVG) Air China CA1073 scheduled
09:40 AM February-22 Shanghai (PVG) China Eastern Airlines MU7783 scheduled
09:45 AM February-22 Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL861 1N scheduled
09:50 AM February-22 Seoul (ICN) Jin Air LJ201 1 scheduled
09:50 AM February-22 Guam (GUM) United Airlines UA828 1S scheduled
10:00 AM February-22 Zurich (ZRH) Swiss LX160 1 scheduled
10:10 AM February-22 Milan (MXP) Cargolux C89263 scheduled
10:10 AM February-22 Seoul (ICN) T’way Air TW211 2 scheduled
10:10 AM February-22 Los Angeles (LAX) Nippon Cargo Airlines KZ101 scheduled

About Tokyo Narita international airport arrivals

Narita International Airport or Tokyo-Narita (NRT) is located in Narita City, around 48 miles from Tokyo. It has three terminals and has most Tokyo Narita arrivals of Japan when it comes to both cargo and travelers’ traffic. The airport is also home to Japan’s longest runway, measuring 4,000-meter. NRT is a crucial hub for Peach and Jetstar. It is used as the leading international hub by Nippon Cargo Airlines, All Nippon Airways, and Japan Airlines.

After Tokyo airport arrivals, travelers can avail bus, taxi, or train from terminals 1 or 2 to reach Tokyo.

Flight routes Tokyo Narita Airport

Travelers with Narita flight arrivals may not believe that the same airport handled 44.34 million passengers back in 2019. Last year, that number dropped to 10.49 million. The pandemic resulted in a decrease of 76 percent in NRT flight arrivals. However, the good news is that the number is on the rise for the last three months. Especially the Narita International airport arrivals are starting to get back on track.

The airport offers flights to Japanese cities like:

  • Saga
  • Osaka
  • Kushiro
  • Hiroshima
  • Fukuoka
  • Oita
  • Takamatsu
  • Matsuyama
  • Sendai
  • Sapporo
  • Miyazaki
  • Nagasaki
  • Kumamoto
  • Kagoshima
  • Amami

Despite the many possibilities to domestic destinations, this airport is known in Japan for the international NRT airport arrivals. The market share is particularly large in Cargo. Due to the many international passengers who fly to Narita, there are also many different airlines at the airport. International airlines with many Narita arrivals are:

  • AirAsia
  • Air Canada
  • Air China
  • Air France
  • Air India
  • Air New Zealand
  • Air Seoul
  • American Airlines
  • Asiana
  • Cathay Pacific
  • China Airlines
  • China Eastern and Southern
  • Emirates
  • EVA Air
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Hainan Airlines
  • Iberia
  • Jetstar Airways
  • KLM
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Philippine Airlines
  • Qantas
  • Scoot
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Thai Airways
  • United Airlines

European destinations that are important:

Popular Tokyo Narita airport arrivals from North America are:

Other international flights to destinations like:

Flight timings and check-in procedures are subject to change due to the current pandemic situation. It’s always best to keep track of Tokyo airport arrivals data.

Tokyo Narita Airport terminal facilities and arrivals

Check-in counters used by airlines may change daily. Passengers can find details for check-in counters occupied by various airlines on information display monitors present on all terminals. There are three terminals of which Terminal 3 is for domestic Narita flight arrivals:


Terminal 2 is for international flights and the largest terminal, Terminal 1, also accommodates NRT international arrivals with a South and North Wing.


Some airport shops, lounges, restaurants, duty-free stores, and other terminal facilities remain unavailable or operate with reduced working hours.

Measures against COVID-19

Airport authorities work with government agencies and other stakeholders, including Airports Council International (ACI), to ensure passenger safety. They conduct stringent cleaning and optimum air ventilation in various areas. There are disinfectants available at multiple points.

You can assure the all baggage carts and counters, elevators, and other areas frequently touched by travelers and staff are disinfected every hour. Hand sanitizer is available in several corners of all the terminals which can be used after NRT flight arrivals.

Passengers are also requested to opt for a corona-virus test at the airport if they feel unwell. There are two corona-virus testing (PCR Testing) centers (at Terminal 1 and 2). Travelers (international) can get test results within two hours from the test before departure or even when needed after Tokyo Narita arrivals.

Several countries are already dealing with the third wave of covid-19 infections. Thus, there are entry restrictions in place, and quarantine measures have been strengthened. Travelers departing Japan need to make sure they are carrying corona-virus test documents and are aware of the quarantine period they need to spend after reaching their destination city. The information can be found on the websites of consulates, embassies, or health organizations of the concerned country.

Japan has its own set of entry restrictions and quarantine measures applicable to individuals coming from a specific group of nations. So make sure to get the latest information before you have Tokyo Narita airport arrivals.