Sendai Airport Departures SDJ

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Address: Minamihara Shimomasuda, Natori, Miyagi 989-2401, Japan
Code: SDJ
Height: 1.7 m
Phone: +81 22-382-0080
Serves: Sendai

Flight travel: Sendai International Airport departures

One of the most affordable ways to travel to Japan is by using the Sendai Access Airport. This airport is distinguished by its wide terminal, several available Sendai departures, and quality airlines. Before you travel to this cultural country, you will have to look at the air station that will receive you.


In 1940 the army of the Empire of Japan built the Sendai airport to expand its operations with Sendai flight departures. This airport was a key step in the Second World War, although the United States took it over after several altercations. At the time of 1956, the airport was returned to the government of Japan, and from there, it has worked as a public airport with SDJ airport departures.

Although Sendai airport has gone through many internal problems, including an earthquake in 2011, it is still operating Sendai airport departures. This is an airport that handles more than ten airlines for domestic and international SDJ departures.

Location for Sendai departures

Sendai Airport is in Natori City, which is part of Miyagi Prefecture in Japan. This airport is located about 8 miles southwest of the metropolitan city of Sendai.



As a tourist, you must enter into context about the ground transportation that is available outside the airport:

  • Sendai airport departures by public bus services are divided into three stops where you will have eight different lines. At stop 1, you can go to Yamagata, Ugo-Hojo, Aizu-Wakamatsu, and Zao Onsen station with the indicated line. With route 2, you can go to Matsushima and Sendai station, while line 3 can take you to Iwanuma and Tatekoshi.
  • You can take Sendai departures with the Sendai-Tobu road on route 20 if you rent a car at the airport facilities. The taxi service also usually uses this route so that you reach the metropolitan city in 1 hour.

The air terminal is capable of accommodating 3,000,000 passengers per year, giving more than 50 Sendai flight departures a day. This terminal was renovated in 2011 after the Tohoku earthquake damaged its facilities. In the terminal, you will find airlines such as Peach Aviation Thai Airways and EVA Air with SDJ airport departures.


It is a terminal that citizens in Sendai can use to go to Naha, Fukuoka, Beijing, Bangkok, or Taipei. In addition, you can fly by stopover or by direct destination if the airline has availability.