Osaka Kansai Airport Departures KIX

Kansai International Airport

Address: 1 Senshukukokita, Izumisano-shi, Osaka 549-0001, Japan
Airport code: KIX
Elevation: 15 m
Phone: +81 72-455-2500
Node for: All Nippon Airways, FedEx Express, Japan Airlines, Jetstar Japan, Nippon Cargo Airlines, Peach Aviation

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Osaka airport or Kansai international airport is located on an artificial island named Bay of Osaka. The Kansai/Itami Airport is the primary airport for the Osaka and Kansai region in Japan. This airport has two terminals with 42 boarding gates that have “North Terminal” for JAL and Amakusa then “South Terminal” for ANA and IBEX. The terminals are having two zones with a single central checkpoint and consolidated Kansai departures facilities. 

The airport is located near Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto. The location is on an artificial island in the bay of Honshu shore. It is a fairly new airport with an opening in the year 1994. It replaced the other airport in Osaka to take over most of the international air traffic. It is one of the busiest airports in the country of Japan. More than 30 million passengers use this airport whose Kansai departures have been increasing for years. Two runways are used.

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There is a runway north of terminal 2 and one south of terminal 1.


Terminals at Osaka International Airport

Terminal 1 is the larger of the two available terminals. This main terminal has four floors with an area of 296 thousand sq m. It is one of the longest terminals in the world. Passengers can be moved quickly and easily with a people mover. In front of the terminal building there is an Aeroplaza building. Several parking locations such as P3 and P4 are located here. There is also Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport in the building with private parking. Another building located between Aeroplaza and Terminal 1 is Kansai Airport Station. There is an airport station next to P1 and P2 parking.

KIX airport departures international/domestic terminal 1, Floor 4F and 2F
  • Floor 1F: international arrival
  • Floor 2F: domestic departures/arrival
  • Floor 3F: restaurants and shops
  • Floor 4F: international departures


Terminal 2 is largely used for low-cost airlines. Some of them are Jeju Air, Sping and Peach airlines. This is a smaller building with only 1 floor. You can drive here directly by car or use Kansai airport station in front or terminal 1. There are free shuttle buses. Domestic departures are on the left side of the building. There are about 15 gates available for the domestic flights. The international departures check-in area is in the middle of the building. After checking in, walk to the right for security. After security and immigration you will enter the international gate area.

The airport is designed like a glider plane as the main part of the airport is the fuselage and boarding gates are designed like its wings. The capacity of the airport is more than a million passengers per day. By look, the airport may be light in structure but they are designed to withstand the violent earthquakes that often affect these regions. 

Osaka Kansai departures

As you are ready to leave japan, then check with your destination’s embassy and your airlines about the required proof of negative results of the Covid-19 test upon landing. Before 14 days of Osaka airport departures monitor your health in quarantine, if you have symptoms cancel your trip. Your destination nation might require negative Covid-19 test results up to 72 hours before KIX airport departures.  

To make your journey risk-free consult a hospital or clinic in Osaka that can administer PCR tests and certificates for travel. If you have any symptomatic results contact the Tokyo Coronavirus Support Center for Foreign Residents. As no symptoms of coronavirus are confirmed produce the result papers in check-in counter. 

All the airlines and airports in japan have a strict order for travelers to wear a face mask. Also in the terminal before Kansai flight departures. Before packing your luggage make sure of aviation security regulations that include what to carry on the flight in your luggage. 

The Osaka Kansai international airport departures concourse can be viewed from the ticketing hall. These two are separated by partitions. 

  1. Check-in: The international passengers are located on the 2nd floor of the international terminal for the check-in counters. Passengers must have their passports, travel documents, Covid-19 results, and tickets for reference. 
  2. Kansai departures Area: After checking-in on the 2nd floor, passengers should go to the 3rd-floor immigration office and are advised to enter the Kansai airport departures area to complete the customs and immigration process. To complete the formalities, they should move to the Osaka Kansai departures lobby. 
  3. Customs and immigration: Passengers must be ready with a boarding pass and passport before reaching the customs counter. After completing customs passengers are moved to the 4th-floor departure baggage lobby. 
  4. Security Check: Passengers are passing through the security screening point operated in the baggage lobby. The security team checks your baggage and body using the scanner. 
  5. Osaka Kansai Airport departures information: After the security check, the passenger is located at the north KIX departures gate and are informed by a monitor throughout the Osaka airport departures area. The boarding gates provide the clear flight number on the monitor. 

Try to reach the boarding area at least 30 minutes before the Osaka Kansai flight departures. In case of emergency reach the boarding area at least 10 minutes before your departure time.  

Osaka airport is the most stunning construction and is the best first-class airport in japan and it serves as an international hub for Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways.

Flight routes

For international destinations most popular are the following:

There are Kansai airport departures with the carriers:

  • United Airlines
  • Thai Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Shanghai Airlines
  • Scoot
  • Philippine Airlines
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Korean Air
  • Jetstar
  • Hong Kong Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Emirates
  • Delta Airlines
  • China Easter and Southern
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Air France
  • AirAsia