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Address: 593 Mishimamachi, Ōmura, Nagasaki 856-0816, Japan
Departments: 長崎 空港 長崎 国際 航空 貨物 タ ー ミ ナ ル (株) 総 務
Code: NGS
Height: 2.4 m
Phone: +81 957-52-5555
Serves: Nagasaki


Get To Know Japan’s Nagasaki Prefecture With The Nagasaki Airport

Japan is immense, and even if you try harder, you will not know it completely, but some relevant tourist spots. Among your options, you have the Nagasaki prefecture that is distinguished by its beaches and street art. You can visit this area using Nagasaki Airport as your access point at the moment.


The Nagasaki airport was civilly opened in 1923, but it became a military one with the arrival of the 2nd world war. This airport stands out because it was the first to be built under water’s proximity and offer large operations. However, other airports such as Kansai, Kitakyushu, and Chubu Central replaced it because they are much larger.

This airport is capable of receiving 3 million people a year on more than 31 thousand flights. In 2015, the airport broke a record by accommodating 3,110,686 people in the 12 months of operation.


The aerial zone is located in the city Omura in the prefecture of Nagasaki that also would correspond to the name of the city. Near the airport, there are two special train lines that tourists can use without problems.


If you land at Nagasaki airport, you can take some means of public transportation such as:

• Bus

You can take the Nagasaki bus to pass through the metropolitan city, Sasebo and Shimabara, in a few minutes.


To leave the island, you can take a ferry line that can take you to Nagayo, Togitsu, and Huis Ten Bosch Park.


You can go to Omura from the air terminal, which is 2.5 miles away, using the regional highway. Nagasaki City is 11 miles from the airport.


The air terminal is made up of a single building in which you will have several services available. You can have three floors in the terminal divided into ten gates for domestic flights like Osaka and Tokyo. The airport has a single operating runway that is 9,843 feet long.

The airport will be remodeled for the next few years, where runway 18-36 will be activated, currently inactive. You can book your flight from the airport website and have extra information about its facilities.

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