Miyazaki Airport Departures KMI

Miyazaki International Airport

Address: Akae, Miyazaki, 880-0912, Japan
Airport code: KMI
Elevation: 20 m
Phone: +81 985-51-5114
Serves: Miyazaki

KMI Departures today

Discover Miyazaki International airport departures

You need to know enough about the Miyazaki airport in Japan and how important it is. Then, you can look at the available airlines and Miyazaki departures that each of them offers in their facility. You can also know exactly where the airport is located and how to get there by public transport.

Most busy flight routes

To be able to fly these routes you can book a plane ticket with one of the following airlines:

  • Solaseed Air
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Oriental Air Bridge
  • Jet Linx Aviation
  • Peach
  • Jetstar Japan

The airport opened its doors in 1943 for Miyazaki flight departures amid conflicts and belonged to the collection of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Since 1945 the airport had a lot of military activity, and it was not until the end of the Second World War that it stopped operating. In the next few years, the airport served the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Tourism in Japan.

This airport is the hub for Miyazaki Prefecture and its corresponding metropolitan city. The focus airline with most KMI airport departures is Solassed Air with regional flights.

Location for Miyazaki Airport departures

You can locate the airport in Miyazaki city, which belongs to Miyazaki prefecture. This airport is 2 miles from the city center, specifically southwest of there.


On the outskirts of the air terminal, you can have several means of transport available such as:

• KMI departures by taxi: You can take a taxi to the metropolitan city in less than 20 minutes without traffic.

• Miyazaki departures by bus: The public bus service is available from 6 am to 10 pm and can take you to the city or other areas.

• Miyazaki flight departures by railway: You can go to the Miyazaki Kuko railway line, a 7-minute walk from the airport. From this railway terminal, you can go to the city or other nearby areas.


The air terminal is three stories high, large enough to accommodate 2,976,563 passengers a year. This airport has had a good influx of flights, achieving 42,045 KMI airport departures in 2015. You can have a square at the airport that is surrounded by many commercial premises.


In the air facility, you will have Asiana Airlines, ANA Wings, Nippon Airlines, Jetstar Japan, Japan Airlines, etc. You can take Fukuoka, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka, and Nagoya among the Miyazaki Airport departures. You can also have tour guides inside the Miyazaki air terminal.