Miyazaki Airport Arrivals KMI

Miyazaki International Airport

Akae, Miyazaki City 880-0912,
Miyazaki Prefecture, JAPAN

Tel: +81 (0) 985 515111
Fax: +81 (0) 985 515136
Web: miyazaki-airport.co.jp
Owner: Miyazaki Prefecture

Airport Codes
IATA code: RMI

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Travel with Miyazaki International airport arrivals

Millions of people daily make trips for work or tourism, so they must have a good airport. One of the options is the Miyazaki Airport, with excellent service for its passengers. Here you have a little of its history so that you know a little more about this exceptional airport to experience Miyazaki arrivals.

Top routes from KMI

Flights to Seoul–Incheon and Taipei–Taoyuan have been temporarily cancelled.


Miyazaki Airport is a 4-star regional airport that was founded in 1943 as an Imperial Japanese Navy base to have Miyazaki flight arrivals. In 1945, more than 47 planes were sent on suicide missions to fight in the operations of the Battle of Okinawa. Today, it is one of the most luxurious and exceptional airports in the country.

It has very comfortable facilities when having KMI airport arrivals, where you can buy various cleaning supplies, food, etc.

Location for Miyazaki Airport arrivals

You can find this international airport 3.2 km southeast of Miyazaki, the prefecture city located in Japan.


To facilitate passenger travel, this airport has several safe options that you can use.

  • Travel by bus after KMI arrivals: Upon landing, you will see several bus stations with which this airport is connected.
  • Cab: The airport is associated with several taxi agencies, which could take you wherever you want.
  • Take the railroad after you come out of the Miyazaki arrivals hall: The railway line is connected to the Miyazaki Kuko line, which connects to the airport and much of the city center.

It is a small, very luxurious airport that offers great unforgettable experiences and quality services for people with Miyazaki flight arrivals. Its runway is 2,500 meters / 8,202 feet; it is a public airport, which operates with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure. It has great potential and meets all standard requirements, and goes up to 5 stars.


In October 1969, an All Nippon Airways Flight 104 unexpectedly hit the Miyazaki Airport runway . 4 crew members and 49 passengers survived; there were no more details of what happened over the years with KMI airport arrivals. Some facilities at this airport need certain improvements, such as the surrounding electrical load and F&B facilities.

Since 2015, it has had 2,976,563 passengers, with 42,045 aircraft Miyazaki Airport arrivals and 8,516 metric tons. It has five national routes and three international KMI arrivals routes; you can enjoy gastronomy inside the airport. Its tropical atmosphere is sensational, with a comprehensive list of commercial flights at your disposal and with good prices.