Matsuyama Airport Departures MYJ

MYJ Departures today

Address: 2731 Minamiyoshidamachi, Matsuyama, Ehime 791-8042, Japan
Code: MYJ
Height: 4 m
Phone: +81 89-972-5600
Serves: Matsuyama

Travel with Matsuyama International airport departures

If you want to visit Ehime prefecture or you are there for tourism, you should visit Matsuyama airport. You can take several domestic Matsuyama departures from there that allow you to get to know Japan in detail. The airport has a small base of operations running smoothly for more than half a century.


Airport Matsuyama began operations as an airfield in 1941 with the first Matsuyama flight departures and was guarded by the Imperial Japanese Navy. In 1972 the airport was liberated to offer domestic flights to its citizens. In 2013, the Matsuyama airport operator announced that it would grant international MYJ airport departures to areas such as South Korea.

This airport broke its standard by accommodating more than 2,863,239 passengers in 2015 with 30 thousand Matsuyama Airport departures. The airport has operated with J-Air, Jeju Air, Ibex Airlines, and EVA Air for more than a decade. The last couple years before Corona it served over 3 million passengers annually. In 2020 it was just around 1,2 million.

Location for MYJ departures

You can locate the airport in Ehime Prefecture, very close to the metropolitan city of Matsuyama. It is an airport that is 3.5 miles from the city center for you to locate right away.



One of the advantages that Matsuyama airport has for tourists is its public transport service. You can leave the airport and have at your disposal:

  • Matsuyama departures by bus: You can take a bus that takes you to the metropolitan city in an average time of 20 minutes.
  • Matsuyama Airport departures by car: The air terminal has a car rental service for you to hire a unit and tour the city. You will have to take the Matsuyama Regional Highway that connects the airport with the city.

Matsuyama Airport looks like a shopping mall rather than a terminal where you can travel for tourism. This airport has two floors in operation where you will have 25 boarding gates to have Matsuyama flight departures. You can enter through its huge glass doors and have the security service at one end.


The terminal has a single runway to process MYJ airport departures made of concrete and 8,202 feet long. This terminal works for China Eastern Airlines and its commercial flights for many areas of Asia.

You can also see a lot of movement with Nippon Airlines that would correspond to the  hub airline with most Matsuyama Airport departures. Dare to book your flight from this very safe international airport in Matsuyama.