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IATA code: MYJ

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The Matsuyama Airport is one of the most frequented today; they have a wide range of optimal services. You will see how small and pleasant this airport is, and it will meet all your needs and expectations. Stay and keep reading this post to have more information about this airport for Matsuyama arrivals.


It is the main airport in the Shikoku Region, its construction began in June 1941, and the first 600m runway was inaugurated in 1943 for Matsuyama flight arrivals. Its history is quite interesting since, in 1945, it became the Royal Force of the United Kingdom. Then in July 1952, it was returned to Japan and became a public airport to process MYJ airport arrivals. In 1958 it was recognized as the main airport.

Location for Matsuyama Airport arrivals

Matsuyama Airport, or Matsuyama Kuko, is located in the city of Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture. You can see it on the banks of Iyo Nothing, in the industrial zone, near the Teijin company.


So that you can get to this airport, you can use two effective alternatives.

  • Take a bus after MYJ arrivals: There is a limousine bus stop from Matsuyama airport; in 15 minutes, you will be at the terminal station.
  • Take the train after Matsuyama arrivals. Railroad: This passes through the Matsuyama and Matsuyama City stations; it is a standard service and the most used.

In December 1991, the extension of the runway was completed for Matsuyama flight arrivals, reaching its current 2,500 meters. This gave the airport an advantage to use Boeing 747 and DC-10 aircraft; for the year 1992, they enabled the first cargo terminal. By 2004, it became one of the first airports not to admit plane tickets; they only accept electronic tickets.


It has been occupied by 2,863,239 passengers, with 7,696 metric tons and 30,987 aircraft MYJ airport arrivals. It has the floor, where you can enjoy food and another floor to buy any item. It is a very pleasant airport, allowing you to have the best memories and extraordinary moments.

By 2005, they could extend the airport’s operating hours to 14 hours, 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 have Matsuyama Airport arrivals. Nowadays they work in this way, they have a variety of commercial flights and at affordable prices. So far, it is an excellent option for your business or tourism trips; you will receive the best care.