Kumamoto Airport Departures KMJ

Aso Kumamoto Airport

Address: 1802-2 Oyatsu, 益 城 町 上 益 城 郡 Kumamoto 861-2204, Japan
Departments: ASO
Elevation: 193 m
Phone: +81 96-232-2311
Serves: Kumamoto

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Get To Know Aso Kumamoto airport departures

Although Mashiki is not one of the most frequented cities in Japan, you may be drawn to it if you are in the locality. You can take Aso Kumamoto flight departures to anywhere in Japan. This airport offers some domestic destinations for you to feel with your tour throughout Japan.

Flight routes

Most flights stay in the country. If you want to fly international you will have to go via Tokyo Haneda Airport. Haneda is by far the busiest flight route from Kumamoto. You could book a plane ticket with Solaseed Air, Jet Linx Aviation, and All Nippon Airways to travel to the capital of Japan. For international travel it is best to fly with All Nippon. They offer many international flights that often connect with the Kumamoto flight at Haneda airport. You can also fly to the other airport of Tokyo, called Narita. Other popular routes are to Nagoya and Osaka.

About Kumamoto Airport

The first aerial installation with the Kumamoto name was inaugurated in 1960, but by 1971 it was replaced for KMJ airport departures. This is a public airport serving the capital city of Kumamoto on the island of Kyushu in Japan. For many years the airport has operated for domestic Aso Kumamoto Airport departures to Osaka or Tokyo Haneda.

This airport has served 3,241,633 passengers who in 2015 use its facilities as a connecting bridge. This year, the airport marked a milestone, but it was able to accommodate many more passengers in the following years like 3,5 million in 2019. Because of the pandemic there have been a drop in KMJ departures during 2020 and 2021.

Location for Kumamoto departures

The Kumamoto Airport or RJFT is located in the town of Mashiki in the Kamimashiki district of Kumamoto. This airport has been part of the Kyushu island that makes up a part of the Japanese region.

Kumamoto Airport Transportation

When you have Kumamoto flight departures at the air facility, you will be greeted with excellent public and suburban transportation services. This airport is a few miles from the capital city so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on transportation:

  • KMJ airport departures by taxi: Take a taxi that can take you to Kumamoto city center in less than 30 minutes. This service can cost around the US $ 20.
  • Kumamoto Airport departures by car rental: Rent a car and take the regional highway that will send you directly to the city of Kumamoto or Mashiki.
  • You can rent a bicycle to move from the aerial installation to the tourist areas of Mashiki.



Kumamoto airport has a large terminal in which you have charter flights with China Airlines who offers international KMJ departures. This airport provides a 9,843-foot long runway with an asphalt concrete surface to process all the Kumamoto departures. In addition, you can see that your air facility has commercial flights with Japan Airlines, Lao Airlines, and HK Express.

You can travel to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Nagoya, Osaka, or other exclusive destinations from this airport. The airport has more than 40 thousand airline movements per year.